[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Wed Nov 1 19:17:47 PST 2006

This one's a big one.  input-hotplug support has been merged in, the new
XACE framework as well, a few Cygwin fixes, new GLX ABI, and support for
the new DRM memory manager.  The shortlog is huge, so I've appended it
to the end of the announce.

KDrive should be completely usable (and with vastly better input) in
this release.  Currently, Xdmx is broken; non-XFree86 DDXes are broken
with GLX support due to Mesa breakage.  This also probably wants a lot
more testing on non-Linux OSes.

Please test this one hard: in particular, the input paths have changed
massively, and need as much testing as they can get.  If there are a lot
of changes, I'd like to get a out the door reasonably quickly,
particularly also if there are changes like pci-rework involved (hi,

 398 files changed, 28148 insertions(+), 32712 deletions(-)

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5: b21e7262541f6d3c8c5dfdfd29238bbe  xorg-server-
SHA1: 06bee10153da39f0f3cc89ca92bca766e996ebdf xorg-server-

MD5: ae43f9c6160178e275a0729d129de83f  xorg-server-
SHA1: f0276ced0f55836b8bbb71532562aeea1323d5d8 xorg-server-


Aaron Plattner:
      Build infrastructure for libwfb.so.
      Prefix all of the exported symbols in libwfb.so with "wfb".
      Add framebuffer access wrapper infrastructure.
      Switch to using void* pointers.
      Add fbHasVisualTypes and fbSetVisualTypesAndMasks to wfbrename.h and include -DXFree86Server.
      Make ReadMemoryProcPtr take a const pointer.
      Wrap libwfb memory access.
      Use DrawablePtrs instead of PixmapPtrs for Prepare/Finish access.
      Add CompositeRegisterAlternateVisuals.
      (unsigned long)(1 << 31) = bad news on x86_64.
      (unsigned long)(1 << 31) = bad news on x86_64.
      Hide or rename more global symbols to avoid clashes with libfb.
      Bug 8386: Grow parser buffers to fit an entire line if it's longer than CONFIG_BUF_LEN.
      Restore the global xx* symbols and add them to wfbrename.h.
      Bug #8459: Don't forget to include AM_CFLAGS in libfb_la_CFLAGS on non-MMX platforms.

Adam Jackson:
      Remove the bc flag from the -help text, since it's gone.
      Remove TargetRefresh option from the autoconfig logic.
      Rename some mode tokens to better reflect their use.
      Fix a mode sanity check to not break reduced-blanking setups (LCDs).
      Fix default mouse device on Linux, again.
      Un-cut-and-paste the mode rejection message.
      Make 'Xvfb -render' also disable Composite, lest we segfault on startup.
      Make sure Composite is never enabled for Xnest.
      Remove calls to LoaderCheckUnresolved(), since it's now a stub.
      Don't install librac.a.
      Close with Pclose() that which we open with Popen().
      Stop building xorgcfg by default.
      Stop building xorgcfg by default.

Alan Coopersmith:
      Add X-ACE to build system
      Correct ifdef - should be XACE, not XCSECURITY
      Correct ifdef - should be XACE, not XSECURITY
      APPGROUP requires both X-ACE & XC-SECURITY now
      Use XACE, not XCSECURITY to decide if SecurityLookup* are exported
      Add LOCALCONN to dix-config.h template for xtrans
      Add (void) casts to clear compiler errors about ?: results having type mismatch
      Don't insert RCS tag into generated pci id header files
      Update pci.ids to Tue 2006-10-03 daily snapshot
      Use bash on Solaris to run symlink-mesa.sh
      Make sure xorgcfg files are included even when dist made with --disable-xorgcfg
      Use getisax() instead of asm code to determine available x86 ISA extensions on Solaris
      Pre-release message should tell users to check git, not CVS, for updates
      Make sure xorgcfg files are included even when dist made with --disable-xorgcfg
      Use getisax() instead of asm code to determine available x86 ISA extensions on Solaris
      Pre-release message should tell users to check git, not CVS, for updates
      Make _POSIX_C_SOURCE hack work with Solaris headers
      Fix automake error: BUILT_SOURCES was defined multiple times on Solaris
      Propogate $LIBS for xtrans, clock_gettime, libm, etc. to libs used for each server
      Bug #1997: AUDIT messages should contain uid for local accesses
      If getpeerucred() is available, include pid & zoneid in audit messages too

Alan Hourihane:
      Fix bug #7280, round title corner background
      Fix bug #7281, clipboard viewer should not
      Fix bug #7302, make Xn.hosts work from the
      Fix bug #5735, Serious flaw in CygwinX clipboard
      Fix typo
      Apply patch in bug #7919, blit improvements in
      Block IO on switchmode just as we do for VT switching
      Small modification to blocking signals when switching modes.
      Small modification to blocking signals when switching modes.

