[ANNOUNCE] xscope 1.2

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 2 19:11:33 PDT 2009

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[resend since I forgot to gpg sign the original announcement]

xscope 1.2 is the grand unification release of xscope, finishing the
three way merge of the MIT-licensed version from the original author,
James Peterson of MCC, the extensions from Keith Packard, and the fork
Sun Microsystems maintained in Solaris releases.

Features from James Peterson's version:

  - Core X11 protocol decoding
  - TCP/IPv4 socket support

Features from Keith Packard's version:

  - Interactive debugging mode with breakpoints & single stepping for
    core protocol
  - X11 extension protocol decoding for:
         BIGREQUESTS             NCD-WinCenterPro
         LBX                     RANDR 1.0
         MIT-SHM                 RENDER 0.4
  - Decoding of bigrequest-encoded requests
  - NAS audio protocol decoding
  - Unix domain socket support
  - -S option to toggle output on SIGUSR1
  - -t option to terminate when all clients close
  - xstats program to generate statistics from xscope logs
         (not built by default)

Features from Solaris version:

  - SVR4 platform support
  - Use of xtrans to get all normally supported transports, including IPv6
  - IPv6 address decoding in hosts requests
  - -r option to dump raw packet data

New features in this release:

  - Support for setting breakpoints on X11 extension requests
  - Decoding of GenericEvents & ServerInterpreted host addresses
  - Update RENDER extension decoding to protocol version 0.11

Removed features:

  - X11 extension protocol decoding for PEX extension
  - DECnet support

Full changelog:

Alan Coopersmith (37):
       X.Org bug #18392: #include <sys/param.h> for MAXHOSTNAMELEN on Cygwin
       Delete PEX code
       Delete unused patchlevel.h
       Delete DECnet support
       Ansify prototypes and move extern declarations to header files
       Convert select() arguments back to fd_set structures
       Constify many char pointers
       Report names for all extensions, not just those we know
       Make big requests support work without modifying buffer
       Clear many compiler & sparse warnings
       Convert extension decoding to function pointer tables
       Stop creating invalid name entries for extensions that aren't present
       Print more useful messages for unknown replies, events & errors
       Add GenericEvent support
       Remove RCS Ids
       Add default handlers for new/unknown Render & RandR requests/replies
       Update Render extension decoding from protocol rev 0.5 to 0.11
       Fix typo in MIT-SHM name that caused it not to be decoded
       Correct labels for several MIT-SHM request fields
       Enable raw mode option code
       Correct message when SIGUSR1 received
       man page: add missing options & info, fix formatting
       Upgrade to xorg-macros 1.3 and XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
       Add missing return statements in PrintSET & PrintENUMERATED
       Add AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS to configure.ac
       README updates
       Replace platform #ifdefs with autoconf tests
       Decode ServerInterpreted addresses in HOST structures
       Show request name, not just number, in breakpoint list
       Add interactive mode description & command list to man page
       Fix typo in "Enabling all breakpoints" message
       Add support for setting breakpoints on extension requests
       Fix breakpoint disabling
       Update notes about only testing on Sun3's
       Update COPYING file
       xscope 1.2

Keith Packard (7):
       Import xscope bits into keithp.com CVS
       Add SHM decoding
       Avoid infinite loop on broken protocol
       Add (some) support for BIG-REQUESTS
       Use Unix sockets for local connections
       Add lots more Render stuff
       Fix bugs in CompositeGlyphs decoding

Yanko Kaneti (1):
       Include sys/param.h earlier

git tag: xscope-1.2

MD5:  1a9df0ac0dd5a2c2a7948dcf48d126c3
SHA1: 3952f381c3f8ee81cd602e6f025304c2322a06a0

MD5:  4b0524e2c376abd8f222e3b8dba49571
SHA1: 2147ce943e8ccb6f50ad2506b525de92c896f5b4

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