[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server 1.10.0

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Feb 25 21:57:28 PST 2011

Here's the final 1.10 release.

Since RC3, we've had a few build fixes made, and one regression fixed
(a crasher on sparc and other architectures).

A complete changelog since 1.9.0 for your amusement. Not surprisingly,
Peter Hutterer had the most commits this time around, although Adam
Jackson nearly caught him with a last-minute sequence of compiler
warning fixes.

Thanks, as always, to the whole X org community for contributing to
this release.

Aaron Plattner (6):
      Tag sdksyms.c entries with source file and line number
      os: Return BadLength instead of disconnecting BigReq clients (#4565)
      Bump video driver ABI version to 9.0
      Revert "Set DamageSetReportAfterOp to true for the damage extension" (#30260)
      os: Fix BigReq ignoring when another request is pending
      xfree86: Fix rotation of 2-color non-interleaved cursor images

Adam Jackson (91):
      composite: Convert compWindowUpdate to use TraverseTree
      loader: Merge dlloader directly into the loader
      loader: Remove unused module serial number
      loader: Remove unused canonical name field
      loader: Remove the handle field from LoaderOpen
      loader: include cleanup
      loader: Remove a silly layer of reference counting
      xfree86: Remove unused refcounting from input drivers
      xfree86: Remove useless module setup functions where appropriate
      xfree86: Add 18bpp support
      edid: Fix the HDTV sync pulse adjustment
      vbe: Fix copying the mode info block
      dix: Remove the memory of the multibuffer extension
      xwin: Remove some undue paranoia about UNDRAWABLE_WINDOW
      dix: optimize CallCallbacks
      os: Clean up various xtrans bits that we've never supported
      config: Don't look for .o drivers anymore
      config: Remove atimisc workaround
      xfree86: Remove an open-coded strtoul()
      xfree86: Remove %M expansion from config parser
      dri1: Remove "buffers" from the config logic
      xfree86: Drop linux libc5 support from the SIGIO code
      ddc: Don't probe for DDC/CI or EEPROM
      composite: Don't backfill non-bg-None windows
      composite: Don't backfill non-MapWindow allocations
      composite: Move the backfill comment to a more appropriate indent level
      randr: Remove mirandr
      shadow: Optimize shadowUpdatePacked(). (#26973)
      linux: Fix CPU usage bug in console fd flushing
      xfree86: apply gamma settings on EnterVT.
      glx: Remove swap barrier and hyperpipe support
      linux: Remove redundant variable
      xfree86: Remove os-support/sysv
      linux: Don't muck about with tty permissions
      xfree86: Remove dead ifdefs from VT switching
      linux: Refactor VT switch on {re,}generation and shutdown
      render: repack PictureRec
      dix: Remove the backing store leftovers
      dix: Remove unused ChangeSaveUnder hooks
      dix: reshuffle WindowOptRec to fill a hole on LP64
      render: Reshuffle and cull dead field from GlyphSetRec
      mi: Remove unused miAllocateGCPrivateIndex
      xfree86: Remove unused xf86PixmapKeyRec
      vbe: Refuse to believe tiny (or negative) panel sizes from PanelID
      xfree86: Remove the xf8_16bpp overlay module
      xfree86: Bump classic driver default to 1024x768
      xfree86: Remove unused xf86inSuspend
      Remove SCO support
      fonts: Fix typo in async ListFonts logic
      xfree86: Symmetrize xf86AccessEnter and xf86AccessLeave
      xfree86: Remove xf86EnterServerState
      xfree86: Convert some xf86BlockSIGIO to OsBlockSignals
      config: warning fixes
      loader: warning fix
      dri1: warning fix
      xcmisc: warning fix
      glx: warning fixes
      linux: warning fix
      x86emu: Fix more mis-decoding of the data prefix
      dix: Add a Screen method for additional cursor confinement
      dmx: warning fixes
      dmx: warning fix
      dmx: warning fix
      dmx: warning fixes
      xdmxconfig: warning fix
      os: Reduce smart scheduler setup calls
      resource: s/NullResource/NULL/g
      resource: Remove expectID hack
      resource: Fix indentation
      xselinux: Fix GetDrawableContext
      xf86vidmode: warning fix
      int10: warning fix
      fbdevhw: Remove the non-sysfs hack for mapping from PCI to fbdev
      xfree86: warning fix
      fb: Remove hw/xfree86/ from includes
      damage: Remove hw/xfree86/ from includes
      rootless: Remove hw/xfree86/ from includes
      shadow: Remove hw/xfree86/ from includes
      glxproxy: warning fix
      glxproxy: warning fix
      glxproxy: warning fix
      glxproxy: warning fix
      glxproxy: warning fix
      glxproxy: warning fix
      glxproxy: warning fix
      glxproxy: warning fix
      glxproxy: warning fix
      glxproxy: warning fix
      glxproxy: warning fix
      xfree86: If the driver found modes on an output, don't add more
      xfree86: Fix the sdk headers to be multilib-safe

Adam Tkac (1):
      Return Success from generate_modkeymap() when max_keys_per_mod is zero

