[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.8.0

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Jul 20 23:08:13 PDT 2009

We are pleased to present this major release of the xf86-video-intel
driver. This release is very similar to the release
candidate but includes a couple of additional bug fixes, (for bugs
#22760 and @22483).

Compared to the 2.7 releases this driver contains several new features
and many bug fixes. The driver now depends on X server 1.6 or later,
and eliminates several obsolete code paths, (XAA and EXA removed in
favor of UXA, DRI1 support eliminated). The driver certainly will work
best with an i915 module from a recent kernel (2.6.31) and with
kernel-modesetting (KMS, specified by loading i915 with the option


How to obtain the release
git tag: 2.8.0

MD5: 15a390fe3e126e954ed95aeb8bc02196  xf86-video-intel-2.8.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 77ea9054e46662d84d5b33a088a48cb175662915  xf86-video-intel-2.8.0.tar.bz2

MD5: 28472baf3842e524fa4206fd5ad33c6d  xf86-video-intel-2.8.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 0c2b8dd39114f39fd9f60fbd5df0d6c8dff02220  xf86-video-intel-2.8.0.tar.gz

New features in 2.8.0 compared to 2.7
* Remove XAA/EXA/DRI1 and NoAccel, and only support UXA/DRI2 now
  (requiring xserver 1.6).

* VLD support added into XvMC for Mpeg2, which decreases CPU usage
  when playing video.

Major fixes in 2.8.0 compared to 2.7
* Fix broken front-buffer rendering

* Fix disabling of XvMC disabled

* Fix broken VT switch on some machines

* Improve performance of trapezoid rendering for UXA

* Vblank sync'd GL buffer swap (fixing video tearing under composite)

* Fix G41 DRM support

* Fix crash on some 8xx

Various fixes for GPU hangs, and more...

Log of changes from 2.7 to 2.8.0
Adam Jackson (1):
      Remove useless loader symbol lists.

Alan Coopersmith (3):
      Fix UXA to build with Sun compilers (use __func__ instead of __FUNCTION__)
      Fix "Unkown" typo in two FatalError messages
      Harden i830 render in case check_composite didn't throw out bad formats.

Albert Damen (2):
      Non-GEM allocations incorrectly force TILE_NONE (bug 20797)
      Fix crash with XV with large virtual display

Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz (1):
      Restore CFLAGS after tests.

Barry Scott (2):
      Fix segv for clipped movie window
      Fix XV scan line calculation when rotated.

Bryce Harrington (2):
      pipe-a quirk for thinkpad x30
      add pipe a force quirk for Dell mini

Carl Worth (31):
      Revert the rest of the EXA_VERSION_MAJOR bump
      Remove support for 'auto'(-1) value of XV_SYNC_TO_VBLANK
      Fix new video sync-to-blank code for multi-head
      Don't clip video to CRTC in the case of textured video
      Add a RELEASING file documenting the release process
      README: Remove almost all time-sensitive information
      Add a new AUTHORS file
      Clarify that the default acceleration is UXA if KMS is available.
      Add a NEWS files with release-notes for 2.7.0
      NEWS: Add note about broken PAT code in some kernels
      RELEASING: Update instructions to reflect some minor process improvements
      AUTHORS: Add Robert Lowery to the authors file
      README: Fix typos in chipset list, and point to how_to_report_bug web page
      RELEASING: Note that --with-xserver-source is needed for make distcheck
      Increment version to
      NEWS: Add notes for snapshot
      Add doltlibtool to DISTCLEANFILES
      RELEASING: Better instructions for where to send announcements
      Use libdrm to lookup pipe for tear-free sync of XV
      Revert "Rely on BO pixmaps being present in acceleration paths."
      Rename i830_exa.c to i830_uxa.c
      UXA: Rasterize trapezoids to system memory, not a pixmap
      NEWS: Summarize new developments for
      Increment version to
      NEWS: Add notes for
      RELEASING: Fix typo in instructions
      Increment version to
      NEWS: Add notes for 2.8.0 release
      Increment version number to 2.8.0 for release.

