[ANNOUNCE] inputproto

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Jul 21 21:14:37 PDT 2009

Keysym grabs have been removed with this revision. The knowledge of which
keycode represents which keycode is stored in the server but at the mercy of
the client who may choose to represent a particular keysym through other
means. XI2 will provides keycode grabs instead until the details with keysym
grabs are sorted out.

Peter Hutterer (2):
      XI2: remove Keysym grabs, use Keycode grabs instead.

git tag: inputproto-

MD5: 87a569587d6141af0aa0ab4b604d083a  inputproto-
SHA1: f18d7a1eafda10a858c78d9790743c2ad680c77e  inputproto-

MD5: 9f2e8c6acd9a50abafef1fec5cfc8a98  inputproto-
SHA1: 6e8774eaeacdd74c7371b5bb462ae890e3ed4eee  inputproto-

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