[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-ati 6.12.191

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 17:43:59 PST 2010

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-ati 6.12.191
To: xorg-announce at lists.freedesktop.org
CC: xorg at lists.freedesktop.org

This is a pre-release for the upcoming 6.13 release of the X.org ati/radeon

Major highlights:
KMS/DRI2 support for all families r100->r700 for KMS driver in Linux 2.6.33.
Initial evergreen KMS support for planned 2.6.34 driver.
Userspace modesetting support for r600/r700 families
experimental userspace modesetting support for evergreen families
r600/r700 acceleration support.
Userspace modesetting basic power management controls
textured Xv controls (brightness, contrast, etc.)
Displayport support.
Improved Zaphod support - per-screen output assignment.
CustomEDID option - force the driver to use EDID from a file

and lots of quirks and fixes and optimisations.

Thanks to all contributiors,

Adam Jackson (5):
      atom: Fix phantom VGA connector when HDMI-B present.
      Cosmetic cleanup to digital output detection
      Add a (harmlessly) missing break statement.
      Fix misleading filenames in DRI setup failure messages
      radeon: fix dri2 struct zeroing

Alan Coopersmith (3):
      Add link to patch submission instructions to README
      Update Sun license notices to current X.Org standard form
      Fix configure with --disable-dri

Alex Deucher (235):
      Bump version post release
      R6xx/R7xx: set proper 3D client driver name for r600
      radeon: chip family typo
      R6xx/R7xx: cleanup macro
      radeon: remove old crtc size heuristics
      radeon: fix tmds_pll randr property
      Add unified ClockGating Option
      radeon: Add functions to set sclk/mclk on r1xx-r4xx
      radeon: Add functions to set sclk/mclk using atombios
      Add ForceLowPowerMode Option
      Add support for setting the number PCIE lanes
      Set default low power PCIE lanes to 2
      Add DynamicPM Option
      Unify ForceLowPowerMode and DynamicPM Options
      man page: fix missing break
      PM: don't touch clock gating regs unless ClockGating option is set
      Change ForceLowPowerMode to 4 pcie lanes
      Revert "DCE3/3.2: cleanup dpms after previous changes"
      R3xx/R4xx EXA: set explicit tex cache regions
      RS690/RS740: fix connector enumeration in some cases
      RS400/RS480: attempt to fix ClockGating on RS4xx chips
      PM: fix reversed logic in pm block handler
      Tex vid: split by family
      R1xx tex vid: append verts for clip boxes
      R2xx tex vid: append verts for clip boxes
      R1xx: add support for native planar textured Xv
      Tex vid: general cleanup
      R200: clean code, always use shader based csc
      R6xx/R7xx: implement Xv attributes
      tex vid: fix attribute setup typo for XV_COLORSPACE
      R3xx/R4xx: Implement shader-based csc for packed formats
      R5xx: add shader-based csc
      R3xx/R4xx: fix up planar shader
      Tex vid: remove remnants of XV_HWPLANAR
      R3xx/R4xx: set tex caching for Y texture when doing planar rendering
      R3xx/R5xx: only apply Xv attributes if bicubic is disabled
      Update Xv info in man page
      Remove old messages
      Endian fixes for object table
      Tex vid: cleanup and unify common code
      radeon PM: add some quirks
      R4xx: avoid a PM related hang
      Tex vid: rework part 2
      RS690: add quirk for acer board
      Tex vid: fix top clipping
      radeon pll: add support for fractional feedback divs
      AVIVO: fix for cursor corruption issue
      radeon PM: update quirks
      r3xx/r5xx: fix typo in last commit
      radeon: minor cleanup and warning fix
      r2xx/r3xx/r4xx: further i2c fixups
      AVIVO: make sure cursor width isn't negative
      AVIVO: disable fractional feedback divs
      RV410: SE variants only have 1 quad pipe
      AVIVO: fix cursor corruption/flickering issues
      R6xx/r7xx: fix CURSOR_SWAPPING_* macros
      AVIVO: better fix for cursor flickering/corruption issues
      radeon: fix several dpms issues