Chris Wilson (1):
      Check for a valid I830Ptr before closing master.

Dan Nicholson (1):
      Fix dist of xvmc sources

Daniel Vetter (6):
      Xv: kill unneeded indirection
      Xv overlay: implement GAMMA5 errata
      Xv: kill !textured condition
      Xv i830_display_video splitup: extract i830_update_dst_box_to_crtc_coords
      Xv i830_display_video splitup: extract i830_update_polyphase_coeffs
      Xv i830_display_video splitup: extract i830_update_scaling_factors

Eric Anholt (52):
      Fix XV with non-GEM kernels by allocating a larger fake bufmgr.
      Add PGETBL_CTL to the debug output.
      Add dumping of 915 and 945 fence registers.
      Add DCC register dumping.
      Move contributed m4 (dolt) to a subdirectory so we can include it with others.
      Add shave support, enabled by default.
      Remove some dead i830.h struct members.
      Rename EXA rendering functions to UXA, since we're keeping them post-EXA.
      Remove dead mono cursor load code.
      Remove unused i830_output_type_names
      Use a static inline to replace if (0) to an unused stub function.
      Staticize a bunch of functions and variables in the driver.
      Replace a bunch of #ifdef debug flushing/syncing with a single function.
      Remove dead monitor detect debugger.
      Remove dead xoffset/yoffset from pre-randr.
      Revert "fix overflow warning on videoRam"
      Don't try to do anything for I830Sync when VT switched.
      Fix drmSetMaster/DropMaster error messages.
      Don't initialize DRI2 if the fd we get is not master-capable.
      Don't clear the framebuffer if it isn't currently bound.
      Fix assert at startup with DRI initialiation failure.
      Remove pre-server-1.5 support.
      Remove DRI1 support.
      Remove XAA support.
      Remove EXA support.
      unifdef I830_USE_UXA.
      Remove can_resize, which is now always true (except when a bug interfered)
      Now that video destination pixmaps are always in BOs, no more MarkSync.
      Replace i830WaitSync with just I830Sync(), as nearly all callers had it wrong.
      Remove I830_XV ifdef.
      Replace I830Sync's irq emit/wait code with bufmgr use.
      Remove XF86DRM_MODE.
      Rely on BO pixmaps being present in acceleration paths.
      Remove checks for xf86RotateFreeShadow, introduced in server 1.4.
      Remove dead "avail" variable from XAA stuff.
      Only sync XV to vblank when drawing to the frontbuffer.
      Don't do GTT maps on objects bigger than half the available aperture size.
      Fix backwards logic on whether to sync to vblank or not.
      Open the DRM and keep the handle throughout server startup to finish.
      Fold GEM detection into DRM master open.
      Replace some pixmap-related idioms with inline functions to do so.
      Fix some drawable abuse in i830_dri.c
      Fix segfault in DRI2 vblank syncing if the region isn't onscreen.
      uxa: Fix segfault on source-only picture usage with FallbackDebug.
      Initialize the other argument to drmSetInterfaceVersion.
      Refuse to allocate giant BOs on 32-bit systems.
      Fix lols in trying to figure out whether this is a 64-bit build.
      Remove bad comment about 3DSTATE_DRAWING_RECTANGLE size.
      Use batch_start_atomic to fix batchbuffer wrapping problems with 8xx render.
      Fix 915-class Render after the 8xx-class Render fix.
      Really fix i915 render.  Fail at commit --amend.