Bastian Blank:
      xfree86: don't do legacy IO on ARM or S/390 (Debian #362641)

Bill Nottingham:
      Bug 7641: fix comment written to Xorg.conf (s/VertSync/VertRefresh/)

      Replace broken DMXDBG3() with DMXDBG2()
      The fbcmap.c file used by Xdmx _must_ be compiled with XFree86Server defined.
      Check for visual==NULL in dmxBECreateColormap() before calling XCreateColormap()
      Replace hard-coded filesnames with loops (all .c and .h files).

Carl Switzky:
      Add ast driver/device info to Xorg server & config utilities

Daniel Stone:
      add basic D-BUS configuration mechanism
      xorg DDX: implement NewInputDeviceRequest
      add DEVICE_TOUCHSCREEN and DEVICE_CORE Xi controls (DeviceIntRec ABI break)
      add GetPointerEvents/GetKeyboardEvents framework
      new KDrive input world order
      make XInput mandatory
      Xi: add XExtension{Keyboard,Pointer} types
      add support for built-in fonts
      avoid using font servers with built-in fonts
      remove extraneous font debugging code
      distribute config.h
      add virtual core devices to DIX
      update KDrive to new input API
      sanitise debug output
      xephyr: fix keymap, pointer; dix: fix multiple axes
      be more careful in IVAS
      xorg ddx: move to new input API, remove old keyboard driver
      xephyr: load keysyms at init, not enable
      remove undead files from master
      revert accidental deletion of lnx_io.c; re-delete lnx_kbd.c
      loader: walk directory paths with readdir(), don't stat() everything
      add fallback ChangeDeviceControl, allow XOpenDevice on closed device
      re-add OpenedHand copyright
      kdrive: drop excessive NewInputDeviceRequest debugging
      remove .cvsignores from EXTRA_DIST
      add securitysrv.h
      add sym.h to sources
      remove filename that's too long for tar
      fix incorrect button test
      mieq: don't leak events
      memcpy() events in
      move all autorepeat logic to DIX
      xfree86 ddx: always free GKE/GPE events
      kdrive: increase maximum number of buttons
      kdrive: prevent overrun in map
      GPE: use button map for DBP/DBR, not just BP/BR
      ephyr: cleanup
      kdrive: move map initialisation to KdNewPointer
      xephyr: aid input debugging
      GKVE: get rid of bogus double-release check
      enable adding devices after removal of a middle device
      config client: fix minor race with event queue
      remove optional R3 backwards compatibility
      GKVE: send XkbMapNotify, not XkbNewKeyboardNotify
      kdrive: remove ddx_DEPENDENCIES
      GKVE/GPE: have DDX allocate events
      core devices: clear devicePrivates on close
      GKVE: don't repeat modifiers when using XKB
      GetMaximumEventsNum: be more conservative
      kdrive: properly ifdef composite enabling
      configure.ac: allow conditional building of XF86{DGA,Misc,VidMode}
      configure.ac: fix xephyr conditionals
      completely remove OS keyboard layer
      configure.ac: fix execinfo.h test (Debian #363218)
      xfree86: remove Xqueue support completely
      remove obsolete vendor defines
      make DIX more tolerant of devices without a CtrlProc (Debian #269860)
      GPE: fix absolute button events / GKVE: (non-XKB) don't repeat lock keys
      kdrive/input: only run special key behaviours on non-XKB
      kdrive/input: minor warning cleanups
      fix missing brace, trim unused variables
      kdrive/input: verify SIGIO with --enable-debug
      dix/events.c: add YAFIXME
      events.c: make XEvIE a little less verbose
      events.c: make XEvIE a little less verbose
      events.c: fix tiny XEvIE thinko
      dix: add whiteroot flag
      input.h: add InitCoreDevices prototype
      dix: fix whiteroot thinko
      dix: enable null root cursor
      xkb/gkve: copy XKB map, not pointer-assign
      gitignore: ignore vi swap files
      XkbCopyKeymap: optionally send NewKeyboardNotify/MapNotify events
      XkbCopyKeymap: use correct range for MapNotify
      GKVE: pass correct arguments to XkbCopyKeymap
      configure.ac: fix XF86VidMode test
      config: clean up debugging messages, make failure to acquire name fatal
      configure.ac: more thinkos
      XkbCopyKeymap: fix various range issues
      xorgconf.cpp: kbd, not keyboard
      xfree86/parser: use 'kbd' driver when 'keyboard' specified
      XkbCopyKeymap: still more range fixes
      GetKeyboardValutorEvents: be even more careful
      kdrive/linux keyboard: silence excessive debugging noise
      kdrive/linux keyboard: remove more debugging spew
      configure.ac: allow disabling of XSDL
      kdrive: remove @KDRIVE_LIBS@ from Xfoo_DEPENDENCIES
      configure.ac: fix XSDL test
      configure.ac: move tslib from KDRIVE_PURE_LIBS to KDRIVE_LIBS
      XkbCopyKeymap/SrvXkbCopyKeymap: free geom harder, add cheery comments
      remove merge detritus
      make core keyboard/pointer map functions act on all core-sending devices
      dix/events, mi/eq: remove utterly ridiculous debugging
      symlink-mesa.sh: expand *.{c,h}
      symlink-mesa.sh: expand *.{c,h}
      xkb: remove the world's most staggeringly broken vendor workaround
      xkb: update all core-sending keyboards on GetKeyboardByName
      xkb: make LatchLockGroup work on all core-sending devices
      xkb: simplify core device loop in GetKeyboardByName