      AVIVO: first pass at display watermark setup
      R3xx-R5xx: don't set TX_OFFSET_RS in RS_INST_COUNT
      RS690: gpio/connector fixes
      r2xx-r4xx: fix typo in last i2c fix and clarify hw i2c pin sel
      Remove some old debugging info
      r3xx-r5xx: switch to 1/12 subpixel precision
      AVIVO: move cusor offscreen when disabling
      radeon: switch to EXA by default
      AVIVO: fix cursoe corruption bands for real
      AVIVO: set default cursor mode in cursor init
      R3xx/R4xx tex vid: increase the guardband limit for rendering with a tri
      R3xx/R4xx tex vid:  no need to check if IS_R300_3D
      R7xx: add support for reading disabled bios images
      RV770: add missing pci id
      R3xx-R5xx: do EXA transforms in the vertex shader
      R6xx/R7xx: do EXA transforms in the vertex shader
      R6xx/R7xx Xv: normalize texture coordinates in the vertex shader
      radeon: try harder when checking if a card is posted
      R100: switch to normalized texture coordinates
      r4xx: Add some missing pci ids
      Pre-atom: Improve engine clock setup code
      R3xx/R4xx: increase EXA render target limits
      radeon: remove dead code
      Add RV740 (HD4770) support
      atom: connector quirk
      R6xx/r7xx: don't clamp tex coords in composite VS
      r3xx/r4xx/r5xx: refactor exa prepare composite
      r3xx/r4xx/r5xx: clip 3D rendering to destination buffer
      Consolidate indentical RADEONDoneSolid/RADEONDoneCopy functions
      r1xx/r2xx: clip 3D rendering to destination buffer
      Add PLL flag to prefer frequencies <= the target freq
      Re-enable frac feedback dividers on AVIVO hardware
      Only enable frac fb divs on rs600/rs690/rs740 for now
      Fix count in 3d state setup after 43374c7420e378918bec062f4cbd581f16adb6f0
      Add some missing M96 pci ids
      radeon: call hdmi-b connectors dvi in randr
      EXA: fix the build on servers without EXA_HANDLES_PIXMAPS
      Fix the build for the !XF86DRM_MODE case
      R6xx/R7xx: fix hangs on x2 cards with PM options
      RS740: fixup display latency setting as per rs690
      RV280: Add an AGP quirk
      RV280: another AGP quirk
      Add configure option to disable kms support
      R3/4/5xx: fix bicubic Xv filtering with KMS changes
      R3/4/5xx: only upload the bicubic texture once
      Add an r420 AGP quirk
      R6xx/r7xx: reduce the amount of default state setup
      R6xx/R7xx: clip rendering to destination surface dimensions
      RS780: fill in MC access functions
      radeon: Set PCI/PCIE bus type properly per asic
      radeon: fix typo in object header to connector type conversion
      radeon: reload bicubic Xv texture on VT switch
      radeon: use XAA in some cases
      radeon: add some new r7xx pci ids
      RS880: enable accel
      radeon: re-add asus connector quirks
      radeon: fix compile with !kms
      Add KMS EXA UploadToScreen hook.
      RV280: add agp quirk
      AVIVO: add support for DisplayPriority HIGH
      rs600: add support for DisplayPriority HIGH
      RV740: disable small DFS transfers
      r6xx/r7xx: move more common state to default state setup
      R6xx/r7xx: add begin/end batch macros
      r6xx/r7xx: first pass at kms accel support
      r6xx/r7xx EXA: WIP
      r6xx/r7xx: more cs exa wip
      r6xx/r7xx: fix flipped domains
      R6xx/r7xx: unmap vb bo when done
      r6xx/r7xx: fix reloc for vtx buffer
      r6xx/r7xx: fix some define problems in Xv code
      r6xx/r7xx: more WIP
      r6xx/r7xx: set EXA_HANDLES_PIXMAPS
      r1xx: fix textured video
      r6xx/r7xx: various CS fixes from Dave
      radeon: add some notes about DVO setup
      RV280: add agp quirk
      radeon: replace dga code with DiDGA
      r600: add CS UTS and DFS hooks
      atom: fix typo in asus quirks
      kms: init dga using xf86DiDGAInit
      kms: disable dga
      radeon: remove old pre-randr rotation cruft
      r600: fix bo accounting for Xv
      radeon: fix vline handling for kms
      kms/r600: add support for vline relocs
      radeon: fix segfault in MMIO path in RADEONInit3DEngine
