[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-ati 6.7.191

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 20:52:41 PDT 2007

Hash: SHA1

ATI 6.8 pre-release
This is the long awaited radeon driver with randr 1.2 support.
radeon 6.7 was pretty much a dead end, so it's been branched for those that
still want to play with it.  In addition to randr support there are quite a
few other goodies: zero copy tfp, improved connector table parsing, TV-out
support, and much more.

Changes since 6.6.3:

Adam Jackson (1):
      Undo unintended configure.ac change.

airlied (9):
      split mode handling code into separate modes source file
      forgot SetPitch function is called
      radeon: initial move framebuffer away from zero prep.
      fixup EXA after previous commit
      make DDC function more generic
      add generic mode handling code from Intel driver
      add more functions from i830 driver
      make radeon modes use generic code
      move radeon over to not using X's mode management like the intel driver.

Alain Péteut (1):
      enable i2c for PCI_CHIP_RV250_If.  allows AIW fuctionality to work.

Alex Deucher (165):
      radeon: restructure files along lines of Alex's superpatch
      radeon: add missing tv-out registers to register list
      radeon: add pre init controller function
      radeon: add save/restore of some new registers
      radeon: move to using Alex's controller structure
      radeon: make DVI_I default connector
      radeon: add reverse display option to switch displays on
non-mobility cards
      radeon: re-organise FP and CRTC register setting routines
      tvdac handling was reversed between r200 and other chips
      fix LVDS plus internal TMDS
      remove bogus registers
      FP timing regs required for both internal and external TMDS
      Remove Bioshotkeys option.  Leave the bios as configured at boot.
      Remove paneloff option.  This is already covered by monitorlayout and
      Rework the output init code.  Divide into separate functions
      Disable all ouputs on initial mode set.  The ones we want will get
      clean up magic number
      Don't mess with the VIP bus on mobility chips.  Seems to cause fan
      clean up previous VIP commit.
      update man page.  fixes bug 6457
      I think we can say r300 support is not experimental
      add option to force the DRI on for RN50 chips
      Add "DRI" option
      fix NULL dereference
      RADEON - update randr cursor handling, LVDS setup fix
      RADEON: Fix cursor handling for randr
      remove some old mergedfb cruft
      minor cleanup
      start to clean up MapControllers
      More re-org to allow more than 2 outputs
      enable all outputs on each crtc on mode restore
      more randr re-work
      randr checkpoint
      RADEON: randr driver re-org checkpoint
      RADEON: fix VT switch
      RADEON: more re-org
      RADEON: re-arrange output mode setting
      RADEON: switch output dpms to use RADEONEnableDisplay()
      RADEON: Move LVDS, TMDS, DAC properties to the output rec
      RADEON: Fix RMX after the last commit
      RADEON: remove hardcoded output limit and PortInfo stuff
      RADEON: don't need to pass pScrn to EnableDisplay()
      RADEON: fix up DDCConnected()
      RADEON: move crtc offset handling into init/save/restore functions
      RADEON: fix VT switch
      RADEON: several fixes
      RADEON: Remove dead code
      RADEON: re-org randr code
      RADEON: remove more dead code
      RADEON: remove old mergedfb and dualhead options that are no longer used
      RADEON: remove mergedfb, etc. cruft from man page
      RADEON: add new ConnectorTable option and re-add PanelSize option
      RADEON: additional cleanups
      RADEON: remove remnants of "old" multi-head support
      RADEON: Further cleanup
      RADEON: Lots of small fixes
      RADEON: Move DAC regs to their own Save() function
      RADEON: remove some debugging code
      RADEON: More cleanup
      RADEON: turn off all outputs in screeninit().  We'll turn on the
ones we want later
      RADEON: more cleanup
      RADEON: cleanup
      RADEON: Change default LVDS i2c line for powerpc
      RADEON: if connector is VGA set TMDS to none
      Fix regular/"xinerama"/zaphod dualhead mode
      update to 6.6.192 for rc release
      RADEON: several updates
      RADEON: fix crtc1 (un)blanking code after last commit
      RADEON: Only add valid connectors
      RADEON: add output properties (not functional yet)
      RADEON: clean up some logic
      RADEON: clean up non-DDC probe, add detect for DVI
      RADEON: fixup last commit and add support for ext TMDS detect
      RADEON: more clean of last commits
      RADEON: implement auto/analog/digital output property for DVI-I (untested)
      RADEON: implement backlight control for LVDS
