[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server (1.10 RC2)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Feb 18 14:53:48 PST 2011

RC2 has all of the reviewed fixes merged in. The only fixes I've got
pending at this point are some RandR DIX fixes that haven't been
reviewed yet.

Other than that, I think we're pretty much ready for the 1.10
release. Let me know if you've got pending fixes that you want to see
merged in 1.10.


Adam Jackson (32):
      xfree86: Remove unused xf86inSuspend
      Remove SCO support
      fonts: Fix typo in async ListFonts logic
      xfree86: Symmetrize xf86AccessEnter and xf86AccessLeave
      xfree86: Remove xf86EnterServerState
      xfree86: Convert some xf86BlockSIGIO to OsBlockSignals
      config: warning fixes
      loader: warning fix
      dri1: warning fix
      xcmisc: warning fix
      glx: warning fixes
      linux: warning fix
      x86emu: Fix more mis-decoding of the data prefix
      dix: Add a Screen method for additional cursor confinement
      dmx: warning fixes
      dmx: warning fix
      dmx: warning fix
      dmx: warning fixes
      xdmxconfig: warning fix
      os: Reduce smart scheduler setup calls
      resource: s/NullResource/NULL/g
      resource: Remove expectID hack
      resource: Fix indentation
      xselinux: Fix GetDrawableContext
      xf86vidmode: warning fix
      int10: warning fix
      fbdevhw: Remove the non-sysfs hack for mapping from PCI to fbdev
      xfree86: warning fix
      fb: Remove hw/xfree86/ from includes
      damage: Remove hw/xfree86/ from includes
      rootless: Remove hw/xfree86/ from includes
      shadow: Remove hw/xfree86/ from includes

Alan Coopersmith (12):
      Move inclusion of panoramiX headers to top of render.c
      Sun's copyrights now belong to Oracle
      Add asprintf() implementation for platforms without it
      Convert existing Xprintf style calls to asprintf style
      Convert hw/xfree86/parser code to use asprintf() calls
      Convert alloc+sprintf pairs into asprintf() & XNFasprintf() calls
      Replace alloc+strcpy+strcat with asprintf() & XNFasprintf() calls
      Convert cvt code to use XNFasprintf()
      Bug 32436 - hw/xfree86/parser/Makefile.am TOP_SRCDIR should be top_srcdir
      Fix asprintf typo in commit d2c42b10
      xkb/ddxLoad.c doesn't need <paths.h> any more
      Add xorg.conf.d shadow man page pointing to xorg.conf man page

Ander Conselvan de Oliveira (4):
      ProcRRQueryVersion: fix use of uninitialised bytes valgrind error.
      ProcRRCreateMode: fix use of uninitialised bytes valgrind error.
      XkbSendNames: fix use of uninitialised bytes valgrind error.
      ProcXkbGetXkbByName: fix use of uninitialised bytes valgrind error.

Carlos Garnacho (1):
      Xi: make XIQueryPointer return the current modifiers/group as documented.

Chase Douglas (4):
      Export all valuator_mask_* functions
      Make EventIsDeliverable non-static
      Export all valuator_mask_* functions
      Make EventIsDeliverable non-static

Christopher James Halse Rogers (2):
      Xext: Fix edge case with {Positive, Negative}Transition triggers.
      IDLETIME: Fix edge-case in IdleTimeBlockHandler

Colin Harrison (1):
      Typo in xserver Xvasprintf()

Cyril Brulebois (10):
      Fix GLX_LIBS vs. DMX_LIBS order.
      Fix missing <string.h> include.
      Replace LookupIDByType() with dixLookupResourceByType(), take 1.
      Replace LookupIDByType() with dixLookupResourceByType(), take 2.
      Enable silent rules for cat and echo.
      Replace SecurityLookupIDByType() with dixLookupResourceByType(), take 1.
      Replace SecurityLookupIDByType() with dixLookupResourceByType(), take 2.
      Replace SecurityLookupIDByClass() with dixLookupResourceByClass().
      dix: Simplify deprecated *Lookup* wrappers around dixLookup*.
      dix: Fix logic for displaying deprecation warning only once.

