[Xesam] Metadata Storage Daemon

Evgeny Egorochkin phreedom.stdin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 00:42:54 PST 2008

В сообщении от Wednesday 16 January 2008 11:21:18 Kevin Kubasik написал(а):
> OK, well the obvious agreement is a need for time/change tracking, I
> added a dbus signal called on inserts and a method to get all new
> triples since a specified timestamp. As for file monitoring, while a
> Gnome-wide service would be nice, I think that it is outside the scope
> of a metadata daemon (personally, open to more discussion on this).
> I think that a rudimentary triple store (roughly like what I have
> produced here) is a great _base_ for what we are all more or less
> talking about. I think that the pushes for more searching/indexing
> capabilities of the data here are missing the point, this is more a
> simple storage engine. Powerful desktop search engines like Beagle and
> Tracker can now both index the same stored metadata.
> Anyways, I also added some more robust search/select style methods.
> Please, its so easy to manipulate this API, I ask that if you have
> feelings about something to do with this, and feel like people are
> either
> a) missing the point
> or
> b) misunderstanding you
> just branch the code and provide us with a sample of what you are
> trying to accomplish.
> https://code.launchpad.net/gnome-metadata-store/+branches
> Shows a list of current branches.

Nobody is denying that a simple triple storage/query mechanism is a very 
useful thing compared to no storage. Neither it is denied that a lot of nifty 
things can be accomplished with it.

Please understand that there are already several projects that already offer 
*more functionality* than this, the only trick is you can't access it via 
some standard interface, which is what we were discussing.

You can easily base simpler/niche/whatever APIs on top of this interface, 
including implementing such a simple triple store you are talking about, but 
you don't have to write any significant amount of code, have no scalability 
problems, virtually don't have any bugs in your part of code.

The system-wide indexer+storage takes all the beating and responsibility, 
while still allowing you to do anything and the way you please.

-- Evgeny

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