      RADEON: fix handling of DRI lock
      RADEON: Make sure LVDS and FP2 routing info gets written
      RADEON: make sure we have the lock when SYNCing
      RADEON: Switch SetOutputType() to use names rather than numbers
      RADEON: clean up and add comment regarding clones
      RADEON: first pass at rotation (not working yet)
      RADEON: more rotation work (still not there)
      RADEON: remove some dead code from the last commit
      RADEON: number the outputs if there are more than one of the same
      RADEON: remove some cruft
      RADEON: add support for RMX on DVI, make sure RMX is only enabled on crtc1
      RADEON: no need to go through all the crtcs, we've got what we need
      RADEON: fix indenting
      RADEON: fixup RADEONDisplayVideo() to better handle the crtc being used
      RADEON: implement support for posting cards based on x86 bios
tables (untested)
      RADEON: fix some issues with bios table init code
      RADEON: make sure RADEON_LVDS_ON is cleared when turning LVDS off
      RADEON: make sure to clear RADEON_LVDS_ON when turning LVDS off
      RADEON: additional LVDS off fix (missed in previous commit)
      RADEON: additional LVDS off fix (missed in previous commit)
      RADEON: yet another LVDS...
      RADEON: only touch LVDS on mobility chips
      RADEON: only touch LVDS on mobility chips
      RADEON: Split FP reg restore to only touch regs relevant to the output
      RADEON: bump crtc max to 1200 so 1600x1200 will work out of the box
      RADEON: tiling and FB size fixes
      RADEON: fix possible segfault on mobility chips with MM tables
      RADEON: fix possible segfault on mobility chips with MM tables
      RADEON: attempt to fix cursor on big endian (only tested on x86)
      RADEON: make sure we set the stride properly
      RADEON: make sure we unblank in RADEONRestore()
      RADEON: Switch cursor back to memcpy()
      RADEON: set info->CurrentLayout.displayWidth in RADEONSetPitch()
      RADEON: fix corruption after 3D apps run
      RADEON: move crtc base setups to new functions
      RADEON: factor out surface_cntl init into one function
      RADEON: simplify console restore
      RADEON: save crtc on/off state for console restore
      RADEON: Fix tiling on r1xx and r2xx
      RADEON: set default values for crtc_offset_cntls
      R128: don't clip modes to panel on laptops when only using the CRT port
      RADEON: fix palette when depth != 24
      RADEON: fix randr on r4xx
      RADEON: hack around console restore hang on r4xx
      RADEON: write out saved vclk and pixclk values
      RADEON: Compute PLL VCO gain
      RADEON: Initial pass at integrated tv out support
      RADEON: add info about tv out code and authorship
      RADEON: tv-out fixes.  works now.  tested on rv350.
      RADEON: fix name of tv output
      RADEON: more fixes...
      RADEON: convert hard coded tv out values to calculations
      RADEON: remove unused elements
      RADEON: limit tv modes to the only one we can program at the moment
      RADEON: move tv dac enable to enabledisplay()
      RADEON: add missing break
      RADEON: fix tv-out enable/disable
      RADEON: avoid a divide by 0 and only save tv out regs if the chip has them
      RADEON: Change indexing of TV constants table in preparation for
standard re-work
      RADEON: Major rework of BIOS table parsing
      RADEON: attempt to do the right thing for standards other than PAL or NTSC
      RADEON: refactor output init to handle multiple DVI or VGA
      RADEON: Fix DVI-I support in ATOM bios connector table parsing
      RADEON: fixes
      RADEON: typo
      RADEON: switch RMX attribute to string type
      RADEON: make backlight attribute lower case
      RADEON: switch DVI-I monitor type attribute to string
      RADEON: add tv out properties
      RADEON: Always set MonType in radeon_detect()
      RADEON: minor fix to legacy bios connector table
      RADEON: Make sure the default TV standard is supported
      RADEON: fix ConnectorTable option after connector table re-work
      RADEON: fix typo in comment
      RADEON: fix connector setup when there's no bios tables
      RADEON: order the VGA and DVI ports correctly
      RADEON: Add load detection
      RADEON: Make sure RMX is always programmed for crtc1
      RADEON: Turn off tv encoder in disableoutputs()
      RADEON: Implement improved tv load detection for r300
      RADEON: minor cleanup
      RADEON: make sure crtc routing is correct in r300_detect_tv()
      RADEON: Remove RADEONRestoreMode()
      RADEON: fix Xv clipping and overlay sourcing
      RADEON: turn off TVCLK when blanking tv encoder
      RADEON: Add DefaultConnectorTable option
      RADEON: fix tv-out on R3xx
      RADEON: more tv out fixes and clean up
      RADEON: Fix color problem on pre-R3xx chips tv-out