      xkb: remove unused #ifndef
      xkb: make XkbSetControls work on all core-sending devices
      xfree86/loader: bump input major ABI version
      kdrive/input: remove excessive debugging in NIDR
      config: remove excessive debugging
      GetPointerEvents: fix relatively harmless typo
      GetPointerEvents: add first_valuator parameter
      xfree86 Xinput: remove still more excessive debugging
      dix/CoreProcessKeyboardEvent: remove debugging for every key event
      configure.ac: reactivate warnings when building with gcc
      include: actually declare DebugF
      config: fix compilation
      mi/pointer: mark public pointer functions as deprecated
      doc/extensions: document C extension use in the X server
      mi/mipointer: deprecate functions which don't take a device
      xkb: add FIXMEs to procedures which need to act on all core devices
      dix/devices: clean up debugging
      Xi: move SendEventToAllWindows and FindInterestedChildren to exevents
      warning cleanups
      mipointer: take device arguments, split miPointerAbsoluteCursor
      doc/extensions: rename to c-extensions
      GetKeyboardValuatorEvents: also take first_valuator param
      xfree86/xinput: pass first_valuator params, don't clip to first screen bound
      GetKeyboardEvents: add first_valuator argument to GKVE
      xkb: remove random broken vendor workarounds
      XkbCopyKeymap: add geometry support
      dix/devices: remove XACE merge debris
      dix: move GetKeyboardEvents/GetPointerEvents to a new file, export symbols
      xkb: better support of XkbDfltXIId
      config: add replies and dbus api documentation
      dix/devices: add devices in proper forward order
      config: unref connection, don't close it
      xfree86 input: always open devices on NewInputDeviceRequest
      xkb: make sure we set the map on the right device, not necessarily core
      XkbCopyKeymap: copy server vmods, and name atoms
      xkb: fix virtual modmap size computation
      config/dbus: properly initialise vtable
      config/dbus: always unref the connection, not close
      xi: add DEVICE_ENABLE control
      move keymap copy to event processing, from enqueuing
      minor formatting fixes
      dix, Xi: make use of deviceid in DevicePresenceNotify
      Xi: swap control in DevicePresenceNotify
      xi: change DEVICE_TOUCHSCREEN to ABS_{AREA_CALIB} for stubs
      xi: add NewInputDeviceRequest to stubs
      xi: fix return type for NIDR
      xi: fix NIDR return yet again
      dix/getevents: cosmetic cleanups, remove keymap copy from GKVE
      dix/getevents: move SyntheticMotion to getevents.c
      XkbCopyKeymap: increment shapes and outlines when copying
      miinitext: Xi and XKB are not hardware-only extensions
      include: move POINTER_* flags from inputstr.h to input.h
      Xvfb: port to new mieq API
      Xnest: disable XKB, reshuffle code
      Xnest: port to new input API
      configure.ac: add XSERVER_LIBS to XNEST_LIBS
      kdrive/neomagic: include vesa.h, use DebugF
      kdrive/input: use Absolute instead of Touchscreen
      kdrive/os: add KdOsAddInputDrivers
      kdrive/tslib: port to new absolute API, remove debugging
      kdrive/lots of DDXes: make stubs use KdOsAddInputDrivers()
      xfree86/options: don't blindly dereference NULL pointers
      xfree86/input: disallow pointer device changes, fix drag event calculation
      kdrive: numerous warning fixes
      GetPointerEvents: break into separate functions
      GetProximityEvents: add (untested) function
      xfree86/input: add proximity support, free valuators
      inputstr: fix indentation
      inputstr: try to keep device structs the same size
      xfree86: re-bump input abi to 1.0, yet again
      miscellaneous warning fixes
      dix: add motion history support
      port all users to the new DIX motion history API
      mi: remove mi motion history
      xfree86: remove motion history handling
      kdrive/input: remove unnecessary #ifdef XINPUTs
      GetPointerEvents: always ensure correct number of events
      mipointer: remember to update pointer location
      WaitForSomething: allow time to rewind
      GetTimeInMillis: spuport monotonic clock
      GetTimeInMillis: simplify monotonic test
      getValuatorEvents: make sure we put MORE_EVENTS in the right places
      mieqEnqueue: only compare DEVICE_BITS of deviceid
      CoreKeyboardProc: don't leak keymap and modmap
      CoreKeyboardProc: annotate with FIXME
      WaitForSomething: only rewind when delta is more than 250ms
      GetTimeInMillis: use correct units for clock_gettime
      Xi: disallow changing core keyboard and pointer
      kdrive: move bell ringing into an OS function
      kdrive: avoid null dereferences
      kdrive: add KdRingBell prototype
      input: add non-keyboard bell ringing function
      configure.ac: remove check for rate/period
      XkbCopyKeymap: be more careful with levels, allocate compat/geom
      kdrive:remove Change{Keyboard,Pointer}Device
      xfree86: allow starting with no input devices
      bump to
      xfree86: don't attempt to enable and disable non-DIX devices
      xkb: note that we allow full xi interaction
      xfree86/os-support: remove unused file from dist
      xfree86/os-support: axe more unused files