Adrian Bunk (1):
      remove dolt

Alan Coopersmith (33):
      Use GetMaster instead of direct u.master access in core procs
      Remove leftover fbSaveAreas & fbRestoreAreas defines from wfbrename.h
      Xorg.man: Replace XDarwin reference with Xquartz
      Remove unused ReqLen & CastxReq macros
      Xserver-spec: Delete DBE Idioms section
      Xserver-spec: Update Memory Management functions
      Xserver-spec: Replace deprecated resource id lookup functions
      Xserver-spec: Remove CreateCallbackList
      Xserver-spec: Update lists of macros
      Xserver-spec: Fix assorted typos
      Xserver-spec: Update location of log functions
      Xserver-spec: Update discussion of font library
      config: Remove AC_PROG_CC, SED & INSTALL that XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS provide
      Move xchomp inside #ifdef __linux__
      Fix compiler warnings in hw/xfree86/os-support/solaris
      xf86OutputRename: Replace another strlen/malloc/strcpy set with strdup
      xf86ValidateModes: xnfalloc(strlen) + strcpy => xnfstrdup
      xf86AutoConfig: make copyScreen memory allocation & error handling more sane
      xf86VIDrvMsgVerb: print args, not format string
      FindModuleInSubdir: Stop allocating one more byte than needed
      Simplify Error() - don't allocate temporary copy of error string
      Move inclusion of panoramiX headers to top of render.c
      Sun's copyrights now belong to Oracle
      Add asprintf() implementation for platforms without it
      Convert existing Xprintf style calls to asprintf style
      Convert hw/xfree86/parser code to use asprintf() calls
      Convert alloc+sprintf pairs into asprintf() & XNFasprintf() calls
      Replace alloc+strcpy+strcat with asprintf() & XNFasprintf() calls
      Convert cvt code to use XNFasprintf()
      Bug 32436 - hw/xfree86/parser/Makefile.am TOP_SRCDIR should be top_srcdir
      Fix asprintf typo in commit d2c42b10
      xkb/ddxLoad.c doesn't need <paths.h> any more
      Add xorg.conf.d shadow man page pointing to xorg.conf man page

Alexandr Shadchin (1):
      Removing unused code

Ander Conselvan de Oliveira (4):
      ProcRRQueryVersion: fix use of uninitialised bytes valgrind error.
      ProcRRCreateMode: fix use of uninitialised bytes valgrind error.
      XkbSendNames: fix use of uninitialised bytes valgrind error.
      ProcXkbGetXkbByName: fix use of uninitialised bytes valgrind error.

Andrea Canciani (1):
      render: Fix byteswapping of gradient stops

Bill Nottingham (1):
      xfree86: store the screen's gamma information on init.

Carlos Garnacho (1):
      Xi: make XIQueryPointer return the current modifiers/group as documented.

Chase Douglas (10):
      Fix udev population of Bluetooth input device product IDs
      Add CountBits() to the server.
      test: input - set valuators mask for event to core conversion
      Add support for per-axis valuator modes (Relative/Absolute)
      Fix GPE Y axis scaling
      Fix transformAbsolute
      Export all valuator_mask_* functions
      Make EventIsDeliverable non-static
      Export all valuator_mask_* functions
      Make EventIsDeliverable non-static

Chris Wilson (3):
      modes: Beware the driver switching root pixmaps
      xfree86: Kill pixmapPrivate with a vengeance (v2)
      xfree86: Do not call dlclose(NULL) [regression after ab7f057]

Christopher James Halse Rogers (2):
      Xext: Fix edge case with {Positive, Negative}Transition triggers.
      IDLETIME: Fix edge-case in IdleTimeBlockHandler

Colin Harrison (11):
      Comparison between pointer and integer in latest dix/dispatch.c
      Xming: Fix warning in winClipboardErrorHandler()
      Xming: Fix warnings in winClipboardFlushXEvents()
      Xming: Fix warnings in winNameCompare(), winNormalizeName()
      Xming: Fix warnings in windialogs.c
      Xming: Fix warnings in ProcWindowsWMFrameSetTitle()
      Xming: Warning fix in winApplyHints()
      Xming: Warning fix in winDeviceCursorCleanup()
      Xming: Casts to remove warnings on event pointers
      Xming: Remove uses of register keyword
      Typo in xserver Xvasprintf()

Cyril Brulebois (18):
      Remove superfluous if(p!=NULL) checks around free(p); p=NULL;
      Remove more superfluous if(p) checks around free(p).
      Remove more superfluous if(p!=NULL) checks around free(p).
      Remove more superfluous if(p!=NULL) checks around free(p).
      test: Fix missing xkbsrv.h include.
      xfree86: Initialize Pointer and Keyboard.
      Fix screen number checks.
      Fix GLX_LIBS vs. DMX_LIBS order.
      Fix missing <string.h> include.
      Replace LookupIDByType() with dixLookupResourceByType(), take 1.
      Replace LookupIDByType() with dixLookupResourceByType(), take 2.
      Enable silent rules for cat and echo.
      Replace SecurityLookupIDByType() with dixLookupResourceByType(), take 1.
      Replace SecurityLookupIDByType() with dixLookupResourceByType(), take 2.
      Replace SecurityLookupIDByClass() with dixLookupResourceByClass().
      dix: Simplify deprecated *Lookup* wrappers around dixLookup*.
      dix: Fix logic for displaying deprecation warning only once.
      xfree86: Fix undefined reference to `XNFsprintf' on sparc.