Hugo Jacques (1):
      SDVO: add composite TV out support

Ian Romanick (2):
      DRI2: Respect the src and dst parameters of CopyRegion.
      DRI2: If the SDK supports it, use the DRI2GetBuffersWithFormat interfaces

Jesse Barnes (26):
      Use UXA when KMS is active
      Create known output configuration at EnterVT time
      Re-enable disabled outputs after rotation
      Don't install fences if the kernel is managing them
      Don't manage fences part two
      Tiling fixes, third set
      Require libdrm 2.4.6 for GTT unmap support
      Match GTT unmap with map in KMS rotation case
      Fix offset in begin_gtt_access case
      Don't enable kernel execbuf fencing w/EXA
      Silence warning in i830_dmi_store_field
      Add new have_gem flag
      Add --enable-debug flag to configure
      Sync DRI2 CopyRegion to vertical retrace
      Fix LFP data block fetch
      Add option to control swapbuffers behavior
      Treat disabled CRTCs as "not covering" for scanline wait purposes
      Fix i830_crtc_on to only check outputs associated with the given CRTC
      Use swapbuffers_wait control
      Output error info if we fail to get DRM resources
      Only get the VBIOS in non-KMS mode
      Add a few error messages for DRM initialization
      Use DVO timing block instead of fp_timing when parsing LFP data
      Make KMS set_resource function return TRUE
      Don't try to pin buffers in KMS mode
      Clear the bo on the rotate scratch pixmap

Julien Cristau (2):
      Require xserver 1.3
      Fix xvmc build

Kalev Lember (2):
      Fix Xv crash with overlay video.
      Fix VT switch with XV overlay video enabled.

Keith Packard (30):
      Use CopyArea to load glyphs from per-glyph pixmap to cache pixmap
      Revert EXA_DRIVER_KNOWN_MAJOR bump
      Allow cursors to roam past 2048x2048 limit.
      intel_batch_start_atomic: fix size passed to intel_batch_require_space (*4)
      Leave allocator running until lower-level CloseScreens are done
      Don't bother to enable VF statistics during 965 video playback
      3D_STATE_VERTEX_BUFFERS takes four 32-bit values, not three.
      Hold reference to video binding table until all rects are painted.
      Revert "Leave allocator running until lower-level CloseScreens are done"
      Call down to lower CloseScreen before shutting down DRM allocator
      Split i915 textured video commands to fit into batch buffers.
      Fallback when VT inactive
      Add DP link and GMCH M and N registers
      Load i915 and fbcon when checking for KMS
      If DRM can't figure out which pipe to sync on, then don't sync at all.
      Use drm_intel_bo_disable_reuse API to flag scanout and cursor buffers
      intel_batch_init: test have_gem, not directRenderingType
      Update to multi-API DRI2 interface
      Handle DRI2INFOREC version 3
      non-DRI FB resize failed to assign the screen pixmap devPrivate.ptr (22328)
      Remove NoAccel support
      Make xorg.conf DRI option work under KMS. Fix name of I830AccelMethodInit
      Always set screen pixmap data pointer at init and resize times
      Allocate GTT space for GEM only under UMS
      i830_bind_memory: Under UMS: Bind GEM bos with dri_bo_pin, else through the GART
      KMS: Keep screen pixmap devPrivate.ptr NULL during init and resize
      i830_uxa_prepare_access: Flush and wait for idle for non-bo pixmaps
      intel.man: Mark NoAccel option as i810/i815 only
      Remove vestiges of NoAccel options from i830_driver.c
      Reset framebuffer offset when rebinding aperture (22760).

Kristian Høgsberg (4):
      Drop Legacy3D option, only use fixed texture space with non-gem.
      Remove a handful of pointless comments
      Only return FALSE when dri_bo_map() fails
      Fall back to fb pixmaps for backing glyph pictures

Li Peng (2):
      Turn on front buffer tiling in KMS.
      don't wait for vblank on rotated displays

Li Shao Hua (1):
      switch XvMC to gem

Lukasz Kurylo (1):
      DRI2 copyregion: don't wait for scanlines that won't happen

Ma Ling (10):
      Define documented PLL timing limits for G4X platform
      Use best PLL timing values for G4X platform
      Set SSC frequency for 8xx chips correctly
      set broadcast RGB mode for HDMI and TMDS from SDVOX output
      set broadcast RGB mode for integrated HDMI output.
      update manpage for BROADCAST_RGB property
      Set activation periods as 64 cdclk sync up with KMS
      Wait doubled regis to be stable for load pipe detection
      Fetch mode line from VBT, then keep it.
      Provide mode line from VBT to xorg.

