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Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Nov 19 21:55:57 PST 2009

As with RC1, there's nothing overly exciting about this release, just a
bunch of fixes all over, with XQuartz having a largest batch of changes.
1.7.2 is scheduled for next friday, so please only nominate crucial fixes

Adam Jackson (1):
      randr: Fill in errorValue when verifying outputs/crtcs/modes

Chase Douglas (1):
      Move FD_CLR above pInfo->read_input

Colin Harrison (1):
      Xming: Add mouse motion events with flag POINTER_SCREEN in winEnqueueMotion()

Dave Airlie (1):
      loader: actually stat something that has some chance of existing. (v2)

Jeremy Huddleston (7):
      XQuartz: Controller thread launches clients
      XQuartz: Don't weed out duplicates in generated keymap
      XQuartz: Use dixLookupResourceByType instead of LookupIDByType
      XQuartz: Cleanup X11Controller.m compilation warnings.
      XQuartz: Buildfix for Leopard and older
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Wait for the server to finish starting up, so display is valid.
      XQuartz: Explicitly pass a bellProc to make XBell() work again.

Jon TURNEY (2):
      Cygwin/X: Remove a couple of extraneous '\n' in logged version info
      Avoid a null dereference if IFF_BROADCAST is set but there is no broadcast address

Julien Cristau (1):
      xfree86: set a sane umask before opening the log

Peter Hutterer (2):
      dix: increase default number of buttons to 10.

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5: 024dcbbcd617f76ee091fa383eea3202  xorg-server-
SHA1: 1047f0b432972437f38648cb62c51503f2c1fd2a  xorg-server-

MD5: cbce2becebd3254c629d2d9a18039442  xorg-server-
SHA1: 146ba1ca528dfa29cda133cc1d6d87f593cc3fd7  xorg-server-

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