[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-ati 6.9.0

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 17:00:58 PDT 2008

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Version 6.9.0 of the radeon driver.  Lots of stuff since 6.8.0

In addition to lots of bug fixes there are several major new features:
- - Improved EXA render support for r1xx/r2xx cards
- - EXA render support for r3xx/r4xx/r5xx cards
- - Textured video support for Xv (r1xx-r5xx)

Full Changelog:

Adam Jackson (5):
      Bump CRTC size limits on AVIVO chips so 30" displays work
without tweaking.
      Add R500 unified shader register block.
      Fix R500_US_CONFIG.
      Add the R500 US index/data pair.
      Clarify R500 US setup.

Alan Coopersmith (2):
      On non-gcc compilers, use C99's __func__ instead of gcc's __FUNCTION__
      Strip ^M's from src/AtomBios/includes/ObjectID.h

Alban Browaeys (1):
      RADEON: Revert to old behavior when resetting the memmap on VT switch

Alex Deucher (178):
      RADEON: update man page with supported chips
      RADEON: fix DDC types 5 and 6
      RADEON: restore clock gating and CP clock errata on VT switch
      R100: fix render accel for transforms
      ATOM: properly set up DDIA output on RS6xx boards
      RS6xx: fix DDC on DDIA output (usually HDMI port)
      RS6xx: gpio entry for DDIA varies depending on the number of DFP ports
      RADEON: add textured video support for r1xx-r4xx radeons
      R500: fix typo in new r5xx regs
      RADEON: no textured video yet on XPRESS chips
      R300: fill in some more 3D bitfields
      R300: replace magic numbers in cache flush
      R300: clean up magic numbers in RADEONInit3DEngine
      R300/R500: clean up magic numbers in render code
      R300/R500: clean up magic numbers in textured video
      R300/R500: set the number graphics pipes properly
      R300: fix cordinate clamping in render code
      R300/R500: fix up clipping
      RADEON: Convert textured video to use pipelined uploads
      RADEON: fix clipping for textured video
      RADEON: fix textured video uploads
      R100/R200: move r100/r200 specific 3D setup into appropriate blocks
      R300+: update RADEONCP_REFRESH() to reflect new location of scissor regs
      AVIVO: make sure we select the right LUT for each crtc
      R300/R400: bump up the clip limits for textured video
      R300: fix up magic numbers in fragment program
      R500: fragment program clean up and magic number conversion
      AVIVO: disable dithering on DFPs
      RS6xx: fix typos in previous commit
      RS6xx: rework output parsing
      AVIVO: save/restore scaler regs
      fix off-by-one in last commit
      R5xx: fix register count when sending fragment program for textured video
      AVIVO: disable pageflipping on avivo chips until we have proper
drm support
      AVIVO: LVDS panels need dithering enabled
      AVIVO: save/restore regs by block
      RS4xx: enable exa render accel and textured video
      RADEON: only restore legacy dac regs on legacy radeons
      RADEON: memmap rework 1
      RADEON: use xf86SetDesiredModes() in screeninit and enterVT
      RS6xx: change isIGP checks to CHIP_FAMILY_RS690
      ATOMBIOS: fix atombios parser support on *bsd
      RADEON: fix fetching of dac2 adj values from newer bios tables
      AVIVO: Initial support for DCE 3.0 using atombios
      RADEON: option to override TVDAC adj values from bios with driver defaults
      DCE3.0: Minor fixups
      RADEON: take 2 on proper pragma pack support for bsds
      DCE3.0: add support for crtc memreq table
      AVIVO: fix up memsize detection for IGP chips
      AVIVO: don't add outputs for invalid connectors
      AVIVO: fix typo from a previous commit
      DCE3: Ignore outputs with DIN connectors for now
      RADEON: Fix crash in last commit
      AVIVO: clean up some unused variables
      RV550: MC setup is like RV515 not RV530
      DCE3: add output attribute to enable/disable coherent mode
      ATOMBIOS: enable load detection by default on both DACs
      DCE3: adjust PLL for DCE3 chips
      DCE3: enable DPMS on DIG ports
      ATOM: remove some cruft
      DCE3: add support for PCIEPHY (untested)
      RADEON: fix vblank interrupts after VT switch or suspend/resume
      RADEON: enable output attributes that require a modeset immediately
      R3xx/R5xx: enable blending
      R3xx: set the texture id and add some register info
      R300: setup source selects and output swizzling
      R3xx: add basic mask support
      R3xx: enable composite for non-mask cases
      R3xx: more mask work
      R3xx: attempt to setup the rasterizer properly for mask texture
      R3xx: make sure to set the FS code size correctly
      R3xx/R5xx: Fix magic numbers in vertex shaders
      R3xx/R5xx: enable VS for mask texture
      R3xx: VS WIP
      R3xx: theoretical support for component alpha
      R3xx: odds and ends...
      RADEON: make sure var is initialized properly in