Andrew Randrianasulu (2):
      RADEON: Fix VT switch hangs
      RADEON: Fix VT switch hangs

Brice Goglin (2):
      MACH64: avoid crash in Xv code
      Minor fixes in the manpages

Daniel Stone (2):
      Makefile.am: fix changelog hook
      Makefile.am: re-add ChangeLog to CLEANFILES

Dave Airlie (125):
      radeon: restore secondary head behaviour
      radeon: re-add DAC power on/off code around detect
      radeon: re-add ATI patch for rn50 modes
      radeon: add tv dac adj lookup
      radeon: move InitFPRegisters up to align with superpatch
      radeon: initialise controller structures
      radeon: minor cleanup of masking for crtc registers
      radeon: copy of overupdated bios hotkeys code from Alex
      radeon: fixup InitFPRegisters function call to not pass info
      radeon: cleanup DacPowerSet
      radeon: cleanup DPMS set on/off code to use new controller structure
      radeon: move code around in InitCrtcRegisters
      radeon; put back old TV DAC code for now
      radeon: add enable display function
      radeon: refactor blank/unblank
      radeon: move comment
      radeon: add simple map controllers call
      radeon: add some info to the map controllers
      radeon: flesh out mapcontrollers
      radeon: some minor alignments and cleanups for info->
      radeon: make GetConnectedMonitors a static void
      radeon: change function name to Displays rather than Monitors
      radeon: align some output with superpatch
      radeon: align tabs and make display detection like superpatch
      radeon: bring over final set of changes for radeon_display.c
from susperpatch
      radeon: setup the radeon init function to use secondary
      radeon: initial CRTC register setting alignment
      radeon: finish radeon_driver.c import for register changes
      radeon: add some missing bits of superpatch for crtc registers
      radeon: put back in reverseddc code
      remove all CVS annotations from the ATI driver files
      radeon : add back tv-dac register write
      radeon: cleanup some bits from superpatch
      radeon: don't move connectors around if LVDS connector is connector 1
      radeon: check DDC info for both connectors not just the pScrn one.
      update version number to 6.6.99 in preparation for a 6.7 branch
at some stage
      always turn on DAC for scanning the CRT connect.
      radeon: set preferred modes
      radeon: separate static controller setup from non-static
      add initial controller binding, remove uses of mergedfb test
      add radeon Init2 function, to abstract some mergedfb mode setting
      radeon: abstract init display bandwidth from mergedfb
      move HasCRTC2 to pRADEONEnt from info
      make CRTCs malloc'ed rather than part of Ent
      radeon: dynamically allocate connectors
      move crtc to connector mapping to a connector to crtc mapping.
      re-program bios 4 scratch so we know if the LCD panel is there
post startup
      move monitor detection into single function
      Add radeon randr 1.2 initial attempt at support
      update radeon driver to Intel driver xf86Crtc interfaces
      hook up randr crtc setting
      bring over latest code from Intel git repo.
      hook up mode detect to new randr code
      remove some code that moved into server
      fix up output namings
      use getddcmodes properly
      fix remnant of old code
      fixup even more remnants of old code
      add randr pre init
      add displayWidth set
      add setdpi call
      radeon: don't touch Controller[1] on single CRTC cards.
      radeon: fixup fastwrites to be always off
      bring radeon randr code inline with intel randr code
      more minor fixes to get radeon up to speed