Ma, Ling (1):
      disable center mode for 965GM and G4X platform

Pierre Willenbrock (1):
      format == 0 means "use default" in I830DRI2CreateBuffer

Robert Lowery (1):
      Fix typo in comment

Rémi Cardona (2):
      clean up man page generation and remove all traces of the i810 driver
      remove unused shader program

Shaohua Li (1):
      Disable FBC on IGD for UMS

Shuang He (2):
      Free front buffer bo when X exit

Simon Farnsworth (1):
      Raise XV limit to 2048x2048 to match hardware limits.

Stijn van Drongelen (1):
      Fix typo in (unused) INTEL_BIOS_32 macro

Wu Fengguang (2):
      Remove the offset parameter from i830_allocator_init()
      README: kill an evil dot

Xiang Hai hao (1):
      DRI2 for XvMC

Xiang Haihao (1):
      Enable 2D composite on IGDNG

Xiang, Haihao (1):
      xvmc: don't include xf86dri.h

Zdenek Kabelac (4):
      Fix leak of some 965 render state on VT switch.
      Unreference allocated bos in i965 render error paths
      free allocated name inside sdvo_destroy
      Remember allocated offscreenImages memory for freeing it in CloseScreen()

Zhao Yakui (7):
      Dynamically get the number of child device in general definition block
      parse general definition block to get the SDVO device info
      GFX: Initialize the SDVO device based on the valid slave address
      Add the private data for the LVDS connector
      Get the LVDS panel limit and check whether the given modeline is valid
      Fix EDID for LVDS output device to add the default modes
      Don't change the blank/sync width when calculating scaled modes

Zhenyu Wang (31):
      SDVO: fix pixel multiplier setting for TV
      SDVO: reset privates before output setup
      Revert "SDVO: Switch control bus only before DDC access"
      TV: force TV as connected with TV_Connector option
      TV: fix contrast and saturation for 945G
      Add a lid status test program "intel_lid"
      KMS: hook up output properties for randr
      xvmc: move 965 mc media programs to shader/mc directory
      xvmc: add missed vld g4i sources in Makefile and fix distcheck
      gitignore intel_lid
      Disable LVDS config parsing from VBT for now
      Disable LVDS detect methods
      SDVO: fix output flag dumping for unknown type
      quirk LVDS on ibase MB890 855GM board
      fix overflow warning on videoRam
      SDVO: switch bus once for i2c transfer
      Add new chipsets PCI ids
      Remove fixed MMIO size
      Update intel_gtt utility for new chipset GTT check
      Add new register definitions
      Disable composite on new chipset for now
      Add new chipset register dumps
      Disable XvMC on 915G/GM in KMS
      Move shader programs under its own subdirectory
      Add new compiled shader program for IGDNG
      Add XV support on IGDNG
      Xv: fix domain usage for binding table on i965+ chips
      Remove unused packed yuv sampler shader programs
      Load fbcon too if kernel mode setting is checked on
      Fix 945GM VT switch in UMS
      Disable FBC on IGDNG

Zou Nan hai (6):
      XvMC VLD extension support for G4X
      enable UV half pixel
      enable MC on g45 for player without vld patch
      add missing files for previous commit
      i915 xvmc, fix fd.o bug #22103

ling.ma at intel.com (3):
      Set hot plug interrupt to detect HDMI output
      TV: Set correct voltage level override values
      enable sdvo lvds scaling function

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