Dan Nicholson (1):
      xfree86: Convert libxf86config to static libtool library

Daniel Stone (23):
      Resources: Move rClient to resource.h
      Input: Set client error value for invalid mask bits
      GetTimeInMillis: Use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE where available
      mi: Sync: Don't free managed screen private
      Render: Fix 'comparing between distinct pointer types' warning
      Resources: Move rClient to resource.h
      Input: Set client error value for invalid mask bits
      udev: Add strdups to kill const warnings
      GLX: DRI2: Fix mismatched-types warning
      DIX: Reset window properties when freeing them
      XFree86: Linux: AGP: Fix void-pointer-arithmetic warning
      Input: Swap flags in DeviceEvents
      Test: Input: Add helper function for failing EventToCore
      Test: Input: Check flags on DeviceEvent
      Test: Input: Test up to supported server, not protocol, events
      Input: Export SpriteRec for use in public API
      Input: Make RootWindow() take a sprite instead of device
      Input: Pass sprite instead of device to FixUpEventFromWindow
      Input: Pass sprite instead of device to XYToWindow, make non-static
      Input: Handle grabs with no Xi 1.x equivalent
      Input: Export GetEventMask
      Input: Make CheckPassiveGrabsOnWindow return grab, export
      Input: Prevent MD grabs from wandering on to other MDs

David Barksdale (1):
      Bug 21827: faulty sdksyms.c generated by the awk script in sdksyms.sh

Erkki Seppälä (1):
      xkb: Cancel a key's repetition when its autorepeat is disabled.

Evan Broder (1):
      xfree86/modes: Be sure to only use new EDID for physical output dimensions

Gaetan Nadon (17):
      hw/dmx/doc: DIST_SUBDIRS not required when using AM_CONDITIONAL
      docs: replace BUILLDOCS with existing ENABLE_DEVEL_DOCS
      Xorg.man: fix whitespace issues
      man: build Xorg and xorg.conf man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      Xquartz: build Xquartz man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      Xquartz: strip the man page code from cpprules.in
      Xnest: build Xnest man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      XWin: build XWin man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      Xvfb: build Xvfb man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      Xephyr: build Xephyr man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      XFree86 utils: build utils man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      fbdevhw: build man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      exa: build man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      Xdmx: build all man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      man: refactor common code in the man pages makefiles
      xfree86: use sed rather than cpp to perform string substitutions
      Xquartz: rename man page directory from doc to man

James Jones (1):
      X Sync Cleanups

Jeremy Huddleston (7):
      XQuartz: Just NSBeep() for XBell()
      XQuartz GL: Add $(GL_CFLAGS) to CFLAGS
      XQuartz: Update copyright dates in bundle's plist
      XQuartz: Bump version string to 2.6.1
      XQuartz: Call RRScreenSizeNotify after handling externally-generated XP_EVENT_DISPLAY_CHANGED
      XQuartz: Use the default signal handler
      XQuartz: Localization Updates

Jon TURNEY (25):
      Fix Xwin build after af0f9f91
      Cygwin/X: Enable building of nativegdi and primaryfb engines to avoid further rusting
      Cygwin/X: Refactor framebuffer allocation/release in drawing engines
      Cygwin/X: Rather than storing calculated physical display sizes, calculate them when needed
      Cygwin/X: Remove an attempt at detecting if WM_DISPLAYCHANGE affects the X screen
      Cygwin/X: Move QueryMonitor() out of windprocarg.c
      Cygwin/X: Add -resize command line option
      Cygwin/X: Implement framebuffer resizing in RANDR extension
      Cygwin/X: Make WM_SIZE use RandR resizing when -resize=randr
      Cygwin/X: Generate RANDR change on WM_DISPLAYCHANGE for rootless modes
      Cygwin/X: Don't turn off -multiplemonitors when all monitors don't have the same pixel format when using shadow GDI engine
      Cygwin/X: Fix a typo in command line argument validation code
      Cygwin/X: Remove WIN_DIB_MAXIMUM_SIZE check
      Cygwin/X: Use winUpdateFBPointer() in winshaddd.c rather than duplicating it inline
      Cygwin/X: Deal with RANDR depth changes correctly in ShadowGDI drawing engine
      Cygwin/X: Simplify and consolidate reporting of the bpp value we are going to use
      Cygwin/X: DirectDraw engines shouldn't try to blit if the surface wasn't allocated
      Fix compilation of xf86bigfont.c
      Cygwin/X: Generate X keycodes for multimedia keys
      Cygwin/X: Better keycode debugging output
      Cygwin/X: Update mapping for Canadian keyboard layouts
      Cygwin/X: Make the keyboard layout detection logging a bit clearer
      Cygwin/X: Add Turkish keyboard layouts to keyboard layout mapping table
      Cygwin/X: Ignore MappingNotify events sent to clipboard integration client
      Cygwin/X: Fix for Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard layout handling

Julien Cristau (8):
      glx: make sure screen is non-negative in validGlxScreen
      glx: validate request lengths
      glx: check request length before swapping
      glx: swap the request arrays entirely, not just half of them
      glx: validate numAttribs field before using it
      glx: fix request length check for CreateGLXPbufferSGIX
      glx: fix BindTexImageEXT length check
      glx: Work around wrong request lengths sent by mesa

Justin Dou (1):
      Replace malloc with calloc to initialize the buffers[] as NULL in do_get_buffers function

Jörn Horstmann (1):
      Add EDID quirk for HP Compaq nc8430.