      make restore mode non-static
      add more files for back compat
      fixup some function calls
      hook up detection of output
      fix typo
      hook up crtc modesetting
      fix cursor handling
      fix LUT
      set binding for new heads
      hook up DPMS through xf86
      minor randr1.2 fixups
      always create a second CRTC I think this should solve any problems
      radeon: destroy and fixup LVDS crtc
      disable dpms on/off as it was writing regs before we wanted to
      radeon: move blank/unblank to use randr
      use more randr-ish names for variables
      radeon: get randr-1.2 mode switching mostly working on my laptop
      comment out unblanking on VT switch
      make dri work again
      move some cursor code around for show/hide
      remove mergedfb
      remove alot more mergedfb support
      add back overlay CRTC chooser this may not work yet
      remove unused merged code
      radeon: fixup some of the video code after randr
      remove more mergedfb relics
      removed even more  mergedfb remains
      remove isused and isactive
      remove unused restore palette function
      fix LVDS by moving bios reading around
      radeon: move some i2c registers out into common register file
      make radeon randr build against master server
      cleanup radeon code against master server
      fix typo
      radeon: add option to set pci aperture size from config file
      update number to 6.6.191 for rc release
      radeon: fix up crtc debug dereference problem
      radeon: add support for enabling direct rendering on RS480
      radeon: fix build since patches for IBM don't actually build
      radeon: fix build on older server
      radeon: add support for DDC on some laptop chipsets
      radeon: add support for DDC on some laptop chipsets
      radeon: another attempt at fixing the mergedfb refresh rate
      rs480: only has single dac
      rs480: make second crtc work with magic number in magic register.
      rs480: more unknown regs
      radeon: add bios quirk for nx6125 monid
      remove these syncs, at least on rs480 it doesn't break
      randr-1.2: make native mode preferred
      randr-1.2: add support for vblank on both heads
      randr-1.2 increase dri minor version for mesa to know we can do
vbl on both
      radeon: disable vbl interrupts when no 3d is running on a new enough drm
      radeon: disable irqs at server start until 3D app starts
      radeon: disable irqs at server start until 3D app starts
      radeon: cleanup some pieces of the dpms/blank register programming
      ati: add -Wall for gcc
      radeon: remove unused variables
      update configure.ac for 6.6.193 release
      updated release numbering for randr 1.2
      radeon: cleanup some warnings

David Airlie (14):
      fix up issue with bindings and mergedfb
      fixup init disp bandwidth
      radeon: fixup problem with cursor not going off
      radeon: always reset cursor regs
      update to latest intel codebase modulo using their mode set
      add locks for crtcs and some missing lines from intel update
      fixup callers to crtcsetmode fixes my cursors
      move i2c buses into outputs
      bring over setproperty from intel code
      fixup mode probing a bit neater
      rename some variables to output from connector
      get rid of mergetype and displaytype from radeon.h
      remove all the locking glxgears runs fine over screen changes without it
      remove assignments to pOutput before it is created

David Woodhouse (1):
      Fix radeon vs fbdev pitch calculation.

Eamon Walsh (2):
      Convert callers of LookupWindow() to dixLookupWindow().
      Revert "Convert callers of LookupWindow() to dixLookupWindow()."