Dan Horák (1):
      XF86CONFIGDIR is undefined when built with --disable-xorg (#28672)

Dan Nicholson (3):
      xfree86: Convert libxf86config to static libtool library
      xfree86: Allow sdksyms.dep to be included portably
      dmx: Construct paths in doxygen.conf to fix VPATH builds

Daniel Stone (23):
      Resources: Move rClient to resource.h
      Input: Set client error value for invalid mask bits
      GetTimeInMillis: Use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE where available
      mi: Sync: Don't free managed screen private
      Render: Fix 'comparing between distinct pointer types' warning
      Resources: Move rClient to resource.h
      Input: Set client error value for invalid mask bits
      udev: Add strdups to kill const warnings
      GLX: DRI2: Fix mismatched-types warning
      DIX: Reset window properties when freeing them
      XFree86: Linux: AGP: Fix void-pointer-arithmetic warning
      Input: Swap flags in DeviceEvents
      Test: Input: Add helper function for failing EventToCore
      Test: Input: Check flags on DeviceEvent
      Test: Input: Test up to supported server, not protocol, events
      Input: Export SpriteRec for use in public API
      Input: Make RootWindow() take a sprite instead of device
      Input: Pass sprite instead of device to FixUpEventFromWindow
      Input: Pass sprite instead of device to XYToWindow, make non-static
      Input: Handle grabs with no Xi 1.x equivalent
      Input: Export GetEventMask
      Input: Make CheckPassiveGrabsOnWindow return grab, export
      Input: Prevent MD grabs from wandering on to other MDs

David Barksdale (1):
      Bug 21827: faulty sdksyms.c generated by the awk script in sdksyms.sh

David Ge (1):
      xkb: Fix RedirectKey didn't send any event.

David Reveman (2):
      fixes: Add panoramix support
      composite: add panoramix support

Eamon Walsh (2):
      Fix property and selection devPrivate allocation.
      Add screens to the PRIVATE_XSELINUX set.

Eoghan Sherry (1):
      Xi: Fix master button update when slave buttons are mapped. #24887

Eric Anholt (1):
      Replace usage of DamageRegionAppend with DamageDamageRegion to fix reportAfter.

Erkki Seppälä (2):
      xkb: Cancel a key's repetition when its autorepeat is disabled.
      record: avoid crash when calling RecordFlushReplyBuffer recursively

Evan Broder (1):
      xfree86/modes: Be sure to only use new EDID for physical output dimensions

Ferry Huberts (1):
      dix: do not use bit-wise operators on the boolean result of BitIsOn

Gaetan Nadon (26):
      config: remove --with-dri-driver-path option, use dri.pc #29740
      doc: HTML file generation: use the installed copy of xorg.css
      xmlrules.in: remove unrequired "@rm -f $@" from doc targets
      xmlrules.in: no need to setup xmlto flags when configuring --without-xmlto
      xmlrules.in: use pattern rules to enable dependencies
      xmlrules.in: specify the xserver entities depedencies on the target
      xmlrules.in: use $(top_srcdir) rather than ../../../ [...]
      doc: refactor Makefile and xmlrules.in code for reusability
      config: build Xserver man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      hw/dmx/doc: DIST_SUBDIRS not required when using AM_CONDITIONAL
      docs: replace BUILLDOCS with existing ENABLE_DEVEL_DOCS
      Xorg.man: fix whitespace issues
      man: build Xorg and xorg.conf man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      Xquartz: build Xquartz man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      Xquartz: strip the man page code from cpprules.in
      Xnest: build Xnest man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      XWin: build XWin man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      Xvfb: build Xvfb man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      Xephyr: build Xephyr man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      XFree86 utils: build utils man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      fbdevhw: build man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      exa: build man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      Xdmx: build all man pages using XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
      man: refactor common code in the man pages makefiles
      xfree86: use sed rather than cpp to perform string substitutions
      Xquartz: rename man page directory from doc to man

James Jones (12):
      Add and use SERVER_SYNC_*_VERSION
      Create SyncObject base type.
      Make Await SyncTrigger functions generic
      Factor out generic code from ProcSyncAwait()
      Move some sync code to miext
      Add fence sync driver interface
      Require xextproto 7.1.99
      Create/Destroy/Trigger/Reset/Query Fence Sync objs
      Add XSyncAwaitFence() handler
      Expose Sync Fence Object protocol
      Bump extension ABI to 5
      X Sync Cleanups

