[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.4.0

Zhenyu Wang zhenyu.z.wang at intel.com
Thu Jul 24 01:43:05 PDT 2008

Hi, here's xf86-video-intel 2.4.0 release.

Main new features included within this release are
- New Intel 4 series chipset support
- Improved 965 exa render performance
- Integrated HDMI support
- SDVO-HDMI support (e.g ASUS P5E-VM board)

With other kinds of cleanups and bug fixes. Credit goes to
people listed in following Changelog. Thanks!

Please try and report regression back to us.


Full Changelog from 2.3.2:

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Define DEFFILEMODE for OS'es that don't have it

Bryce Harrington (4):
      Quirks from Ubuntu/Dell
      More quirks from ubuntu/dell
      More Pipe A force quirks
      Two more Dell quirks

Carl Worth (7):
      Enumerate all possible cc_state objects
      Enumerate all possible src,mask sampler state pairs
      Enumerate all possible wm_state objects
      Associate one sf_state object with each sf_kernel
      Move VERTEX_BUFFERS setup from prepare_composite to composite
      Allow for multiple vertex buffers (though only use one for now)
      Use up to 256 separate vertex buffers

Dave Airlie (1):
      intel: fix drm check.

David Schleef (1):
      Bug #15219: Fix default overlay CSC factors, and use BT709 if available.

Eric Anholt (55):
      Disable a bunch of clock gating disables on IGD_GM, which doesn't need them.
      Revert "Use mprotect on unbound AGP memory to attempt to catch use while unbound."
      Fix 965+ rendering issues with DRI disabled.
      Add a "total" field to intel_idle output (set when any unit is busy).
      Add SDVO TV-out registers.
      Add WIP SDVO TV-out support.
      SDVO: Handle RGB outputs that are really TV outputs, and select a TV format.
      SDVO: Fix mixups with input and output channels.
      SDVO: Use the TV reference clock for SDVO TV outputs.
      SDVO: Fix lols TV mode list handling.
      SDVO: Set adjusted_mode in mode_fixup from the preferred input timings for TV.
      SDVO: Rename output_dtd variable to input_dtd, which is its new job.
      Add dolt to speed up compile time and reduce insanity.
      Keep static copies of the 965 render programs in video memory.
      Add copyright information for recent editors of this file.
      Statically allocate the sampler default color, which we never change.
      Fix compiler warning from 24-bit lvds change.
      Fix the offset to sampler default color, and a compiler warning.
      Rename some variables in i965_render.c for clarity.
      Make the VS unit state static for 965 render.
      Move the 965 static variables local to the function they're used in.
      Move the binding table for 965 to the state structure.
      Move the vertex buffer to the state structure as well.
      Abstract surface setup into a separate function.
      Update dolt from git, fixing fallback to libtool.
      Make the binding table and surface state be arrays to reduce syncing.
      Bug #15807: Fix use of the ring while VT-switched, hit by fast user switching.
      Add i915 support to intel_idle.
      Formatting fixes for intel_idle.
      Just remove the mprotect kludge.
      Replace a couple of wait-for-ring-idles with a single function to do so.
      Move DSPARB setup into a separate function, and save/restore it at VT switch.
      Remove duplicated i830_stop_ring()/SetHWOperatingState() in EnterVT().
      Move the remaining two lines of SetHWOperatingState to the caller.
      Remove gratuitous wait_ring_idle after I830Sync.  Syncing implies that.
      Move BIOS scratch register setup to EnterVT instead of PreInit.
      Initialize clock gating from EnterVT and save/restore it appropriately.
      Remove SVG_WORK_CONTROL init.
      Move debug clock printout from ErrorF to X_INFO.
      Set up/restore PWRCTXA from enter/leavevt not server start/exit.
      Add DisplayPort registers.
      Initial HDMI work.  Not currently hooked up at startup.
      The phase shift its are now reserved, and add HDMI clock limits.
      Add pixel multiplier support for HDMI
      Set the sync active bits like we're supposed to, matching the BIOS.
      Get HDMI output working.
      Fix hdmi POSTING_READ to use the register number instead of the register value.
      Automatically detect the presence of HDMI.
      Fix a crash in i830_sdvo_init error paths by setting up dev_priv earlier.
      Fix DSPARB setting on 845/865, which have only the AEND field and 96 entries.
      Get prototype for i830_bios_get_tv().
      Fix uninitialized-use warning in i830_debug.c ring dumping.
      Fix distcheck.
      Remove VGA regs from debug output.
      Add little hotplug detector app.

