[ANNOUNCE] xf86-input-penmount 1.2.1

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at code-monkey.de
Mon Sep 10 10:09:08 PDT 2007

Compatibility release for inputproto 1.4.

Daniel Stone (1):
      Convert from TSCalibrationCtl to AbsCalibCtl

Drew Parsons (1):
      Update version using PACKAGE_VERSION_*

James Cloos (2):
      Rename .cvsignore to .gitignore
      Add *~ to .gitignore to skip patch/emacs droppings

Tilman Sauerbeck (3):
      Generate ChangeLog from git.
      Bumped version to 1.2.1.
      Added man/penmount.? to .gitignore.

git tag: xf86-input-penmount-1.2.1

MD5: 268af4dceda544d8c815b9b7e87d4536  xf86-input-penmount-1.2.1.tar.bz2
SHA1: e55751262d4b34dfc6e1d2fce4ca443aeae94647  xf86-input-penmount-1.2.1.tar.bz2

MD5: ba10e95ecb8c9aa798cbc67f8e453e69  xf86-input-penmount-1.2.1.tar.gz
SHA1: 5ab7d286ba30a0bd18e1844d5ba14327584f29fb  xf86-input-penmount-1.2.1.tar.gz


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