Jamey Sharp (26):
      dmx: Delete unused GLX visual matching code.
      dmx: __glXMalloc -> malloc, etc.
      dmx: Delete '#undef Xmalloc' and friends.
      fb: Delete unused oneRect private field.
      damage: Delete NOTUSED block--it was never not NOTUSED.
      Delete unused devPrivate field from GCFuncs and GCOps.
      Delete unused lastWinOrg field from GCs.
      Delete xaaWrapper.
      Delete redundant GC initializations.
      dixfonts: Deobfuscate GC ops calls.
      xquartz: Delete compile-time-constant DRIGCRec.driOps field.
      xnest: Replace use of Colormap->devPriv with standard devPrivates.
      Delete Colormap->devPriv. It isn't used any more.
      VGA arbiter: No need for arbitration around CreateGC.
      glxdriswrast: Use CreateGC, not CreateScratchGC.
      Un-export CreateScratchGC now that nothing external uses it.
      miPolyGlyphBlt: Delete redundant ValidateGC.
      rootless: ROOTLESS_TRACK_DAMAGE is never set, so unifdef it.
      rootless: ROOTLESS_GLOBAL_COORDS is always set, so unifdef it.
      rootless: Delete dead remnants of rootless acceleration.
      Xserver need not be compatible with old versions of xserver.
      Introduce per-object per-screen privates.
      Let CheckPassiveGrabsOnWindow callers check if device is already grabbed.
      CheckDeviceGrabs: Delete redundant pWin->optional test.
      Move replay-window check from ComputeFreezes to CheckDeviceGrabs.
      Use GetCurrentRootWindow or equivalent instead of spriteTrace[0].

Jan Hauffa (3):
      XQuartz: RandR: Implement basic RandR functionality.
      XQuartz: RandR: Toggle rootless mode on XRandR mode switch.
      XQuartz: RandR: Remove FAKE_RANDR code.

Jeremy Huddleston (31):
      rootless: Remove ROOTLESS_WORKAROUND
      XQuartz: Localization updates
      XQuartz: Move use of static dispatch procs after declaration
      XQuartz: RandR: Use deprecated CG APIs only on Leopard and earlier
      XQuartz: RandR: Respond better to resolution changes made outside X
      XQuartz: RandR: Better handle switching betwen RandR modes that share CG modes
      XQuartz: RandR: Don't change the rootless preference when changing RandR mode
      XQuartz: RandR: Refactor legacy mode-switching to be better integrated with RandR
      test: Fix make distcheck when not building unit tests
      DOC: Only build dtrace documentation with --enable-docs
      XQuartz: Build-fixes for XQuartz for recent input API changes
      dix: Fix make distcheck
      XQuartz: Fix make distcheck
      XQuartz: Add pointer debugging
      XQuartz dri: Don't check CoreGraphics version
      XQuartz: Remove existing localization files on install to avoid conflicts
      XQuartz: Localization Updates
      XQuartz: Remove unused CloseInputDevice stub
      XQuartz: Disable the Mac OS X screensaver when in full screen mode
      XQuartz: Remove one more backing store leftover
      XQuartz: Cleanup some compiler warnings
      XQuartz: RandR: Fix mode changing for multi-monitor configurations.
      XQuartz: Just NSBeep() for XBell()
      XQuartz GL: Add $(GL_CFLAGS) to CFLAGS
      XQuartz: Update copyright dates in bundle's plist
      XQuartz: Bump version string to 2.6.1
      XQuartz: Call RRScreenSizeNotify after handling externally-generated XP_EVENT_DISPLAY_CHANGED
      XQuartz: Use the default signal handler
      XQuartz: Localization Updates
      XQuartz: Add LSApplicationCategoryType key to Info.plist
      XQuartz: Localization Updates

Jesse Adkins (10):
      xfree86: Remove comments about unable to use malloc.
      xfree86: Remove prototypes for non-existant functions.
      xfree86: Simplify xf86Msg{,Verb}
      xfree86: Fix leaks in OpenConfigFile and OpenConfigDir
      xfree86: Removed unused messages from Configint.h
      xfree86: Purge parsePrologueVoid.
      xfree86: Document terminate not mapped by default (bug 25083)
      xfree86: Purge kbdCustomKeycodes from xf86Info.
      xfree86: parser: Remove 'CUSTOM' flag option in Monitor section.
      fb: Remove fbcmap.c (bug 5436)

Joe Shaw (1):
      fix a sign problem with valuator data.

