xkeyboard-config 2.2

Sergey Udaltsov svu at gnome.org
Sun Apr 3 13:18:07 PDT 2011

With this release, I am breaking (only once, hopefully) the sequence
of scheduled release of xkeyboard-config.

This release is highly recommended (realistically - required) for GNOME3.

The most important change in this release is totally redesigned
approach to user-visible descriptions. That huge work (reworking ALL
descriptions!) was done by William Jon McCann of RedHat.

After those changes were made, it took a lot of work from the
Translation Project guys to update the translations. I want to thank
all translators who found some time last week to work on

My special gratitude goes to Catalan, Danish, German, Italian, Korean,
Polish, Russian (go Russia!), Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian
translators - they covered whopping 100% (933 lines)!

Additional change that might affect you: the run-time dependencies of
xkeyboard-config are checked at the build time. If that annoys you -
use --disable-runtime-deps.

There are also some new layouts, variants, model - usual stuff...

So, here it is:


The tag in git is xkeyboard-config-2.2

Bugzilla: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=xkeyboard-config

There will be another release 2.3 in May (as it was planned, 4 months
from January). It is already found that some descriptions need minor
amendments - but I do not expect that huge wave of changes that you
can see in 2.2



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