      RADEON: fix typo in RADEONAdjustMemMapRegisters()
      R3xx: fix errant w
      R3xx: some progress
      R3xx: minor adjustments
      R3xx: get masks working and cleanup
      R3xx/R5xx: whitespace cleanup and cruft removal
      R5xx: bump tex/dst limits to 4096
      R5xx: first pass at render support (untested)
      R3xx/R5xx: remove some cruft
      R3xx: we only use 2 temps, not 3
      R3xx/R5xx: switch an ErrorF() to RADEONFALLBACK()
      R3xx/R5xx: remove extra return after last commit
      RV515: fix textured video and EXA Composite
      RADEON: fixed textured video with XAA and tiling
      RADEON: add new macros to distinguish between R3xx and R5xx 3D
      R5xx: bump textured video limits to 4096
      R3xx/R5xx: Make sure to clamp the output of the FS
      Disable the setting of HARDWARE_CURSOR_BIT_ORDER_MSBFIRST
      RS4xx: attempt to fix TMDS/DVO support
      RS4xx: attempt to set up disp/disp2 fifos correctly
      RS4xx: missed this on the last commit.
      RS4xx: more work on disp/disp2 fifo setup
      RS4xx: Revert back to previous fifo settings for now
      R3xx/R5xx: use non VAP/TCP for textured video
      R3xx/R5xx: move more VAP, etc. state setup into common init3d() function
      R3xx/R5xx: flush PVS state before enabling pvs-bypass
      RV250: disable textured video due to HW bug
      RADEON: attempt to fix lid issues
      XAA: update message about render so as to not confuse users
      AVIVO: no need to call PreinitXv() on AVIVO chips as they have no overlay
      Revert "RADEON: attempt to fix lid issues"
      RADEON: fix lid issues on AVIVO chips for real this time :)
      Revert "atombios: fixup the width/height to use the mode values
not the scrn ones"
      Revert "RADEON: remove driver rec copies of mc info, use save
rec directly"
      Revert "RADEON: memmap rework 1"
      Minor cleanup
      RADEON: add some quirks
      RADEON: warning fixes
      ATOMBIOS: Add support for DynamicClocks option
      R3xx+: EXA/textured video fixes
      R3xx+: minor textured video fixes
      R3xx+: use the right register for engine flush
      RADEON: store tcl status in driver rec
      Revert "R3xx/R5xx: move more VAP, etc. state setup into common
init3d() function"
      RADEON: cleanup
      R300+: textured video tcl cleanup
      R3xx+: tcl wip
      R3xx+: consolidate some common 3D code
      R3xx+: consolidate more tcl code
      R300+: pre-load vertex programs in init3D()
      Fix exa glyph corruption on newer chips
      R3xx+: more fixes to 2D/3D engine init
      R3xx+: fix XAA + textured video on non-TCL path
      R300+: consolidate some tcl/non-tcl paths
      R3xx+: 3D engine documentation and minor cleanups
      R300: move more common code to init3d()
      EXA: Don't wait for 3D idle after each Composite()
      R300+: properly setup vap_cntl
      fix up some things from the last commit
      R300+: move more common code into init3d()
      RADEON: decrease crtc/output verbosity
      RADEON: remove duplicate register define
      IGP: fix EXA composite corruption
      RADEON: assorted fixes
      RADEON: lock the cursors when updating
      RADEON: disable MMIO paths for EXA composite/texvid on IGP/R5xx
      RADEON: fixup ifdef from last commit
      radeon: add initial support for cloning outputs. (single-CRTC cards only)
      RS4xx: Split out RS400 and RS480 as separate families
      Add RS600 support
      R3/4/5xx: fix EXA rotation
      R3/4/5xx: fixup logic from last commit
      ATOM: Ignore invalid connector entries
      RADEON: enable cloning on multi-crtc cards
      RADEON: cleanup connection detection and remove duplicate code
      ATOM: remove duplicate code
      RADEON: improve support for secondary cards
      R3/4/5xx: use get_param to get the num_gb_pipes from the drm
      RADEON: only attempt to read vbios from legacy ISA space if it's primary
      R1xx: Gamma fixes for overlay
      ATOM: fail of we are not able to get a bios image
      RADEON: don't enable legacy bios table based init yet
      RADEON: add Int10 option
      RADEON: update RADEONGetVRAMType() for newer chips
      ATOM: disable TV-out for now
      RADEON: minor cleanups
      RS4xx: RC410 chips are actually RS400 based
      R5xx: fix RADEONSetAgpBase() for R5xx chips
      Bump for 6.9.0rc1 release
      RADEON: man page updates
      radeon: X_ERROR -> X_WARNING for num gb pipes
      RADEON: fix read past the end of an array
      0x1002 0x5657 is actually RV410
      RADEON: adjust randr crtc/output prepare/commit ordering
      IGP: attempt to fix VGA on IGP chips
      RADEON: cleanups
      RADEON: warning fix
      bump for rc release
      RADEON: adjustments to Jerome's last commit
      Bump for 6.9.0 release

Avi Rozen (1):
      RADEON: fix lockup on start

Brad Smith (2):
      RADEON: fix copy/paste error in accel code
      RADEON: sys/endian.h needs sys/types.h on BSDs