Jon TURNEY (42):
      Cygwin/X: Fix compilation after "delete pervasively use of DISPATCH_PROC"
      event_size is currently never assigned to in mieqProcessInputEvents().
      Cygwin/X: Cleanup some VENDOR_STRING/VENDOR_CONTACT cruft
      Cygwin/X: Use normal apostrophe in XWin DDX help text
      Cygwin/X: unifdef XFree86Server
      Cygwin/X: Remove execute permission from source files
      Cygwin/X: Turn off the bad-function-cast warning for XWin code
      Cygwin/X: Clarify XKB options in XWin man page
      Cygwin/X: Reformat the keyboard layout mapping table
      Cygwin/X: Drop several unneeded includes of winprefs.h
      Cygwin/X: Fix typos in comments
      Cygwin/X: Make g_hhookKeyboardLL static
      Cygwin/X: Make g_hmodDirectDraw static
      Cygwin/X: Make g_hmodCommonControls static
      Cygwin/X: Remove g_hwndKeyboardFocus
      Cygwin/X: Move duplicate extern variable declarations from various .c files to a new header file
      Fix compilation after input API change
      Fix Xwin build after af0f9f91
      Cygwin/X: Enable building of nativegdi and primaryfb engines to avoid further rusting
      Cygwin/X: Refactor framebuffer allocation/release in drawing engines
      Cygwin/X: Rather than storing calculated physical display sizes, calculate them when needed
      Cygwin/X: Remove an attempt at detecting if WM_DISPLAYCHANGE affects the X screen
      Cygwin/X: Move QueryMonitor() out of windprocarg.c
      Cygwin/X: Add -resize command line option
      Cygwin/X: Implement framebuffer resizing in RANDR extension
      Cygwin/X: Make WM_SIZE use RandR resizing when -resize=randr
      Cygwin/X: Generate RANDR change on WM_DISPLAYCHANGE for rootless modes
      Cygwin/X: Don't turn off -multiplemonitors when all monitors don't have the same pixel format when using shadow GDI engine
      Cygwin/X: Fix a typo in command line argument validation code
      Cygwin/X: Remove WIN_DIB_MAXIMUM_SIZE check
      Cygwin/X: Use winUpdateFBPointer() in winshaddd.c rather than duplicating it inline
      Cygwin/X: Deal with RANDR depth changes correctly in ShadowGDI drawing engine
      Cygwin/X: Simplify and consolidate reporting of the bpp value we are going to use
      Cygwin/X: DirectDraw engines shouldn't try to blit if the surface wasn't allocated
      Fix compilation of xf86bigfont.c
      Cygwin/X: Generate X keycodes for multimedia keys
      Cygwin/X: Better keycode debugging output
      Cygwin/X: Update mapping for Canadian keyboard layouts
      Cygwin/X: Make the keyboard layout detection logging a bit clearer
      Cygwin/X: Add Turkish keyboard layouts to keyboard layout mapping table
      Cygwin/X: Ignore MappingNotify events sent to clipboard integration client
      Cygwin/X: Fix for Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard layout handling

Julien Cristau (10):
      os: include dix-config.h, not xorg-config.h
      DGA: fix screen number check
      glx: make sure screen is non-negative in validGlxScreen
      glx: validate request lengths
      glx: check request length before swapping
      glx: swap the request arrays entirely, not just half of them
      glx: validate numAttribs field before using it
      glx: fix request length check for CreateGLXPbufferSGIX
      glx: fix BindTexImageEXT length check
      glx: Work around wrong request lengths sent by mesa

Justin Dou (1):
      Replace malloc with calloc to initialize the buffers[] as NULL in do_get_buffers function

Jörn Horstmann (1):
      Add EDID quirk for HP Compaq nc8430.

Keith Packard (34):
      Bump version to (1.10 development series)
      Replace huge argument list in xf86CrtcSetModeTransform with struct
      Require RandR protocol version 1.4 or newer
      randr: Add sprite position transforms
      randr: Implement RRSetCrtcConfigs
      hw/xfree86/modes: Add optional driver API for RRSetCrtcConfigs
      randr: Add per-crtc pixmaps
      randr: Hook up the new RandR 1.4 functionality
      DIX is responsible for ref counting scanout pixmaps.
      Set sprite transforms from RRSetCrtcConfigs
      Separate out screen size and screen pixmap sizes in RRScreenSizeSet
      ProcRRSetCrtcConfigs uses 'configs' without being initialized
      randr: handle RRSetCrtcConfigs request with zero configs
      sync: syncObject may be None in SyncInitTrigger
      Version bumped to (1.10 RC1)
      Version bumped to (1.10 RC2)
      Revert "randr: handle RRSetCrtcConfigs request with zero configs"
      Revert "ProcRRSetCrtcConfigs uses 'configs' without being initialized"
      Revert "Separate out screen size and screen pixmap sizes in RRScreenSizeSet"
      Revert "Set sprite transforms from RRSetCrtcConfigs"
      Revert "DIX is responsible for ref counting scanout pixmaps."
      Revert "randr: Hook up the new RandR 1.4 functionality"
      Revert "randr: Add per-crtc pixmaps"
      Revert "hw/xfree86/modes: Add optional driver API for RRSetCrtcConfigs"
      Revert "randr: Implement RRSetCrtcConfigs"
      Revert "randr: Add sprite position transforms"
      Revert "Require RandR protocol version 1.4 or newer"
      Revert "Replace huge argument list in xf86CrtcSetModeTransform with struct"
      xfree86: Bump video ABI to 10.0
      Version bumped to (1.10 RC3)
      hw/xwin: Look for gl spec files in $(srcdir) or .
      hw/dmx/doc: Add explicit dependency for all doxygen output files
      input: Ensure Valuator axes are aligned as needed
      Version bumped to 1.10

Kristian Høgsberg (2):
      glx: Fix use after free in DrawableGone
      Set DamageSetReportAfterOp to true for the damage extension

Linus Arver (1):
      Xext: panoramiXprocs: fix typo

Luc Verhaegen (1):
      x86emu: fix jump_near_IMM to handle DATA: flag correctly.