George Sapountzis (48):
      Bug 6242: [mach64] Use private DMA buffers.
      [mach64] Fix build for !defined(USE_EXA).
      [mach64] EXA: reserve DRI buffers only when DRI is active.
      Handle .99 in version patch level.
      Officially require libdrm 2.2.0
      [mach64] Use asynchronous DMA mode by default.
      [mach64] Prefer double-buffered visuals for GLX.
      Use portable XORG_RELEASE_VERSION macro.
      Drop AVOID_NON_PCI.
      Drop probing for VGA, VGAWonder, 8514, Mach32.
      Keep PCI mach64 only (atipreinit.c, atimode.c), drop:
      Keep PCI mach64 only, drop:
      Clean pATI->Adapter and pATI->VGAAdapter.
      We always use the accelerator CRTC within the xserver.
      Always use the linear aperture.
      Banked memory is no longer needed.
      Drop support for non-programmable clocks.
      Minor refactoring of module (un)loading for TV_OUT.
      Drop checking of sparse I/O bases conflicts
      Sane probe, based on work by Luc Verhaegen <libv at skynet.be>.
      Add option "probe_sparse" to force probing sparse I/O bases.
      Drop pATI->Chipset, no longer used.
      Cleanup checks for pATI->PCIInfo.
      Minor refactoring of pATI->Block0Base computation.
      Drop non-PCI support from atividmem.c
      Consolidate atiaccel.c w/ atimach64accel.c, part 1.
      Consolidate atiaccel.c w/ atimach64accel.c, part 2.
      Consolidate aticursor.c w/ atimach64cursor.c
      Consolidate atixv.c w/ atimach64xv.c, part 1.
      Consolidate atixv.c w/ atimach64xv.c, part 2.
      [mach64] Enable RENDER acceleration on the Pro variants.
      [mach64] PreInit: Use goto bail.
      [mach64] PreInit: pitchInc is local.
      [mach64] PreInit: maxPitch, minor cosmetic.
      [mach64] Consolidate adjustments of mode timings, part 1.
      [mach64] Consolidate adjustments of mode timings, part 2.
      [mach64] Consolidate adjustments of mode timings, part 3.
      [mach64] Xv: use single surface and encoding structs.
      [mach64] Bug 5586: overlay scaler limited to 720 pixels on ATI Rage Pro.
      Move atiprobe.c from ati to atimisc.
      Move atioption.c from ati to atimisc.
      Move {atimach64,r128,radeon}_probe.c from ati to subdrivers.
      Drop now unneeded _X_EXPORT's.
      Fold FillIn() back to Probe().
      Drop probing by driver name from "Device" section.
      [mach64] Set pATI->ChipRevision correctly, instead of overriding.
      [mach64] Use Mach64Chipsets[] instead of ATIChipNames[].
      Move atichip.c from ati to atimisc.

Henry Zhao (5):
      fix bug 6966 (Henry Zhao, Shem Multinymous)
      improved results for mergedfb xrandr refresh rates - bug 6966
      9337: EDID modes do not participate in validation for CRT monitor
      10205: Radeon driver's own mode validation code does not work properly
      Update CRT2pScrn->monitor->Last to reflect the

iLisa Wu (1):
      Fix crash with no valid mode in xorg.conf's modelist and empty Virtual

Jesse Barnes (6):
      Update for new CRTC resize hooks.
      Add prepare/commit hooks to output and crtc func table
      - fix randr 1.2 on pre-RV350 chips by enabling DAC_MACRO_CNTL writes
      Add cscope files to .gitignore

Lisa Wu (2):
      RADEON: make sure RADEON_CRTC2_CRT2_ON bit state is properly accounted for
      RADEON: fix console restore on r3xx and r4xx

Luc Verhaegen (2):
      Clean up PortInfo to CRTC mapping
      AGPFastWrite risk reduction.

Matthias Hopf (5):
      Fixed typo in mode list generation.
      Fix crash if MergedFB and secondary head not found
      Fix inconsistent use of Mode lists.
      Set sync polarity restriction flags even for non-"digital
separate" monitors.
      Disable RMX for IBM Lewis server.

Matthieu Herrb (3):
      Fix build without XF86DRI
      Fix build without XF86DRI
      Fix build whithout XF86DRI

Michel Daenzer (1):
      Bug #6756: Attempt to fix repeat picture acceleration.