Corbin Simpson (1):
      RADEON: missing stdint.h includes

Dave Airlie (43):
      r500: initial rotate support - not fully working yet.
      r500: add textured video Xv adapter support
      r500: convert fragprog to use register values
      rs690: initial rs690 rotate
      rs690: initial textured video support
      fixup check for EXA composite pointed out by Alan Swanson
      regs: fix spelling mistake
      regs: fix spelling properly
      RADEON: fix tiling/interlaced interaction with randr 1.2
      xv: fixup XAA on r500 textured video
      radeon: the 0x5974 appears to be a mobility chip...
      R5xx: fix typ in r5xx render accel
      r500: make it work from startup.
      r300: don't bother with VAP/TCL for render.
      radeon: size bios to max of bar vs 64k.
      r500/r600: fix rotation to fill screen
      atombios: fixup the width/height to use the mode values not the scrn ones
      radeon: split quirks into separate function and new quirk for IBM RN50
      radeon: use correct DDC interfaces so quirks get applied
      Revert "Revert "atombios: fixup the width/height to use the mode
values not the scrn ones""
      atombios: fix the dual-head hopefully.
      radeon: zaphod fix for cursor on second head
      radeon: zaphod fixes for pciaccess not allowing multiple MMIO maps
      radeon: fix EXA pixmap offset on zaphod
      radeon: zaphod: fix render accel for EXA
      radeon: fix textured-xv on zaphod
      avivo: fix zaphod cursor in theory
      radeon: fix zaphod EXA with texture video
      radeon: rs485 vs rs485m.. mobile? non-mobile? bi?
      radeon: fix set_cursor_colours remove fb offset
      atombios: for LVDS set use ref div as per legacy
      radeon: fix surface access on avivo chips.
      radeon: fix typo in memory calcs
      atombios: fixup atombios bitfields for endianness
      radeon: add lots of endian bits into the atombios parser
      atom: fixup includes in cd operations to get correct endian bits
in atombios.h
      atom: fix another endian define
      Revert "ATOM: disable TV-out for now"
      r600: don't add fb offset here to make shadowfb work.
      atombios: use MMIO from the entity not the info
      legacy: use entity MMIO for dpms as this can crossover between
zaphod infos
      ati: hopefully fix byteswap mess for those other OSes.
      Revert "Revert "ATOM: disable TV-out for now""

Doug Chapman (1):
      Bug #14826: Fix a bogus check around xf86SetOperatingState.

Egbert Eich (1):
      Change RMX code to follow the programming algorithm suggested by ATI.

George Sapountzis (7):
      drop mach64 (build system)
      drop mach64
      drop r128 (build system)
      drop r128
      add warning for mach64
      add warning for r128
      radeon: pass distcheck

Jerome Glisse (1):
      radeon: flush & wait for 2d & dma idle after 2d blit

Jiří Paleček (2):
      RADEON: PLL tweaks
      RADEON: remove extraneous line from new pll code

Julien Cristau (1):
      Add a test for __GLIBC__ to CD_Common_Types.h.

Maciej Cencora (1):
      RADEON: remove driver rec copies of mc info, use save rec directly

Matt Turner (4):
      Fix a few warnings
      Properly fix uninitialized variables warnings
      Enable BSR in Log2 functions
      Replace CARD{8,16,32} with uint{8,16,32}_t

Matthieu Herrb (1):
      Makefile.am: nuke RCS Id

Michael Babej (1):
      r600: fix vt switch issue

Michel Dänzer (7):
      radeon: Fix typo flagged by gcc -Wall.
      Fix 16 bit packed YUV XVideo playback on big endian systems with
DRI disabled.
      Handle EXA coordinate limits more cleverly.
      Include config.h, so FGL_LINUX can actually be defined when it's tested...
      Increase default CP timeout.
      Reinstate CARD* types that are part of external interfaces.
      Call DRM_IOCTL_MODESET_CTL ioctl to avoid problems with DRM post

Owen Taylor (3):
      Radeon: Omit mask coordinates
      Turn on wrapping when repeating on R100 + R200
      Emulate repeats by drawing in tiles

Owen W. Taylor (2):
      R3xx/R5xx: Fix pitch and clamp mode for repeating textures
      Fix rendering of transformed sources for REPEAT_NONE with EXA on >= R300.

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (2):
      Ensure symbols used by other modules are visible.
      Compile warning fixes.

Peter Zubaj (1):
      R300: Fix clamping and pitch for textured video

Stephan Wolf (1):
      R3xx+: further fix for IGP chips

Tilman Sauerbeck (1):
      R3xx/R5xx: fix up a8-src-something_with_colors

Tobias Diedrich (1):
      R200/R300: fix gamma setup for overlay

thegraze (1):
      ATOM: add support for DragonFlyBSD

git tag: xf86-video-ati-6.9.0

MD5: afa4873f58ae6fa31fedeb9ed31531db  xf86-video-ati-6.9.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 558f94b76e1b4c3c4429ab1fdc3e3c8523e414dc  xf86-video-ati-6.9.0.tar.bz2

MD5: 11dd6a53fd98aa32c6f9b518e841df9c  xf86-video-ati-6.9.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 69a7ea39fa3f54b87fee577475ebfc7857525566  xf86-video-ati-6.9.0.tar.gz

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