[xliff-tools] Another question on PO and XLIFF

Yves Savourel ysavourel at translate.com
Mon May 2 05:54:50 PDT 2005


I have a new question on XLIFF representation of PO.
The guide (http://xliff-tools.freedesktop.org/wiki/Projects_2fXliffPoGuideDraft2) does not seem to say anything about multi-line

msgid ""
"Line 1\n line 2\n"
"Line 3.\n"

How this should be represented?

<trans-unit xml:space="preserve">

Line 1\n line 2\n
Line 3.\n</trans-unit>


<trans-unit xml:space="preserve">
Line 1\n
 line 2\n
Line 3.\n


<trans-unit xml:space="preserve">
Line 1
 line 2
Line 3.


The third seems more logical to me, but it could cause issues too, for example if the line-breaks are not \n but \r or \r\n (if the
PO file is used for a non-Unix application) how would we know which type of line-break notation to put ack when merging.

Anyhow, a section on this topic would be good to have in the Guide.


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