Keith Packard (1):
      Version bumped to (1.10 RC2)

Maarten Maathuis (3):
      exa/driver: set pExaPixmap->use_gpu_copy to the right value
      exa: Only call driver FinishAccess hook if PrepareAccess hook succeeded.
      exa/mixed: Exclude frontbuffer from deferred pixmap handling.

Michel Dänzer (2):
      EXA: Fix crash with fill using 1x1 tile of depth < 8 (bug #24703).
      EXA: Pad size of system memory copy for 1x1 pixmaps (bug #32803).

Pauli Nieminen (18):
      render: Don't filter 0 return from GetTimeInMillis
      render: Enable animated cursor block handler only when needed
      composite: Only register the block handler when it is required
      composite: Remove unnecessary variable.
      mi: Add GetSpriteScreen macro to hide dixLookupPrivate
      mi: Fix wrapping for sprite screen
      mi: Fix the debug message
      mi: Register sprite damage handler only when required
      mi: Only register sprite block handler when needed
      udev: Fix removing of the wake up handler
      os: Fix a memory leak
      os: always check if client is local when connection is accepted
      xf86/xv: Remove copy paste code.
      xf86/xv: Remove unused GC pointers
      xf86/xv: Remove unused variable from XvPortRecPrivate
      xf86/xv: Fill color key on expose
      xf86/xv: Use PostValidateTree to do reput
      xf86/xv: Only register PostValidateTree hook when there is work to do

Peter Hutterer (15):
      dix: clear up an overly convoluted if statement.
      xfree86: don't set movement flags for non-valuator events.
      dix: allow for button-only input devices (#21457)
      xfree86: swap the order to-be-merged lists in xf86CollectInputOptions.
      xfree86: always report the input options before initialising the device.
      input: add valuator_mask_free() to free a valuator mask.
      Xi: reset remainders when warping the device.
      xkb: Replace a few manual bitflips with SetBit & friends.
      xkb: after making changes to the xkb ctrls, copy them back into kbdfeed.
      xfree86: bump input minor ABI
      Xi: constify XIChangeDeviceProperty()
      xkb: split out keymap compilation.
      xkb: if the keymap failed to compile, load the default keymap instead.
      xfixes: calloc, not malloc the cursorScreenRec
      xfree86: fix up an out-of-date comment.

Samuel Thibault (1):
      xserver: enable TLS even if AIGLX is not enabled

Tiago Vignatti (1):
      randr: check for virtual size limits before set crtc

Tom Fogal (2):
      Add macro for detecting thread local storage support.
      Autodetect TLS support instead of defaulting to disabled.

Tomas Carnecky (1):
      NO_PANORAMIX preprocessor symbol is nowhere defined

Ville Syrjala (11):
      include: Fix a copy/paste error in a comment
      xfree86/input: Restore DGAStealKeyEvent()
      xfree86/dga: Install the DGA event handler when DGA2 is used
      xfree86/dga: Remove the ET_DGAEvent handler only if it was installed
      xfree86/dga: Make mieq_install Bool
      xfree86/dga: DGA2 events are missing the dx/dy information
      xfree86/dga: Remove DGAMouseX and DGAMouseY
      xfree86/dga: DGAProcessKeyboardEvent() forgot ET_Internal
      xfree86/dga: Remove useless ifdefs
      xfree86/dga: Only send DGA events for master devices
      xfree86/dga: Remove DGAIsDgaEvent()

Ville Syrjälä (8):
      dri2: Don't page flip when the window size doesn't match the pixmap size
      xfree86/modes: Take rotation into account when checking mode size
      Add subWindowMode parameter to SourceValidate
      Call SourceValidate even if src == dst
      Revert "composite: Convert compWindowUpdate to use TraverseTree"
      composite: Add GetImage wrapper
      composite: Add SourceValidate wrapper
      composite: Support updating an arbitrary subtree

Zhao Yakui (1):
      edid: Fix incorrect timings for VIC61

git tag: xorg-server-

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