[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-amd

Martin-Eric Racine q-funk at iki.fi
Sun Sep 2 04:34:38 PDT 2007

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-amd
To: xorg-announce at lists.freedesktop.org

Adam Jackson (11):
      Add --enable-visibility.
      Build fix.
      Fix RANDR support to be dlloader-friendly.
      Minor DCON fixes.
      Remove 'man' directory references from configure.ac.
      Rename: amd_gx_dcon.c -> amd_dcon.c
      Add extra GCC warning fu.  -Wall cleanup.
      DCON detection cleanup and generification.
      Add DCON detection to LX.
      uint32_t -> CARD32

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Replace references to XFree86/XF86Config in man page

Dan Williams (6):
      Fix distcheck
      commit 7125fcab372b24f7045bbdaa6d4f6e435b1f7a83
      commit 5f7979e990c5eafb44aa0fa9779a7ed3904d25ce
      Eliminate the first round of warnings discovered with -Wall
      More -Wall warnings fixed
      Fix LX video downscaling

Jordan Crouse (62):
      Initial commit of the xf86-video-amd tree
      Update with cleanup and other fixes
      PATCH:  Fix some VGA issues
      PATCH:  Remove the build files that shouldn't be in the repository
      PATCH:  Add specific support for the OLPC dcon panel
      PATCH:  Fixup Xv
      PATCH:  When compression is off, adjust the pitch to be linear, saving memory
      PATCH:  Move the check for EXA version
      PATCH:  Clean ups some of the log messages
      Update for 7.2 - fix config.h and other include problems.
      Xv needs to understand how to allocate offscreen code from EXA too
      Missed a place where I needed to clear the EXA memory
      Fixed stupid buglet that I introduced
      PATCH:  Avoid incorrectly killing the gamma RAM when the driver starts up
      PATCH:  More gamma fixes
      PATCH:  Add special support for the OLPC DCON
      First attempt at adding dynamic rotation (just RandR 1.1 for now)
      Clean up whitespace and other code style issues
      PATCH:  Automatically probe to see if VGA exists
      Fix the memory mapping so its more sane, and disable XAA pixmap caches
      Remove unneeded GX options
      Clean up the VGA init
      Allow the user to specify an initial rotation
      Default the GX driver to use EXA for acceleration
      Remove debugging messages and other cleanups
      A few fixes for the panel - the mode should be set correctly now, and
      Correctly rotate the HW cursor data so that it matches the rest of the screen
      Replace the VSA MSR interface with something more sane
      Remove direct PCI accesses from Durango
      I missed a few updates of the new driver structure in the video code
      Fix a segfault when no valid modes are found
      Add Xv hardware support for a RGB565 source.
      Broken logic on the previous Xv fix - should work now
      Correctly program the sync polarity taking into account the GX wierdness
      Fixed broken EXA - things actually move faster now.
      Fix an unfortunate segfault when NoAccel is selected
      [MAJOR UPDATE] Geode LX driver
      Add a TODO file filled with many bugs and enhancements
      Fix a couple of scary bugs - including one that seemed to be causing
      Add Linux MSR suport for LX
      Several fixes to support OLPC LX turnon
      Use a secret bit to ensure we use channel A alpha *before* color conversion
      Fix video and VGA bugs
      Solve several vexing issues with RandR:
      Handle out of memory situations more gracefully
      Cimarron wants to use CF8/CFC
      Use the same stride for all rotations
      Fix a segfault in RandR
      Completely eliminate the rotation pitch
      Fix warnings discovered by Dan Williams and -Wall
      Documentation cleanups
      Swizzle the sync when the panel is enabled to account for Cimarron being
      Use the correct pitch for composite mask operations
      Fix A8 masks
      Two fixes for compositing for Cairo 1.4.4 and X server 1.3+
      Multiple fixes for the LX driver
      Make sure we turn on the video palette when video starts, and turn it off
      Use the right bit depth when doing EXA copies on the GX.
      Remove the DCON sleep code
      Change _X_INLINE to just inline - the define probably isn't needed
      Fix "old-school" MSR accesses
      Fix the upload / composite mask race

Martin-Eric Racine (2):
      Regenerated ChangeLog and autotool files.
      Updated the ChangeLog.

Martin-Éric Racine (9):
      An improved autogen.sh script
      This autogen.sh implements ChangeLog generation from the git commit
      Add the all-important if/then loop to avoid
      Bumped the package version to and calling it a release.
      Regenerated configure based on new package version.
      Reverted the autotool file generation from the GIT tree.
      Reverted autogen.sh changes too, since the 'dist' target does what we need.
      Added the standard X.org ChangeLog generation target to Makefile.am
      Commit the clean ChangeLog to GIT.

Zephaniah E. Hull (2):
      Make EXA support on EXA_VERSION_MAJOR >= 2.
      From Bernardo Innocenti.

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