[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-xgixp

Ian Romanick idr at us.ibm.com
Thu May 1 13:09:54 PDT 2008

Hash: SHA1

Alex Deucher (7):
~      Initial version of the xgi driver (xgixp) for xgi xp10 chips
~      fix license formatting and remove old cvs tags
~      fix the build on AMD64
~      remove cfb cruft
~      Un-libc-wrap.
~      clean up // comments, minor formatting cleanups
~      Remove Isa support

Ian Romanick (188):
~      Modify XGIGetRec to return a pointer and fully init. structure.
~      Add a couple checks to prevent crashes on error paths.
~      Eliminate tests for XFree86LOADER.  It's the only way.
~      Eliminate unused variable.
~      indent
~      Remove the unused variable (FuncLevel) from the header too.
~      Additional code clean ups.
~      Uncomment some initialization code.
~      Refactor abstracted interface between xg47_accel.c and
~      Fix memory initialization sequence
~      dos2unix
~      Clean up XGIUnmapMem and friends.
~      Fix build on LP64 systems.
~      Eliminate one version of the port IO / MMIO macros
~      Trivial clean up in XGIMapMMIO.
~      Trivial clean ups in XGIMapFB.
~      Trivial clean ups in XGIPreInitMemory.
~      Eliminate unused structure field overrideMemClock and associated
~      Move xgiG2_(Pat|)ALUConv to the .c file that uses them.
~      Eliminate 'xgi.h:229:1: warning: "/*" within comment'
~      Eliminate more comment-with-comment warnings.
~      Fix typo in debug print statement.
~      Use proper XAA function interface to get ROP values.
~      Trivial clean up in SetColorDepth.
~      Minor clean ups in testRWPCIE.
~      Major clean up of XGIPcieMemAllocate / XGIPcieMemFree
~      Clean up reserveData.
~      Clean up some suspicious pointer arithmetic.
~      Trivial clean up in dumpCommandBuffer.
~      Clean up preventOverwriteCmdbuf.
~      Use kernel interface info from drm/xgi_drm.h instead of xgi_driver.h.
~      Fix build problem on 32-bit systems.
~      Clean up some debug log messages.
~      Eliminate unused function XGIShareAreaInfo.
~      Clean up some debug log messages in submit2DBatch.
~      First bits of migration towards DRM based kernel module.
~      Driver now uses DRM based kernel module.
~      Track command buffer and scratch pad buffer in a consistent manner.
~      Refactor common code from xg47_SendGECommand and
~      Track current and previous batches in a consistent manner.
~      Major clean up of waitCmdListAddrAvailable
~      Delete commented out code and extraneous debug messages.
~      Clean up commented out bits in waitfor2D
~      Update to use new ioctl interface for DRM_XGI_SUBMIT_CMDLIST.
~      Clean up dumpCommandBuffer
~      Eliminate linkToLastBatch and triggerHWCommand.  That is the
kernel's job.
~      Eliminate unused function getCurBatchBeginPort
~      Refactor advancement of data_count into emit_bunch.
~      Eliminate several unused functions.
~      Fix some bad pointer math in waitCmdListAddrAvailable
~      Eliminate unnecessary hardware idle waiting.
~      Clean up addScratchBatch.
~      Remove useless "inline" keywords.
~      Comments for xg47_BeginCmdList
~      Hate on CARD32 in xg47_cmdlist.[ch].
~      Fix a s/CARD32/uint32_t/ change missed on the previous commit.
~      Require the matching DRM version.
~      Mask off the naughty upper bits of the register address.
~      Default accleration options to TRUE.
~      Update to XP10 DRM version 0.10.0 protocol.
~      Fix typo in invocation of IN3X5B.
~      Call XGIDRICloseScreen directly from XGICloseScreen.
~      Remove call to XGIDumpRegisterValue from XGICloseScreen.
~      Misc clean ups, remove unnecessary "pXGI->chipset == XG47" tests.
~      Eliminate unnecessary structure field discardCmd and associated
~      Move XG47EngineInit into the kernel where it belongs.
~      XG47(En|Dis)ableGE are redundant with existing kernel code.
Eliminate them.
~      Remove useless / incorrect comments.
~      Eliminate useless function XGIAccelInit.
~      Correctly pass ScrnInfoPtr instead of ScreenPtr to xg47_Cleanup.
~      Use new memory allocation ioctls.  Require xgi_drm 0.11.x.
~      Remove useless XGI(En|Dis)ableMMIO wrappers.
~      Only enable / disable MMIO writes when not using kernel module.
~      Eliminate use of DRM_XGI_TEST_RWINKERNEL, bump to new DRM version.
~      Use DRM fences to protect the command buffer.
~      Wait on fences before destroying them.
~      Set tighter bounds on command sizes.
~      Use command.ptr as previous.end sentinel instead of NULL.
~      Port to libpciaccess and related interfaces.
~      Fix libpciaccess autodetection.
~      Require XGI DRM version 1.0.0 or later.  Bump version to 1.8.0
~      Move struct XGIDRIPrivate to new file xgi_dri.h
~      Remove numerous unused BIOS related functions.
~      Remove various unused BIOS, mode, and TV related code.
~      Clean up the interface to XG47BiosSpecialFeature and related
~      Clean up in XG47GetValidMode
~      Refactor XGIGetRefreshSupport.
~      Remove unused bits of XGIGetSetChipSupportDevice.  Clean up its
~      Clean up XGIBiosModeInit
~      Remove XG47ConvertRefIndexToValue, clean up
~      Fix mistake in comment header for XG47ConvertRefValueToIndex.
~      Remove several more unused functions.
~      Refactor common code from XG47ValidMode and XG47ModeInit to