Maarten Maathuis (4):
      exa/driver: set pExaPixmap->use_gpu_copy to the right value
      exa: Only call driver FinishAccess hook if PrepareAccess hook succeeded.
      exa/mixed: Exclude frontbuffer from deferred pixmap handling.
      Revert "exa/mixed: Exclude frontbuffer from deferred pixmap handling."

Macpaul Lin (5):
      xfree86: nds32: add nds32 related definitions into include headers.
      xfree86: nds32: add nds32 definition for support linux video related io.
      xfree86: nds32: add nds32 definition for vgaHW support.
      xfree86: nds32: add nds32 support for compiler specific codes
      xfree86: nds32: add nds32 support for compiler related mmio codes

Matt Turner (1):
      Replace malloc/strlen/strcpy with strdup.

Michał Górny (2):
      kdrive: Fix tslib check fallback to set TSLIB_LIBS. #30599
      kdrive: Fix linking with tslib, with -Wl, --as-needed. #30600

Michel Dänzer (3):
      EXA: Fix crash with fill using 1x1 tile of depth < 8 (bug #24703).
      EXA: Pad size of system memory copy for 1x1 pixmaps (bug #32803).
      EXA/mixed: ModifyPixmapHeader pitch fixes. (bug #33929)

Mikhail Gusarov (3):
      Remove now-misleading comment
      Replace "if(buf) realloc(buf, size) else malloc(size)" with realloc()
      Remove now-misleading comment

Nicolas Peninguy (1):
      Fix Xdmx and Xephyr build when DTrace support is enabled

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      modes: improve aspect ratio match for classic drivers

Pauli Nieminen (28):
      xkb: Use memcpy for copy that has known length
      xkb: Fix memory leak if opening file fails
      xkb: Don't check for NULL before calling free
      xkb: Fix NULL pointer dereference
      xkb: Remove redurant intialization code
      xkb: Fix memory leak in error path
      xkb: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
      xkb: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
      xkb: Check if AddResource failed
      DRI2: Avoid call to NULL pointer
      render: Don't filter 0 return from GetTimeInMillis
      render: Enable animated cursor block handler only when needed
      composite: Only register the block handler when it is required
      composite: Remove unnecessary variable.
      mi: Add GetSpriteScreen macro to hide dixLookupPrivate
      mi: Fix wrapping for sprite screen
      mi: Fix the debug message
      mi: Register sprite damage handler only when required
      mi: Only register sprite block handler when needed
      udev: Fix removing of the wake up handler
      os: Fix a memory leak
      os: always check if client is local when connection is accepted
      xf86/xv: Remove copy paste code.
      xf86/xv: Remove unused GC pointers
      xf86/xv: Remove unused variable from XvPortRecPrivate
      xf86/xv: Fill color key on expose
      xf86/xv: Use PostValidateTree to do reput
      xf86/xv: Only register PostValidateTree hook when there is work to do

