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Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Mon Nov 13 14:26:24 PST 2006

X server corresponding to 7.2RC2, shortlog to follow.

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Aaron Plattner:
      Fix standard VESA modes.

Adam Jackson:
      Bug #6786: Use separate defines for server's Fixes support level.
      'make dist' fixes.
      Fix distcheck.
      Include a forgotten ia64 header in the distball.  Builds on ia64 now.
      configure.ac bump.

Alan Coopersmith:
      Make sure xorgcfg files are included even when dist made with 
      Use getisax() instead of asm code to determine available x86 ISA 
extensions on Solaris
      Pre-release message should tell users to check git, not CVS, for updates
      Fix automake error: BUILT_SOURCES was defined multiple times on Solaris
      Bug #1997: AUDIT messages should contain uid for local accesses
      If getpeerucred() is available, include pid & zoneid in audit messages 
      Make _POSIX_C_SOURCE hack work with Solaris headers

Alan Hourihane:
      Small modification to blocking signals when switching modes.

Bjorn Helgaas:
      Do not map full 0-1MB legacy range

Bram Verweij:
      xfree86/linux acpi: fix tokenising

Daniel Stone:
      GetTimeInMillis: spuport monotonic clock
      WaitForSomething: allow time to rewind
      Revert "WaitForSomething: allow time to rewind"
      Revert "GetTimeInMillis: spuport monotonic clock"
      add 'general socket' handler, port ACPI to use it
      WaitForSomething: allow time to rewind
      WaitForSomething: only rewind when delta is more than 250ms
      GetTimeInMillis: spuport monotonic clock
      GetTimeInMillis: simplify monotonic test
      GetTimeInMillis: use correct units for clock_gettime
      os: fix sun extensions test

Eamon Walsh:
      Bug #8875: Security extension causes Xorg to core dump on server reset
      whitespace adjust
      More work on Bug #8875: revert previous fix and try using client 
      Bug #8937: Extension setup functions not called on server resets

Egbert Eich:
      Fixing mach64 driver bailing out on ia64
      Make int10 fully domain aware.

Erik Andren:
      remove XFree86 changelogs (bug #7262)

Joshua Baergen:
      Create xorg.conf.example (Gentoo bug #138623).

Laurence Withers:
      CreateColormap: fix return value (bug #7083)

Matthias Hopf:
      Build with -D_PC on ix86 only.
      Added missing domain stripping in already domain aware code.
      Added linux 2.6 compatible domain aware device scanning code.
      Fixing domain support for ia64
      Add domain support to linuxPciOpenFile().
      Fix device path in altixPCI.c to be domain aware.
      Fix obviously wrong boundary checks + cleanup unused vars.

Matthieu Herrb:
      kill GNU-make'ism.
      Handle building in a separate objdir

Michel Dänzer:
      Fix __glXDRIbindTexImage() for 32 bpp on big endian platforms.
      Fix test for Option "IgnoreABI".

Myron Stowe:
      xfree86: re-enable chipset-specific drivers for Linux/ia64

Rich Coe:
      CheckConnections: don't close down the server client (bug #7876)

- ajax
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