[ANNOUNCE] XCB 1.0 release candidate 3 now available

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Thu Nov 2 19:19:37 PST 2006

The XCB developers proudly announce the 1.0 RC3 (0.9.93) release of
xcb-proto and libxcb, now available from:

	with sha1sum: c3a0a5ecc6c602c948d164b186967eb715e872e6

        with sha1sum: 59f4963abb1772d179f0f299c46a9ee2eb259884

        with sha1sum: 169b0d579895beb527c3df8ff4ec2bf4326c3333

	with sha1sum: 3c50e07e7694998170bb3c2f323467b49d68a897

About libxcb

libxcb provides an interface to the X Window System protocol, slated to
replace the current Xlib interface. It has several advantages over
Xlib, including:
- size: small library and lower memory footprint
- latency hiding: batch several requests and wait for the replies later
- direct protocol access: one-to-one mapping between interface and protocol
- proven thread support: transparently access XCB from multiple threads
- easy extension implementation: interfaces auto-generated from XML-XCB

Xlib can also use XCB as a transport layer, allowing software to make
requests and receive responses with both, which eases porting to XCB.
However, client programs, libraries, and toolkits will gain the most
benefit from a native XCB port.

About xcb-proto

xcb-proto provides the XML-XCB protocol descriptions that libxcb uses to
generate the majority of its code and API. We provide them separately
from libxcb to allow reuse by other projects, such as additional
language bindings, protocol dissectors, or documentation generators.

This separation between the XCB transport layer and the
automatically-generated protocol layer also makes it far easier to write
new extensions. With the Xlib infrastructure, client-side support for
new extensions requires significant duplication of effort. With XCB and
the XML-XCB protocol descriptions, client-side support for a new
extension requires only an XML description of the extension, and not a
single line of code.

Why this release?

We have provided this third release candidate to incorporate additional fixes
and enhancements made since the RC2 release; this RC3 release corresponds to
Xorg 7.2 RC2.

Please report any issues you find to the freedesktop.org bug tracker,


Discussion about XCB occurs on the XCB mailing list:

        <mailto:xcb at lists.freedesktop.org>

You can obtain the latest development versions of XCB using GIT.
For anonymous checkouts, use:

        git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xcb/libxcb
        git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xcb/proto

For developers, use:

        git clone git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xcb/libxcb
        git clone git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xcb/proto

This release corresponds to the GIT tag "1.0-RC3", signed by Jamey Sharp
with key ID 0E08F665. In each repository, you can verify this tag with
the command:

	git verify-tag 1.0-RC3

Detailed notes on this release follow.

libxcb Release 1.0 RC3 (2006-11-02)

Note: Version 0.9.4 of the test suite tool "check" provides a broken version
of the AM_PATH_CHECK macro, which causes autoconf to fail due to insufficient
quoting on the macro names it prints in its deprecation message.
We have written a patch to fix this problem, available at:
Version 0.9.4-2 of the Debian package for check includes this patch.  Users of
other distributions who want to re-autotool libxcb will need to apply this
patch, use an older version of check, or wait for a fixed upstream version.
This bug does not affect users who use the distributed tarballs and do not

* Add library support for xcb-xinerama, using new protocol description from
* In the generated protocol code, define and use constants for opcode numbers
  rather than hard-coding them.
* In the API conversion script, match only XCB-namespaced XID generators when
  converting to xcb_generate_id.
* Quit treating xproto specially in Makefile.am: handle it like all the
* Generate Doxygen documentation comments in the protocol stubs, and provide
  a Doxygen config file for building HTML documentation for XCB.
* Add note to xcbxlib.h that nothing except Xlib/XCB should use it.
* Extend test suite to test xcb_parse_display with NULL argument and display
  in $DISPLAY.

xcb-proto Release 1.0 RC3 (2006-11-02)

* Add support for the Xinerama extension, version 1.1
* Protocol descriptions now document the major and minor version numbers of
  the extension version they support, through major-version and minor-version
  attributes on the xcb tag.  XML Schema updated accordingly.
* Minor source reorganization: Now that the extensions do not get installed to
  an extensions/ subdirectory, move them out of the extensions/ subdirectory in
  the source as well.
* Various protocol description fixes:
    * Add REPEAT enumeration to Render extension to fix bug #8535
    * Fix core xproto GrabMode enumeration (reported by Yang JianJun)
    * Fix core xproto cap style enumeration (bug #8857).
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