      R6/7xx EXA: Add support for BGRA picture formats.
      R1/2xx EXA: Minimise number of draw primitives used for Composite operations.
      radeon: clamp the internal FB map to the aperture size
      ATOM: add support for AdjustDisplayPll table
      ATOM: reorder crtc dpms based on bios recommendations
      ATOM: rework crtc modeset
      r600 EXA: properly check planemask
      r600 EXA: fix some compile warnings
      r600 EXA: fix up mask reg mixup
      ATOM: minor cleanups to pll setup
      radeon: add XV_CRTC attribute for textured video
      radeon: fixup CustomEDID option
      ATOM: fix up get clock info
      ATOM: use indirect addressing for regs >= 0x10000
      R7xx: program additional CUR/GRPH regs for 40 bit addresses
      radeon: clamp the internal FB map to the aperture size v2
      atom: loosen pll min output limits
      radeon: fix DVO on AVIVO chips
      ATOM: fix up DVO for DCE 3.x
      radeon/atom: fix tv-out on r5xx
      ATOM/DCE3+: fix up usPixelClock calculation for Transmitter tables
      DCE3+: call transmitter init on mode set
      EXA: fallback if no pMaskPicture->pDrawable
      Revert "Fix warning about unused defined labels in radeon_exa_funcs.c."
      radeon: properly fix unused label warnings
      IGP: some IGP chips report as AGP
      r600/r700: typo, fix mask of DB_ALPHA_TO_MASK
      radeon: fix support for external tmds on some legacy chips
      radeon: man page updates
      r600: fix num format in vtx fetch
      r600: remove un-needed format conversions
      radeon: fix potential memory leak in ddc code
      radeon: deal with connectors sourced to the same encoder
      radeon: pull previous displayport work into master
      more dp cleanup
      DP wip
      DP: hack that makes DP work.
      r300: render target limit is 2560
      dp fix timing
      DCE3.2: fix uniphy2 dvi issues
      dce3: CV1/TV1OutputControl tables didn't go away until dce3.2
      radeon: clean up DP code
      atom: pull misc mode info for lvds panel mode from bios tables
      radeon: only read RADEON_PPLL_REF_DIV for ref div on pre-avivo
      AVIVO: add new PLL code
      ATOM: split set base/format into separate functions
      ATOM: add new power table defs
      radeon: add cvt timing if we only have panel w/h
      radeon: fix LVDS power sequence on Mac cards
      radeon: updated ObjectID.h
      radeon: add initial support for eDP (embedded DisplayPort)
      radeon: fallback to i2c for edid if aux fails
      radeon/kms: add new strings for eDP and TV
      rv100: reject modes >135 Mhz with DVI
      rv100: fix typo in fix for bug 25992
      ATOM: Upstream parser updates
      KMS: fix no accel option
      radeon: use mmio bar size rather than hardcoded number for register ops
      radeon: minor pll updates
      avivo: add some hotplug detect regs
      radeon: clean up dig encoder handling
      r500: fix CS section size missmatch in Xv code
      atom: update to the latest upstream atombios.h changes
      evergreen: add chip enums
      evergreen: add register and utility defines
      evergreen: add base asic support
      evergreen: add hw cursor support
      evergreen: add lut support
      evergreen: add crtc set base/format support
      evergreen: add atom support for digital outputs
      evergreen: add atombios crtc/pll functions
      evergreen: add pci ids
      evergreen: fix units on frac_fb_div
      evergreen: DP requires coherent mode
      evergreen: pll fixes
      evergreen: blank/unblank DP in dpms calls
      evergreen: use external clock source for DP PHY
      r600: reduce number of cache flushes
      evergreen: minor clean up in transmitter setup
      r500: fix relocs for Xv planar video
      radeon: consolidate crtc selector for vline wait
      r6xx/r7xx: implement EXA vline support
      radeon: add ZaphodHeads option
      RS600: add connector quirk
      radeon: update new pll algo
      AVIVO: set frac fb divider pll flag
      radeon: fixes for zaphodheads option
      update ZaphodHeads option
      rv740: disable dfs workaround for drm 1.32+

