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Sun Jul 12 19:58:31 PDT 2009

libXi is moving fast, and having tarballs can make it easier on testers. So
here it is, the first libXi tarball including XI2.
Changelog below includes all changes since the bump from the stable 1.2

Note that libXi is not stable yet in regards to the XI2 API.


Alan Coopersmith (2):
      Add README with pointers to mailing list, bugzilla & git repos
      Fix typo in man/XGetDeviceProperty.txt (wether->whether)

Benjamin Close (1):
      configure: Search for sed as required by the man pages.

Bernhard R. Link (1):
      man: fix a number of return/parameter types

Dan Nicholson (2):
      Be smarter about generating man pages
      Fix build when xmlto is not available

Julien Cristau (2):
      COPYING: add Peter's copyright notice and license
      Hide private functions

Matthias Hopf (1):
      Fix building if asciidoc or xmlto is not installed.

Paul "TBBle" Hampson (1):
      libxi: Unlock display after XIQueryVersion

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (2):
      Janitor: make distcheck, compile warnings, extra .gitignore files.
      Return NULL on error, and match LockDisplay with UnlockDisplay.

Peter Hutterer (105):
      Restore XAllowDeviceEvents()
      Remove leftover WindowAccess function declarations.
      XGetDeviceControl: Add a missing break leading to wrong length calculation.
      XGetDeviceControl: size the libXi structs, not the wire structs (#20293)
      Remove AttachClass handling from ListDevices.
      Remove DeviceEnter/LeaveNotify handling.
      Remove XExtendedGrabDevice.
      Back out the XQueryInputVersion hack, restore previous state.
      Disable generic event handling for now to allow bisecting.
      XIint.h: include XIproto.h for xAnyClassPtr.
      Require inputproto
      Move current XI2 stuff out of XInput.h, into XInput2.h
      Fix the already existing XI2 calls to the new XI2 protocol. FIXME
      Change XIGetClientPtr to take an int, not an XID
      Replace all XDevice* with ints.
      Replace XiSelectEvent() with XISelectEvent().
      XISelectEvent: make sure padding is zeroed out.
      Add XIQueryVersion() - query and announce the supported XI version.
      Add XIQueryDevice implementation.
      include: Move events up to before function definitions.
      XInput2.h: Get rid of the /* foo */ in the declarations.
      XExtInt compile fix - include XI2.h
      XIint.h fix compile error, include XInput.h
      Add Generic XIEvent struct.
      Add support for XIDeviceEvents.
      Add XIFreeEventData
      Add support for XIDeviceChangedEvent
      Add support for XIHierarchyEvent.
      Add support for Raw events.
      Remove if 0 code block
      Add support for XI2 Enter/Leave events
      Handle XI2 focus events.
      man: note that XListInputDevices does not list other MDs.
      Add XISetDeviceFocus and XIGetDeviceFocus
      Remove public declarations for SizeClassInfo and ParseClassInfo.
      XIint.h only needs XI.h as include, not the rest.
      parse subpixels
      Add XIGrabDevice
      Add XIAllowEvents
      Add a bunch of missing LockDisplay() calls.
      Add missing eventtype to XIRawDeviceEvent.
      XIQueryVersion: ensure we unlock in all cases and return the status.
      Convert FP1616 from int32_t to double.
      Type-cast before passing into wireToFooBarEvent.
      Silence a compiler warning by using a uchar instead of a char.
      Add XIPassiveGrabDevice.
      Add property event conversion.
      Add XI2 property requests.
      Use the new prefixed constants for XI2 and require inputproto
      Support per-device flags for XIDeviceHierarchyEvents
      XISelectEvents, not the singular version
      Adust to new device names (less "Device" in function names)
      Xinput2.h: nmasks should be num_masks in XISelectEvents
      Label major/minor version in XIQueryVersion as _inout.
      Update man pages for XI2.
      Update XIQueryPointer to include full modifier state.
      Return failed modifiers for passive XI2 grabs.
      Remove duplicated code paths in XIGetProperty.
      Require inputproto
      Switch man pages to asciidoc.
      XIQueryPointer should return doubles for the FP1616 wire data.
      XIQueryPointer: fix wrong reply extra data reading.
      XIPassiveGrab: take the address of modifiers for memcpy, not the value.
      Add XIGetSelectedEvents.
      Fix wrong pointer argument in _XIPassiveUngrabDevice.
      Require inputproto
      Add support for Enter/FocusIn passive grabs.
      Use Dont_Check for most XI2 requests.
      Return BadRequest from XIQueryVersion if XI2 isn't supported.
      Rename remaining XI2 sources to XI<foobar>.c
      man: fix copy/paste errors in XListDeviceProperties.
      Add XI2 property man pages.
      man: resurrect XGetDeviceProperty man pages (and associates)
      Fix typo in Makefile.am, leading to the XI2 source skipping compilation.
      Hierarchy changes should use "deviceid", not device.
      man: XIChangeHierarchy uses device ids, not XDevice*
      Remove CamelCase use from XIChangeHierarchy.
      Silence warning: missing prototype for copy_classes
      Rename XICreateMaster to XIAddMaster for consistency.
      XIHierarchyEvent should list num_info, not num_devices.
      Require inputproto
      XISelectEvents and XIGetSelectedEvents use "win" now instead of "window"
      Add sourceid to device classes.
      Fix a few wrong 'evtype' comments.
      XIButtonClass now includes a XIButtonState struct.
      Include the current valuator state in XIQueryDevice.
      Protect button label copying against 64-bit Atom madness.
      Axis and button labels should be called labels, not names.
      Require inputproto
      man: add some missing XI2 refpages
      Add typedefs for focus in/out events.
      Add next_block() call to advance pointers over memory.
      Use cookie events for XI2 events.
      Split copy_classes and size_classes to avoid memory leak
      Change floats to doubles in DeviceEvents and EnterEvents.
      Add effective modifiers/group to events - require inputproto
      Remove XIFreeEventData - obsolete with cookie events.
      Switch to new XIEvent structures - no need for pointers anymore.
      Add event copying for raw events.
      Remove padding from XIEvent.
      Fix segfault in XIDeviceChangedEvent wire parsing.
      Plug memory leak in XIHierarchyEvent copy.
      Add the deviceid to XI2 property events.
      Reshuffle deviceid + sourceid in XI2 events to allow for common typecasting.
      Bump to

git tag: libXi-

MD5: d48d960bab8a9a94b863c62ad7f919bc  libXi-
SHA1: 784da2329b6dd818bccd77b2ac974f3c4bbf0281  libXi-

MD5: 54c83c86489ae5af71dda6b821e1ee30  libXi-
SHA1: 96b07474cada1ec1700d00ad5a85fdfc34f85b01  libXi-
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