Paulius Zaleckas (1):
      KDrive: Fix error handlig in tslib driver

Peter Hutterer (112):
      dix: don't create core motion events for non-x/y valuators.
      xfree86: fix compiler warning about implicied decl of DuplicateModule.
      xfree86: rework driver PreInit API - XInput ABI 12
      config: expose config_info as an input option.
      xfree86: make xf86ActivateDevice static.
      xfree86: remove superflous assignments.
      input: Purge Register*Device() functions.
      xfree86: purge some unused defines.
      xfree86: remove XI86_CONFIGURED flag.
      xfree86: purge SendDragEvents support.
      input: set XKB extension for all new devices, not just xfree86 ones.
      xfree86: return the device from xf86ActivateDevice.
      xfree86: move xf86AllocateInput and xf86DeleteInput to xf86Xinput.c
      xfree86: add xf86IDrvMsg and friends for input driver logging.
      xfree86: remove LocalDeviceRec/Ptr definition.
      xfree86: remove unused DeviceAssocRec struct.
      xfree86: purge superfluous includes from xf86Xinput.c
      input: remove OpenInputDevice and CloseInputDevice DDX hooks.
      input: Purge AddOtherInputDevices DDX hook.
      xfree86: Purge old_x/old_y from InputInfoRec.
      xfree86: remove private_flags from InputInfoRec.
      xfree86: remove first/last from InputInfoRec.
      xfree86: remove always_core_feedback from InputInfoRec.
      xfree86: remove history_size
      dix: fix crash when removing devices on a buttonless MD pointer (#29669)
      dix: don't set time to CurrentTime in DeviceChangedEvents.
      input: constify valuators passed in by input drivers.
      Remove atom field from InputInfoRec.
      xfree86: Check for existence of button class before dereferencing it.
      xfree86: remove conversion procs and close proc from InputInfoRec.
      xfree86: skip a few NULL initialization, calloc does it for us.
      xfree86: minor comment fix. HAL → config backend
      xfree86: move a declaration down to the block it is used in.
      xfree86: remove some ifdef 0 code.
      xfree86: remove extraOptions field from IDevRec.
      xfree86: Remove extraOptions parameter from xf86CollectInputOptions.
      xfree86: plug minor memory leak.
      xfree86: remove IDevRec, replace with InputInfoRec.
      xfree86: update comment for xf86DeleteInput
      xfree86: remove XI_PRIVATE macro, unused.
      xfree86: don't export xf86InputDevs.
      xfree86: remove {Dont}SendCoreEvents defines
      xfree86: remove TS_Raw and TS_Scaled defines.
      xfree86: move XI_VERIFY_VALUATORS to the source file it's used in.
      xfree86: add a hook to replace the new console handler.
      xfree86: add xf86OptionListDuplicate()
      xfree86: rename parameter names to xf86ScaleAxis.
      dix: update comments for GetPointerEvents and friends
      xkb: init mapWidth and symsPerKey arrays to 0.
      xkb: always fill the symsPerKey array, regardless of client flags (#30527)
      xfree86: set mask for valuators 0/1 when emulating core events (#30267)
      Abstract valuator masks through a set of APIs.
      dix: get rid of the now-superfluous valuator arrays in GPE and friends.
      xfree86: convert xf86Post{Motion|Key|Button|Proximity}Event to masks
      dix: remove valuator_mask_copy_valuators, not needed anymore.
      test: valuator_mask tests.
      dix: send proximity events if one or more axes are Absolute.
      input: add valuator_get_mode() helper.
      dix: populate motion history only if the mode matches the first axis.
      dix: clip absolute axes depending on their mode.
      dmx: clarify a valuator mode condition.
      input: move proximity state into ProximityClassRec.
      input: remove "mode" field from ValuatorClassRec.
      Convert some leftover axes->mode access to valuator_get_mode()
      test: valuator_mode tests.
      Re-export xf86CollectInputOptions.
      Xi: reshuffle conditions for labeling a device as IsXExtensionKeyboard (#29046)
      xfree86: remove two unused variables from Makefile.am
      xfree86: fix two compiler warnings - unused variable ati, atimisc
      xfree86: fix compiler warnings - unused variable i
      Xi: split hierarchy manipulation into static functions.
      Xi: rename two variables from ptr to dev.
      Xi: if XTEST device creation fails, fail the master devices.
      config: remove mention of AllowEmptyInput
      xfree86: remove user-configured AllowEmptyInput
      Xi: move property reset from extension shutdown to init.
      dix: fix typo in setting valuator modes (#21548)
      xfree86: rename allowEmptyInput to forceInputDevices.
      xfree86: add missing linebreak in error message.
      test: compare byte padding macros against the expected bytes.
      test: reduce range of byte-padding macro tests.
      dix: replace a manual valuator check with valuator_get_mode().
      dix: when comparing axis modes, compare the bits, not the bytes.
      dix: when converting to XI 1.x events, use the first_valuator's device mode
      dix: GetProximityEvents needs to check up to the last valuator
      dix: fix typo, set the second valuator with the y-axis data.
      dix: add a fixme about a corner-case that should probably be fixed.
      include: let BitIsOn() return a boolean value.
      dix: remove now unnecessary !! before BitIsOn()
      dix: don't stop processing valuators when the mode changes.
      mi: handle DGA subtypes when determining the master device.
      xfree86: add option "Floating", deprecate SendCoreEvents and friends.
      xfree86: don't overwrite option list (#32115)
      xfree86: use xf86AllocateInput() for xorg.conf devices too.
      dix: clear up an overly convoluted if statement.
      xfree86: don't set movement flags for non-valuator events.
      dix: allow for button-only input devices (#21457)
      xfree86: swap the order to-be-merged lists in xf86CollectInputOptions.
      xfree86: always report the input options before initialising the device.
      input: add valuator_mask_free() to free a valuator mask.
      Xi: reset remainders when warping the device.
      xkb: Replace a few manual bitflips with SetBit & friends.
      xkb: after making changes to the xkb ctrls, copy them back into kbdfeed.
      xfree86: bump input minor ABI
      Xi: constify XIChangeDeviceProperty()
      xkb: split out keymap compilation.
      xkb: if the keymap failed to compile, load the default keymap instead.
      xfixes: calloc, not malloc the cursorScreenRec
      xfree86: fix up an out-of-date comment.
      dix: a valuator number of 0 is valid (#34510)
      test: write some event → XI1 conversion tests.
      Add mode field to ConstrainCursorHarder

Samuel Thibault (3):
      hurd: Fix use of deprecated iopl device
      Do not trap access to timer and keyboard
      xserver: enable TLS even if AIGLX is not enabled

Siddhesh Poyarekar (1):
      mi: Integer overflow for dashed lines longer than 46340. #31093

Simon Thum (2):
      xfree86: Fix xf86 backend-specific input initialization
      dix: fix up valuators passed to acceleration code.