David Nusinow:
      Document enable/disable flag for AIGLX in xorg.conf manpage.
      Add xorg.conf IgnoreABI option which does the same thing as -ignoreABI
      Allow the xfree86 ddx utils to be optionally built. Patch by Eugene Konev.

Donnie Berkholz:
      If we're installing libxf86config, install headers needed to build against it.
      Really fix sparc on 64-bit kernel/32-bit userland.

Drew Parsons:
      * Define XPSERVERLIST with `/etc/init.d/xprint get_xpserverlist`
      Xprint: revert installation of /etc/X11/Xsession.d/cde_xsessiond_xprint.sh
      * Install Xprint's Xsession script to $(sysconfdir)/X11/Xsession.d
      Minor typos in Xserver man page.
      Minor typo fix to xorg.conf man page.

Eamon Walsh:
      Replace XC-SECURITY code with XACE security hooks
      Modify XC-SECURITY and XC-APPGROUP extensions to work with XACE
      Add XACE and XSELINUX extensions to the build system
      Add XACE extension
      Replace XC-SECURITY code with XACE security hooks
      Modify XC-SECURITY and XC-APPGROUP extensions to work with XACE
      Add XACE extension source files.
      Modify XC-SECURITY and XC-APPGROUP extensions to work with XACE
      Modify XC-SECURITY and XC-APPGROUP extensions to work with XACE
      Added devPrivates support to the ExtensionEntry structure.
      Adding devPrivates support to the ExtensionEntry structure.
      Call ClientStateCallback on serverClient devPrivates initialization.
      Rebase Security extension to use devPrivates for storing security state.
      Remove LBX code.
      Make SecurityLookupIDBy* part of the base functionality.
      Add four new XACE hooks: auditing, key event notification, window init
      Don't need to allocate memory now that devPrivates are being used.
      Include dix-config.h.
      Zero out newly allocated ClientRec structures.
      Zero out newly created ExtensionEntry structures, but only after the
      Generalize the handling of configuration files that ship with extensions.
      Add missing file to list in Makefile.am

Eric Anholt:
      Fix several cases where optimized paths were hit when they shouldn't be.

George Sapountzis:
      Call exaTryComponentAlphaHelper() for solid src also.

