[xliff-tools] How many XLIFF tools?

Asgeir Frimannsson asgeirf at redhat.com
Sat Jun 11 05:33:56 PDT 2005

Hi Martin,

Martin Wunderlich wrote:

>>There is a Mac tool called LocFactory, I haven't tried it, but they say
>>it supports XLIFF:
>Thanks a lot for the info! I hadn't come across this one, yet.
>>It would be nice to get "support for XLIFF" defined at some point
>>though. XLIFF is quite a daunting specification at first glance, and
>>having something like a "compliance kit" or a certification process
>>would be beneficial (similar to the TMX standard). -
>I agree. The basics are easy enough to handle, but the more sophisticated
>functions, such as phase control etc., are as useful as they are fuzzy. I
>guess such a definition would also go along with a defined localisation
>workflow, at the same time creating a balance between definition and
>flexibility. I might do some work on this soon, as part of a research
>(which means the list can expect more silly questions from me :)
Interesting. Are you involved in academic research, or is this 
personal/industry research? Well, you're welcome to ask all that you 
want here :) Talking about reserach, The XLIFF Tools project had its 
humble beginning as a collaboration between Red Hat and Queensland 
University of Technology. I'm currently finishing a thesis on XLIFF and 
open source localisation - It's due this Friday, so better get back to 
writing :)

>>But I guess XLIFF
>>is still a young standard, and the first step would be to get XLIFF
>>formalized as an OASIS standard :)
>I thought this had happened long time ago, when the work on XLIFF was
>transferred to OASIS?
It is currently a 'Committee Specification', the step before formally 
submission as an OASIS standard.
There's a pretty good overview of the OASIS standardization process at 


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