Hong Liu (6):
      SDVO: Fix DDC bus selection based on output priority list.
      Bug #14935: Fix i9xx reference clock for spread spectrum.
      fix possible segfault in I830FreeScreen
      Fix DSPARB change on 965G
      Set SDVO sync polarity to default on 965
      Fix SDVO HDMI output.

Jesse Barnes (24):
      Initial panel fitting changes
      Fixup backlight control and panel fitting property names
      Use combo backlight control rather than pure legacy
      Fix LVDS regression
      Add a new quirk for BIOSes that reprogram regs at lid close/open time
      Add FIFO watermark regs to register dumper
      Save/restore cursor registers
      Panel fitting:  fix letterbox modes
      Revert "Disable FBC by default on 965GM"
      Fixup power saving registers
      Handle display FIFOs better
      Fixup FIFO comment
      Fixup DSPARB for 855 & 945
      Fix TV programming:  add vblank wait after TV_CTL writes
      Add support for keeping vblank counters sane across mode setting
      Remove ErrorF debugging from modeset ioctl
      Add pipe a force enable quirk for Lenovo T60
      Add pipea force enable quirk for HP Pavilion ze4944ea
      Improve FBC size checking
      Improve VBIOS feature detection, add SSC support
      Add VBIOS based TV connector detection
      Don't disable pipe A on 855 chips
      Choose a split for DSPARB based on the configured modes for both planes.
      Add no LVDS quirk for Transtec Senyo 610 mini PC

Joerg Sonnenberger (1):
      Fix DRI config for NetBSD

Julien Cristau (3):
      Don't try to build XvMC if DRI is disabled
      Fix gen4asm rule to work with a build dir
      Link the driver with -lpciaccess and -ldrm if needed

Keith Packard (41):
      Transformed coord computed using floats. Don't move bilinear composite dst.
      Disable cursors while switching modes
      Compute du/dv/dw in no-mask SF prog
      Clarify comment in exa_sf program
      Reimplement wm program for nomask case to handle affine transforms
      Fix the sf_mask program to compute and pass corrected uvw cooefficients
      Remove rotation sf and wm progs
      Use m4 to clean up gen4 asm progs. Start adding projective transform support.
      Dont set the compr bit on 8-unit sends
      Back to new shaders, fix urb read length
      remove old monolithic shaders
      remove old monolithic shaders
      remove old shader source files
      Fix composite with mask using new compositing thread code
      Shrink WM thread to 32 registers and 1024 scratch space.
      Add projective versions of the PS kernels
      Remove extra flushing
      Forgot to build exa_wm_src_sample_argb.g4b
      Rename src/mask/data registers to indicate channel
      Use symbolic names for channels in YUV code
      Compute pixel values directly into data port
      Use shared exa_wm code for packed yuv decode
      Add planer video decode kernel
      Remove sync after 965 video put.
      Revert "Compute pixel values directly into data port"
      Update yuv->rgb conversion programs to write to src_sample regs
      Remove .g4b files on clean
      Use available symbolic register name
      Single memcpy when pitches align on planar image transfer
      Revert "remove '#line NUM ...' in macro process"
      Use compressed instructions for yuv conversion
      Set some mask bits to try and get yuv conversion working
      Skip copying on FOURCC_XVMC surfaces
      Kludge to make planar video work - duplicate sampler state
      Move wm_scratch first to meet alignment requirements
      Only use FOURCC_XVMC when INTEL_XVMC is defined
      Add a kludge-around to fix cd/wt bits in fb ptes on linux.
      Add a bunch of 965 ring stuff to the debug dump
      Dump batch buffers found from main ring
      Overlay video doesn't require that the target pixmap be in video memory.
      Use new xf86RotateFreeShadow function to clean up shadow buffers.