Ian Romanick:
      Noting uses libdummy.a, so don't build it.  Only libdummy-nonserver.a
      Convert protocol decode tables for Single, VendorPrivate, and
      Re-generated files after a fix to glX_API.xml (in Mesa).
      Rename __glXDrawArraysSize to __glXDrawArraysReqSize.  This makes its
      Fix __glXDispatchInfo::dispatch_functions and
      Convert protocol decode tabels for Render and RenderLarge to use nice,
      Memo to myself: Whenever a Makefile.am changes, autogen.sh must be
      Refector __glXDisp_Render and __glXDispSwap_Render to DoRender.
      Fix the sorting of the extension string.  Add a few extensions that
      Regenerate from gl_API.xml 1.62.  Functions move, no real changes.
      Regenerate from gl_API.xml 1.63.  Enable extensions.
      Add some missing bits of GL_SGI_color_table.
      Remove GL/glx/g_disptab.c, GL/glx/g_disptab_EXT.c, and
      Finish support for GL_ARB_texture_compression.
      Enable vertex and fragment programs.
      Enable GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic and GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate.
      Remove __glXNoSuchRenderOpcode because it is no longer used.
      Add support for AIGLX drivers to enable GLX extensions that they support.
      Make sure unsupported extensions are disabled.
      Minor extension tweaks.
      Fix problems with vertex program protocol
      Implement GLX_SGI_swap_control.
      Add missing file from previous commit.
      Remove prototypes for non-existant functions.
      Remove prototypes and externs for non-existant functions and variables.
      Use correct opcodes for GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap.
      Fix bug #8608.

Ivan Pascal:
      xkb: fix wrapping when switching between groups
      xkb: fix wrapping when switching between groups

Jeff Smith:
      Bug #8449: Yet another Mesa symlink script resync.

Jesse Barnes:
      the new PCI mapping routines are broken on sparc64 (in fact they look

Joshua Baergen:
      Create xorg.conf.example (Gentoo bug #138623).
      Create xorg.conf.example (Gentoo bug #138623).

Keith Packard:
      Byte swap RRSelectInput enable flags.

Kristian Høgsberg:
      Xi: add DevicePresenceNotify
      define SDevicePresenceNotifyEvent prototype
      bug #890: completely remove deprecated keyboard driver
      Fix AIGLX VT switching.

Lukáš Turek:
      Adapt to Mesa header name change.

Matthew Allum:
      Improve XRes to;
      Back out 'mystery' spurious host window hints.
      Re-add support for tslib (1.0 release) and Xcalibrate extension.
      Add framebuffer device command line switch for Xfbdev
      Fix previous commit breaking other kdrives pulling in fbdev.a

Matthias Hopf:
      Fixed segfault w/ broken Xinerama configs.
      Fixing probably long-standing bug in domain support.
      StorePixels() macro could create invalid  *x++=*x...  code - fixed.
      StorePixels() macro could create invalid *x++=*x... code - fixed.

Matthieu Herrb:
      kill GNU-make'ism.
      Handle building in a separate objdir

Michel Dänzer:
      Fix #include paths for fontcacheproto headers.
      Make sure _XSERVER64 is defined when it should be and gets tested.
      Add wrapper for new ioctl to update drawable information in the DRM.
      Push information about cliprects of DRI windows to the DRM.
      Add per-drawable Xv colour key helper function.
      Fix __glXDRIbindTexImage() for 32 bpp on big endian platforms.
      Add per-drawable Xv colour key helper function.
      Fix __glXDRIbindTexImage() for 32 bpp on big endian platforms.
      Fix test for Option "IgnoreABI".

Myron Stowe:
      xfree86: re-enable chipset-specific drivers for Linux/ia64

Samuel Thibault:
      xfree86: add Hurd support (#5613)

Thomas Hellstrom:
      Import libdrm functions for the drm memory manager.
      Make sure we have 64-bit file-offsets in libdrm.

Tiago Vignatti:
      xorgcfg: fix compilation error

Tilman Sauerbeck:
      Sanitized glxdri's Block/Wakeuphandler calling.
      Bug #8226: Fixed SetPictureTransform()'s handling of the argument matrix.
      transformIsIdentity() now doesn't accept a zero matrix as the identity.

Zephaniah E. Hull:
      Remove a merge artifact so that we can compile.
      Typo correction, 'i' is not a '1', so no longer crash on some Xi requests.
      Warning fix, and a syntax fix in a #if 0 section of code.
      Pass SetDeviceValuators down to the driver.

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