Michel Dänzer (40):
      Remove some dead code.
      radeon: Always call RADEONGetAccessibleVRAM().
      radeon: Fix function name typo which could probably lead to an
unresolved symbol.
      radeon: Add support for page flipping with EXA.
      radeon: Don't try to synchronize pages when the CP isn't running.
      radeon: Track screen damage all the time for page flipping.
      radeon: Use xf86XVFillKeyHelperDrawable() when available.
      radeon: Pitch doesn't matter when height == 1.
      Fix compile warnings.
      radeon: Bug #8989: Fix page flipping artifacts with XAA.
      Fix build warning.
      Increase default overlay scaler buffer width for RV350.
      Make log file output clear about origin of used overlay scaler
buffer width.
      Fix radeon compile warnings.
      radeon: Make cache flushing for R300 series less invasive.
      radeon: Move Xv option handling code into RADEONPreInitXv().
      radeon: Default to leaving AGP transfer mode and fast writes unchanged.
      radeon: Advertise 2D engine limits to EXA when we're not using
the 3D engine.
      radeon: Fix build warnings.
      atimisc: Fix strict aliasing violation flagged by -Wall.
      radeon: Make sure 3D clients will re-upload textures to video
RAM after LeaveVT.
      radeon: Disable CP line acceleration on RV280s.
      radeon: Minor BlockHandler cleanups.
      radeon: Unify code to release the CP.
      radeon: Only sync to hardware when really necessary with EXA.
      Fix advertised minimum minor version of the DRI module.
      radeon: Fix typo.
      radeon: Guard some MergedFB specific code with info->MergedFB tests.
      radeon: Don't shrink virtual size based on secondary modes.
      radeon: Always sort modes when adding to list.
      radeon: Link nearest modes by default for clone mode.
      radeon: Suppress debugging output by default.
      radeon: HW cursor cleanup.
      radeon: Provide new DRI texOffsetStart hook when available with EXA.
      radeon: Lots of warning fixes.
      radeon: Fix some more ErrorFs when setting mode.
      radeon: Don't loop indefinitely if no mode matches detected panel size.
      radeon: Fix panel size detection from registers with stretched
mode programmed.
      radeon: Fix panel size detection from registers with stretched
mode programmed.
      radeon: Fully zero-initialize info->CRT2pScrn->monitor.

Paul TBBle Hampson (2):
      Fix for infinite loop in RADEONGetLVDSInfo
      RADEONProbePLLParameters sets pll->reference_div, and

Roland Scheidegger (9):
      radeon: Check ROM more thoroughly before treating it as an x86 BIOS.
      radeon: bug #1462, predownscale to make HD video work.
      radeon: use overlay scaler native planar yuv capability.
      radeon: fix up packed yuv broken by planar yuv patch
      radeon: avoid unnecessary OUTPLL/INPLL calls when displaying video
      fix uninitialized mode regs (bug 9495)
      fix uninitialized mode regs (bug 9495)
      fix alignment issues with planar yuv and a bug with packed uyvy
      add missing part of last commit...

Ronald Wahl (1):
      Hook up DFP power to DPMS events.

Tilman Sauerbeck (1):
      Fixed 'make dist'.

Timo Jyrinki (1):
      ati: fix detection of some newer radeons using ati wrapper

Tormod Volden (2):
      RADEON: limit PanelPwrDly to 2000 ms on ATOM bios as per legacy bios
      RADEON: limit PanelPwrDly to 2000 ms on ATOM bios as per legacy bios

git tag: xf86-video-ati-6.7.191

MD5: f350217d7b56890ba714f0479866210f  xf86-video-ati-6.7.191.tar.bz2
SHA1: 077b8bf872cdfc31e781b5c0f81bb8f17cc648dd  xf86-video-ati-6.7.191.tar.bz2

MD5: a4fb5391d53cdf4388a745d16cebfaba  xf86-video-ati-6.7.191.tar.gz
SHA1: 6fd4152b8f1ec506614bd92c978984914198ec21  xf86-video-ati-6.7.191.tar.gz

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