Bryce Harrington (3):
      radeon: AGPMode quirk needed for HP Omnibook 6200
      radeon: AGPMode quirk needed for IBM Thinkpad T40 with Mobility M7 LW
      radeon: AGPMode quirk needed for SiS

Cooper Yuan (1):
      add more triple-head server ID

Corbin Simpson (1):
      dri: be more useful if disabling DRI due to KMS/UMS mismatch.

Csillag Kristof (2):
      radeon: add support for Custom EDID
      Fix some issues with CustomEDID support

Dave Airlie (101):
      radeon: legacy bandwidth calcs for later r3xx/r4xx cards.
      radeon: fix DDC on rv410 VGA ports for non-atom use.
      radeon: tweak ddc fix for all r300s.
      r300/r500: set R clamp mode.
      radeon: attempt to fix R clamping for repeat again
      Revert "radeon: attempt to fix R clamping for repeat again"
      Revert "r3xx/r5xx: fix typo in last commit"
      Revert "r300/r500: set R clamp mode."
      radeon: initial preparation for kms patch.
      radeon: add KMS support (still disabled)
      kms: no need to reference fifo slots
      radeon/kms: fixup 3d state emission for KMS
      radeon: enable KMS build
      radeon: fix CS imbalance
      kms: drop DGA
      radeon/kms: add textured video BO size checks
      radeon/dri2: call proper gem bo function
      radeon/dri2: fix dri2 - needs newest libdrm_radeon
      radeon: fix compile without kms
      radeon: fix it properly.
      radeon: fix up configure check better
      radeon: don't set up overlay under KMS until we figure out how.
      Revert "KMS CS fixes."
      radeon: port to new space checking in libdrm interface
      radeon: taken from kms-support + CS fixes commit.
      radeon: move state changes into flush function
      radeon: oops fix compile without libdrm
      git: fix git-log to git log
      radeon: add make dist headers
      radeon: add shave support.
      radeon: emit colorpitch relocs.
      ati: update for resources/RAC API removal
      ati: change to using ABI version check
      radeon: fix r600 shadow fb mode with cursor allocation in wrong place
      r200: fixup scissors for DDX.
      radeon/tv: fix typo in crtc register modifications
      r100/r200: dont emit wrong clamp modes.
      kms: make tv out match the connector name
      atom/tvout: set the correct scaler up for tv out
      atombios: store dac detect result into save register.
      atom: recall crtc source script after tv dpms on
      radeon: move detected monitor type debugging.
      radeon/kms: add initial colortiling support (disabled by default).
      exa/cs: add DFS from GTT optimisation
      radeon: don't spec any initial placement for pixmaps.
      r600: fix bad unit in texture setup
      r600: use exa fallback code for solid/copy codepaths.
      radeon: afaics these aren't radeon regs but r128 regs.
      r100/r200: seriously WRAP is illegal for rectangular textures
      r600: more alignment fixups + vb map/unmap
      kms: add property support.
      r6xx: fix EXA crash with gtkperf -a
      avivo: disable VGA rendering core when starting X.
      r600: space check wasn't correct.
      radeon: fix zaphod
      r600/xv: fix dst bo write domain
      r600: fix build
      radeon: fix build without kms
      kms: setup colormap and gamma correctly.
      kms: don't use scratch pixmaps when copying fbcon.
      kms: only touch gamma stuff on 1.7
      radeon: fix rotation since mixed pixmaps.
      drmmode: reload cursors on modeset
      kms: don't use scratch pixmaps at all
      Revert "kms: setup colormap and gamma correctly."
      Revert "radeon: clamp the internal FB map to the aperture size"
      kms: add cloning support.
      kms: check for 0 mask for cloned outputs.
      radeon: r100/r200 have a 2047 scissor limit
      kms: recalculate the flush limits after screen resize.
      radeon: avoid using hw pixmaps when we have little VRAM.
      radeon: surround mixed pixmaps usage with ifdef check for old servers
      radeon: fix warning in printf
      r600: enable mixed pixmaps
      radeon/kms: drop special r600 indirect flush
      kms: allow prepare copy to fail without dying
      r600: refactor code to help future acceleration speedups.
      radeon: fix check for no work in operation
      kms: flush cs on close screen.
      r600: fixup problems with EXA operation reset for multiple ops
      r600: enable multiple operations in one CS
      r600/xv: drop inited 3d false in xv code
      radeon/exa: change option to determine exa pixmap usage.
      Revert "r600: enable multiple operations in one CS"
      displayport: cleanup call dp from dpms on instead.
      fixes displayport for me here
      radeon: fix typo in unused as of yet CV code
      atombios: CV mode retrival was broken.
      dce3: no CV1 or TV1 Output Control tables anymore.
      r600/accel: cleanup and merge a lot of the accel functions
      r600: fix multi-operation in single batch support.
      radeon: use new libdrm api
      displayport: fix DDC on DVI->DP convertors.
      radeon/kms: only enable EXA pixmaps under kms if we support render accel
      radeon: add support for picking the digitial encoder
      radeon: further digital encoder cleanups.
      rs400/rs480: mc idle bit is bit 2 like original radeon
      zaphod: hopefully fix kms + zaphod
      pci: add HP vendor id
      pciids: hopefully fix HP
      radeon: bump configure.ac