~      Formatting and cosmetic clean ups.
~      Refactor some repeated code from XG47GetValidMode to
~      Clean up XGICheckModeSupported and its interface.
~      White-space / formatting clean up in XG47GetValidMode
~      Add new function XG47GetModeFromRes
~      New function XG47GetFramebufferSize to probe installed memory size
~      Version bump for recent changes.
~      Remove unnecessary chipID and chipRev structure fields.
~      Clean up some of the VBE / int10 initialization insanity.
~      Don't explicitly xf86FreeInt10 if it was allocated by VBEInit
~      Clean up VBE usage in XGIProbeDDC
~      Use VBEDPMSSet instead of the open coded version called XG47DPMSSet
~      Trivial change to the interface to fill_ask_mode
~      Remove some dead code.
~      Eliminate g_pScreen
~      Clean up some extraneous debug messages.
~      Remove some unused structure members from XGIRec.
~      Eliminate pVbeModes.
~      Clean up DDC and I2C initialization.
~      Fix typo in error message.
~      Dead code removal, trival warning clean ups.
~      Clock value calculated by XGIBiosCalculateClock was too high.
~      Indentation, dead code removal, trivial clean-ups.
~      Use vAcquireRegIOProtect instead of explicit writes to 3C5.11.
~      Fix mono cursor on big-endian systems (e.g., PowerPC).
~      Clean up cursor related structures and structure fields.
~      Clean up the ARGB_CURSOR #ifdef maddness.
~      Clean up CURSOR_DEBUG messages.
~      Minor clean-ups.
~      Move prototypes from xg47_cursor.h to xg47_cursor.c, make them
~      Disable cursor debugging.  This shouldn't have been committed in
the first place.
~      Clean up cursor position setting routines.
~      Only need one position function for CRTC1
~      Refactor setMonoCursorColor and setMonoCursorColorOfSecondView
into a single function
~      Refactor setAlphaCursorPattern and setMonoCursorPattern into a
single function
~      Refactor cursor size setting code
~      Major clean up.
~      Eliminate unnecessary wrapper function XGIDDCRead
~      Fix error case return value of XGIProbeDDC
~      Make sure DRI and DRM symbols are available before calling
~      Color byte ordering fixes for big-endian
~      Clean up int10 / VBE / DDC initialization.
~      Use vAcquireRegIOProtect instead of explicit writes to 3C5.11.
~      Revert part of dd894764fce3084d8b0726a0597748c7dfb6566c
~      Fix weird typo in vgahwSymbols list.
~      Return more useful values when a mode is rejected
~      Correctly check return status of biosValidMode
~      Code clean up, extra error messages.
~      Check DDC before validating display modes
~      Include fbdevhw.h to silence a warning
~      Trivial color map / color weight cleaning
~      Eliminate unused global variable g_ModeOfFirstView.
~      Eliminiate unused variable in XG47DisableMMIO
~      If VBE is not available, set DPMS registers directly.
~      Fix typo in get_configured_monitor
~      Remove some dead code in XGIRestore
~      Clean up log messages around DPMS init.
~      Eliminate "value" as a global variable.  Minor clean ups.
~      Current native mode setting code.  Not yet used by driver.
~      Log video RAM size in decimal rather than hex.  D'oh!
~      Fix comment in XG47GetFramebufferSize to reference correct page in
~      Fix command list submission on big-endian.
~      Eliminate kooky color byte-order swapping.
~      Trivial clean-ups in XG47SetCRTCViewStride
~      Rework command list tracking
~      Log error message if too much data is written to command list.
~      ifdef out more code when NATIVE_MODE_SETTING is defined
~      Replace xg47_BeginCmdList with xg47_BeginCmdListType
~      ifdef out code when NATIVE_MODE_SETTING is defined
~      Add missing header files
~      Use table for VCLK values and fix bug in horiz param overflow
register setting
~      Add fields to XGIRegRec needed by native mode setting code
~      ifdefs around native mode setting code
~      Enable native mode setting via configure option
- --with-native-mode-setting
~      Update to match changes in DRM fence API
~      Add correct I2C support for the CRT I2C bus on XG47
~      Eliminate useless isNeedCleanBuf flag.
~      Eliminiate useless currentLayout field.
~      Eliminate XGIFBLayout structure
~      Use fbdevHW*Weak functions
~      Load required modules and symbols from XGISetup
~      Trivial code clean-ups
~      Rework mode setting
~      Remove anything related to BIOS mode setting
~      Remove prototypes for functions removed in previous commits
~      Use fbdevHWLoadPaletteWeak, directly use
~      Remove xf1bpp.h and xf4bpp.h
~      randr: Initial attempt at (non-working) RANDR support
~      Include xgi_regs.h to make it compile.
~      Always select the programmable clock in alt clock select
~      Remove several pieces of '#if 0' code
~      Hack to make acceleration work again
~      Fix font restore problem on server exit
~      Remove dead --with-native-mode-setting configure option
~      Correct version number.

git tag: xf86-video-xgixp-

MD5: c541152aee693fad743ef7cbf75a7ffc  xf86-video-xgixp-
SHA1: eb8efac119f7fd0fbee97877fa7685c44084592a

MD5: 699907f2c0922a383808d8f87680b80b  xf86-video-xgixp-
SHA1: b942f18403a38d54b1166a47b24a66401c9eb0dd
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