Lukas Hejtmanek (1):
      Fix maximum backlight issue

Matthias Hopf (3):
      Fix obviously stray '(' in non-I830_USE_EXA case.
      Fix obviously wrong verification of DRI_SUPPORTS_CLIP_NOTIFY.
      Include missing stdlib.h for free()

Maxim Levitsky (1):
      Fix crash triggered by dpms low power mode with hardware overlay running

Mike Isely (2):
      Implement support for 24 bit pixel format
      Implement option to ignore external fixed mode settings

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (1):
      More compile warning fixes.

Robert Lowery (1):
      Fix TV out connection type detection

Roland Test-tools Bär (1):
      i810: Remove an effectively unused variable (only used in an incorrect free())

Rémi Cardona (1):
      Add glproto to DRI dependencies

Shuang He (1):
      Fix typo in xvmc block destroy

Stefan Dirsch (1):
      Add pipea force enable quirk for another 855GM machine.

Tomas Carnecky (1):
      Fix compile error in LeaveVT

Zhenyu Wang (44):
      xvmc: fix distcheck
      Disable overlay on new mobile chipset
      Disable DRI earlier if fb width > 2048
      Include <stdint.h> in i810.h for integer types definition
      remove '#line NUM ...' in macro process
      Remove old sf/wm program from Makefile
      Change default panel fitting mode to origin
      Only check xvmc lib when xvmc is enabled.
      Check pitch for EXA operation
      Use I830FALLBACK when check pitch for debug
      Fix i965 render getting dest format error
      Revert last HP 965GM pipe A quirk
      Revert "Add FIFO watermark regs to register dumper"
      xvmc: remove unused dri drawable
      xvmc: a little cleanup
      xvmc: move block size lookup helper to generic
      xvmc: add render dump function
      Fix compiler warning when disable xvmc config
      Fix compiling with server master in LVDS backlight patch
      Add support for Intel 4 series chipsets.
      xvmc: formalize surface type definition
      xvmc: environ debug option support
      xvmc: init one-time mc context once
      xvmc: init dest and reference buffer once
      xvmc: init mc render load indirect command once
      xvmc: only allocate memory requiring physical address on 915G
      xvmc: enlarge batch buffer size
      xvmc: Don't copy on xvmc surface in PutImage
      xvmc: fix motion_type dump for frame/field picture
      Fix SDVOC typo
      Give asus and eeepc backlight method higher priority
      Fix official name for GM45 chipset
      move FBC register dump out of display registers
      xvmc: use vector based structure
      Only initialize integrated TV encoder for mobile chips
      Thinkpad R60e TV quirk via DMI info
      Check underrun on enabled pipe
      SSC is LVDS only
      only check pipe underrun if vtSema is true.
      Bug #16801: fix X crash when NoAccel on 965
      Fix HDMI output number
      Fix distcheck for clean doltcompile
      shut up gcc warning
      Bump version 2.4.0

lipeng (1):
      Fix GPIO pin usage for DDC on second HDMI port.

git tag: xf86-video-intel-2.4.0

MD5: 81a84e891c138b713947ed06556ec53c  xf86-video-intel-2.4.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: f58223cfbd10bdf1f66ffc4a31ab9e716f13952a  xf86-video-intel-2.4.0.tar.bz2

MD5: 49e4321055d40435b0cf62c57de555e5  xf86-video-intel-2.4.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 6ae0ab75885da1eb60612939dee93796e69115d7  xf86-video-intel-2.4.0.tar.gz

Open Source Technology Center, Intel ltd.

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