Edward O'Callaghan (1):
      Fix a warning

Fredrik Höglund (1):
      Check if the composite op is supported in R200CheckComposite.

Gaetan Nadon (9):
      xf86-video-ati: use XORG_CHANGELOG macro to create ChangeLog. #22611
      .gitignore: use common defaults with custom section # 24239
      Several driver modules do not have a ChangeLog target in Makefile.am #23814
      INSTALL, NEWS, README or AUTHORS files are missing/incorrect #24206
      INSTALL, NEWS, README or AUTHORS files are missing/incorrect #24206
      Makefile.am: add ChangeLog and INSTALL on MAINTAINERCLEANFILES
      src/Makefile.am: missing 3 header files in tarball
      configure.ac: remove unused sdkdir=$(pkg-config...) statement
      config: remove dead LINUXDOC macro usage

Ingmar Vanhassel (1):
      Replace shave with automake silent-rules

James Le Cuirot (2):
      zaphod: Fix entity instance assignment.
      clean up kms zaphod handling

Jerome Glisse (9):
      radeon: fix KMS shadowfb for r6xx and newer hw.
      radeon/kms: add simple DownloadFromScreen implementation
      radeon/r600: abstract vertex buffer for r600 & r700 hardware
      radeon: Fix X recycling with KMS
      radeon/kms: fallback to shadowfb if kernel report acceleration is off
      kms: assume accel is working is info ioctl return -EINVAL
      kms: Fix resizing when acceleration is disabled
      r6xx/r7xx: emit relocation for FRAG & TILE buffer
      r6xx/kms: when reseting BO force default state emission

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      radeon: Remove gatos message from driver startup

Kristian Høgsberg (1):
      dri2: Use drmGetDeviceNameFromFd() instead of open coded loop.

Kusanagi Kouichi (3):
      R600: fix some warnings
      radeon: Lift hardcoded limit from RADEONQueryImageAttributes
      Remove unnecessary checks.

Luca Tettamanti (1):
      Disable color tiling on r600/r700

Markus Gapp (1):
      Add quirk for asus hd3450 board

Matt Turner (2):
      Use/define RADEON_GPU_PAGE_SIZE instead of sprinkling 4096 everywhere.
      Use RADEON_ALIGN instead of open coding it.