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (5):
      Delete unused fbWalkCompositeRegion()
      render: Delete renderedge.[ch]
      fb: Delete fbCompositeGeneral()
      wfb: Delete unused renamings
      fb: Delete a bunch more left-overs

Thomas Hellstrom (2):
      linux: Don't lose console events on non-evdev drivers (#29969)
      linux: Don't lose console events on non-evdev drivers (#29969)

Tiago Vignatti (27):
      xfree86: vgaarb: change macros by inline functions to ease debug
      xfree86: vgaarb: remove superfluous and confusing VGAGet_GC and VGAPut_GC
      xfree86: vgaarb: remove useless macro
      xfree86: vgaarb: fix device decoding interface to send resources type properly
      os/xfree86: remove macro checking for POSIX symbols
      os: remove useless smart scheduler macros
      os: simplify smart scheduler init process
      mi: delete unused code
      xext: remove unused header
      xfree86: fbdevhw: remove unused cmap fields from main structure
      xfree86: fbdevhw: remove unnecessary debug code
      xfree86: vgaarb: fix decoding stub API
      xfree86: use xf86PciIsolateDevice to get PCI config information
      xfree86: bus: remove useless automake variable
      xfree86: bus: remove xfree86 and few other references from OS files
      xfree86: configure: move buses references to their own location
      xfree86: dri: remove unused PCI macro
      xfree86: bus: move macros from common PCI header to private file
      xfree86: bus: assign PCI_SOURCES with the actual source files
      xfree86: delete useless "Primary device is not PCI" message
      xserver: delete pervasively use of DISPATCH_PROC
      dix: remove proc tables initialization
      dix: advance parent window pointer when no node is found
      dix: delete logo hack screen saver
      dix: adds support for none root window background
      dix: fix root window background behaviour for protocol calls
      randr: check for virtual size limits before set crtc

Tobias Droste (1):
      randr: set error numbers of resource types in RRExtenstionInit() (V2)

Tom Fogal (2):
      Add macro for detecting thread local storage support.
      Autodetect TLS support instead of defaulting to disabled.

Tomas Carnecky (1):
      NO_PANORAMIX preprocessor symbol is nowhere defined

Vignatti Tiago (Nokia-MS/Helsinki) (1):
      os: add -sigstop option for Upstart (or equivalent) startup

Ville Syrjala (11):
      include: Fix a copy/paste error in a comment
      xfree86/input: Restore DGAStealKeyEvent()
      xfree86/dga: Install the DGA event handler when DGA2 is used
      xfree86/dga: Remove the ET_DGAEvent handler only if it was installed
      xfree86/dga: Make mieq_install Bool
      xfree86/dga: DGA2 events are missing the dx/dy information
      xfree86/dga: Remove DGAMouseX and DGAMouseY
      xfree86/dga: DGAProcessKeyboardEvent() forgot ET_Internal
      xfree86/dga: Remove useless ifdefs
      xfree86/dga: Only send DGA events for master devices
      xfree86/dga: Remove DGAIsDgaEvent()

Ville Syrjälä (23):
      xfree86/xv: Remove useless NULL check from ClipNotify
      xfree86/xv: Eliminate two open coded copies of xf86XVRemovePortFromWindow
      xfree86/xv: Factor out the meat of xf86XVWindowExposures for later reuse
      xfree86/xv: Allow xf86XVReputOrStopPort() to stop PutVideo/GetVideo ports
      xfree86/xv: Change the behaviour of ClipNotify to reput instead of stop
      xfree86/xv: No need to free composite clip in AdjustFrame
      xfree86/xv: Change the behaviour of AdjustFrame to reput everything
      xfree86/xv: Factor out the meat of xf86XVAdjustFrame for later reuse
      xfree86/xv: Remove clipOrg from XvPortRecPrivate
      xfree86/xv: Fix ReputImage clipping
      xfree86/xv: Add some helpful comments about ReputImage
      xfree86/xv: Document VIDEO_CLIP_TO_VIEWPORT incompatibility with reput
      xfree86/xv: Pass all coordinate arguments to ReputImage
      xfree86/modes: Provide a ModeSet hook in ScrnInfo
      xfree86/xv: Provide a ModeSet hook
      dri2: Don't page flip when the window size doesn't match the pixmap size
      xfree86/modes: Take rotation into account when checking mode size
      Add subWindowMode parameter to SourceValidate
      Call SourceValidate even if src == dst
      Revert "composite: Convert compWindowUpdate to use TraverseTree"
      composite: Add GetImage wrapper
      composite: Add SourceValidate wrapper
      composite: Support updating an arbitrary subtree

Zhao Yakui (1):
      edid: Fix incorrect timings for VIC61

git tag: xorg-server-1.10.0

MD5:  57c143c5cfa507680933b6c4904f829c  xorg-server-1.10.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 04df80e079cc8ab5406322a2bb207b30006c3595  xorg-server-1.10.0.tar.bz2

MD5:  398f3f182f175d01e191bdaa6225c1b9  xorg-server-1.10.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 57e08f6f04cf44c6f015a1decd75c515ac5c4e37  xorg-server-1.10.0.tar.gz

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