Matthias Hopf (1):
      fix 200M freezes on VT switch if CRTC is disabled

Matthieu Herrb (1):
      radeon: fix segfault if Option "NoAccel" is set

Matthijs Kooijman (1):
      radeon: fix crtc2 dpms

Michael Olbrich (1):
      use AC_CHECK_HEADER instead of AC_CHECK_FILE

Michel Dänzer (47):
      Clear the framebuffer before initializing modes.
      Pre-R600 EXA: Fix coordinate limits off-by-one error.
      EXA: Set new EXA_SUPPORTS_OFFSCREEN_OVERLAPS flag when we have a 2D engine.
      Bump version to mark Git snapshot.
      Build fixes for -Werror that aren't ready for prime time yet.
      Revert "Build fixes for -Werror that aren't ready for prime time yet."
      Warning fixes.
      Warning fixes.
      Test BO pointer before passing it to radeon_bo_unref().
      KMS CS fixes.
      Fix DRI2 with current xserver Git.
      KMS CS fixes, take two.
      Don't always flush CS when switching from 2D to 3D.
      Don't set EXA UploadTo/DownloadFromScreen hooks when they'd always return FALSE.
      Pass on CS relocation offset values.
      Fix RADEON_TRACE_FALL build.
      Further non-KMS fixes / cleanups.
      Enable vsync for DRI2 region copies.
      Set the STALL bit in the CRTC_GUI_TRIG_VLINE registers.
      Set CRTC active flag to TRUE after a successful KMS mode set.
      Also drop DRM master in KMS CloseScreen.
      Guard reference to CRTC active field.
      KMS: Explicitly specify VRAM and GTT domains when allocating BOs for pixmaps.
      Minor fixes for KMS EXA DownloadFromScreen hook.
      Add support for EXA_MIXED_PIXMAPS in xserver master.
      Properly let radeon_cs_flush_indirect() re-emit 2D state if necessary.
      Throttle DRI2 buffer swaps / frontbuffer flushes.
      EXA: RENDER repeat cleanups.
      DRI2: Set tiling for depth/stencil buffers with all DRI2 interface versions.
      EXA: Allocate pixmap BOs in VRAM.
      KMS: DownloadFromScreen improvements.
      KMS: Don't use a blit for UploadToScreen if the pixmap BO will be idle anyway.
      KMS: Remove explicit radeon_bo_wait calls before radeon_bo_map.
      EXA: RENDER repeat fix and more cleanup.
      EXA: Fix Composite restart dst/src switcheroo.
      EXA: Check for solid/gradient pictures the same way for all generations.
      Fix some compiler warnings.
      KMS: Don't hide HW cursor when it's updated.
      KMS: Double-buffer textured video source image upload.
      EXA: Don't always flush when switching between 2D/3D engines with KMS.
      R3/5xx EXA: Minimise number of draw primitives used for Composite operations.
      R3/5xx EXA: Add support for BGRA picture formats.
      EXA: Bail earlier from PrepareCopy hook on trivially unsupportable conditions.
      Fix KMS on big endian machines.
      Don't call radeon_cs_flush_indirect() without KMS.
      Allocate BOs for 'video offscreen surfaces' and 'TV-in' in VRAM.
      EXA: Fix order of coordinates passed to radeon_pick_best_crtc().

Pauli Nieminen (5):
      radeon: Fix DRI2BufferPtr to be DRI2Buffer2Ptr for xserver 1.6.
      radeon: Add missing libdrm_radeon cflags to compiler paramaters.
      Fix configuration to disable KMS if not finding libdrm_radeon.
      Use memcpy instead of memove for RADEONSwapCopy.
      Allocate Xv buffers to GTT.

Peter Hutterer (1):
      Update to xextproto 7.1 support.

Roel Kluin (1):
      radeon: Fix duplicated bit settings

Roland Scheidegger (3):
      r200/r300: implement brightness/contrast/hue/saturation/gamma controls for textured video
      R6xx/R7xx: fix pixel centers
      r100/r200: fix section size mismatch for textured video

Tomáš Chvátal (1):
      Fix warning about unused defined labels in radeon_exa_funcs.c.

git tag: xf86-video-ati-6.12.191

MD5:  998076ecb256b1bfc0177da2e239d8de  xf86-video-ati-6.12.191.tar.bz2
SHA1: 361b88644939f28b70c38c7ce7550f68270ebd90  xf86-video-ati-6.12.191.tar.bz2

MD5:  b9d315a0ecf9fe5d0f4737891874f9d8  xf86-video-ati-6.12.191.tar.gz
SHA1: 2fc53ee54444d82bdf7a0aa2fd54d3923c75ca87  xf86-video-ati-6.12.191.tar.gz

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