[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Jun 1 11:48:06 PDT 2011

While not traditional, I've returned from a short vacation to merge a
few more patches and push out the first release candidate for X server
version 1.11.

Since 1.10.0:
 379 files changed, 30588 insertions(+), 35662 deletions(-)

We continue the fine tradition of reducing the overall size of the
server without impacting functionality, although the reduction here was 
almost entire due to removing the noop dispatch table from GLX.

I would like to merge the Xres 1.2 patches, but they conflict with
changes in the server (sigh). If those patches can get updated, I'll
pull them in for RC2. There is also a composite patch pending from Ville
Syrjälä, but that's a bug fix and so can be added after RC1. I have no
other pending patches in my queue for the X server, so if I'm missing
something, please let me know.

Thanks, as always, for all of the development contributions which have
lead to this release.

Aaron Plattner (2):
      linux: Retry VT ioctls while errno == EINTR
      randr: check rotated virtual size limits correctly

Adam Jackson (43):
      xext: Remove XCALIBRATE extension
      vbe: Fix malloc size bug
      dix: Remove usage_hint from pixmaps, store it in ->drawable.class
      dix: Remove deprecated.c
      dix: Remove PIXEL typedef
      xv: Use RESTYPE where appropriate
      xinerama: Use RESTYPE consistently
      xvmc: Use RESTYPE consistently
      xi: Use RESTYPE consistently
      glx: Remove unused _glapi_get_proc_offset and friends
      glx: unifdef SOLARIS_THREADS
      glx: unifdef USE_XTHREADS
      glx: unifdef BEOS_THREADS
      glx: Simplify _glapi_check_multithread
      glx: Remove unused _glapi_get_proc_name
      input: warning fix
      input: warning fixes
      record: warning fix
      glx: Add texbuffer2 support to swrast
      mi: Call pScreen->ConstrainCursorHarder from the position update path
      randr: Add RRConstrainCursorHarder
      dix: Fix ATOM typedef
      dix: Shrink PropertyRec on LP64
      dix: Define RESTYPE as uint32_t
      glx: Remove noop dispatch table
      glx: Lobotomize _glapi_get_proc_address
      glx: Update some glapi comments
      glx: Flatten -DXFree86Server
      glx: Fix _glapi_add_dispatch
      glx: Reimplement context tags
      glx: Remove ->forceCurrent from the context vtable
      glx: Remove some obfuscatory macros
      glx: dead variable removal
      glx: minor cast cleanup
      dix: Small refactor to resource deletion
      render: warning fixes
      xfree86: warning fix
      xfree86: warning fix
      glx: Fix lifetime tracking for pixmaps
      Revert "composite: Don't backfill non-bg-None windows"
      glx: Use 0 rather than garbage for unknown INTEL_swap_event types
      glx: Make --disable-dri not disable AIGLX
      fixes: Add support for pointer barriers

Alan Coopersmith (13):
      xkb: Use snprintf to measure string lengths instead of manual strlen math
      Replace _XkbDupString with Xstrdup
      XkbAddGeomProperty: Fix checks for malloc failure
      xkb: Replace malloc(strlen) + strcpy with strdup
      Move Xinput server API documentation from libXi to doc/xml
      Make xorg.conf.example rule compatible with Solaris make
      Move event filter initializer out of the structure itself
      Only free pContext once when AddResource fails in ProcRecordCreateContext
      Clean up memory better when GetVisualInfo fails in ProcDbeGetVisualInfo
      fbbltone.c: Mark bitmasks as unsigned ints
      Use XORG_COMPILER_BRAND from util-macros 1.14 to check for SUNCC
      Use XORG_STRICT_OPTION from util-macros 1.14 to set -Werror flags
      "privates.h", line 198: warning: void function cannot return value

Alexandr Shadchin (1):
      Simplify auto-detect mouse for WSCONS_SUPPORT

Bryce Harrington (1):
      Check for OOM condition in XISendDeviceHierarchyEvent

Chase Douglas (5):
      Clean up getValuatorEvents using array loop logic
      Handle non continuous valuator data in getValuatorEvents
      Don't report old relative values in getValuatorEvents
      Fix unset valuator handling for XI 1.x valuator events again
      Input: Pass co-ordinates by reference to transformAbsolute

Christopher James Halse Rogers (3):
      glx: Factor out glxProbeDriver function.
      Consolidate all the PATH_MAX handling into misc.h
      glx: Use PATH_MAX as size of filename buffer

Colin Harrison (1):
      Fix XWin compilation after updates for input API changes

Daniel Stone (16):
      Input: Store passive-activating key in CheckDeviceGrabs
      Input: Actually send Xi 1.x DeviceStateNotify events
      Input: Rename EventIsDeliverable return masks
      Input: Reduce use of filter in DeliverEvents
      Input: Allow EventToCore to return multiple events
      Input: Don't freeze unrelated devices in DeliverGrabbedEvent
      Input: Add DeepestSpriteWin function
      Input: Fix event size confusion in CheckPassiveGrabsOnWindow
      Input: Make CheckPassiveGrabsOnWindow take InternalEvent
      Input: Simplify CheckPassiveGrabsOnWindow loop
      XKB: Don't send unnecessary NewKeyboardNotifies
      XKB: Simplify a loop in ProcXkbGetKbdByName
      XKB: Remove duplicate keymap-copying loop
      XKB: Send NewKeyboardNotify for dev before its master/slaves
      XKB: Send XKB events for all devices to all clients
      XKB: Fix sense inversion for core MapNotify events

Dave Airlie (10):
      panoramiX: macro checking if drawable is root (v2)
      panoramiX: consolidate common id assignment code.
      panoramiX: convert 0->panoramiXNumScreens loops to macro (v3)
      panoramiX: convert 1->panoramiXNumScreens loops to use macro (v2)
      consolidate SetRootClip (v2)
      dri: kill if 0 out code.
      fb: drop defines that aren't used/necessary anymore.
      fb: add back fb defines for driver compat.
      fb: drop comments around 24-bit support.
      fb: cleanup fbChangeWindowAttributes

Emanuele Giaquinta (1):
      XQuartz: pbproxy: LP64: Fix itteration through XGetWindowProperty where sizeof(long) != 4

Erkki Seppälä (7):
      xfree86/common: Remove a configScreen leak when conf_screen is NULL
      mi/misprite: use memory management provided by dixRegisterPrivateKey
      mi/misprite: use memory management provided by dixRegisterPrivateKey
      xfree86/modes: Fixed memory leak in xf86InitialConfiguration
      config: handle device change event properly
      os/client: Prevent rare fd leak in DetermineClientPid
      damage: use DamageReportDamage for the initial borderClip damage report

Gaetan Nadon (14):
      man: relocate manual pages in the man subdir outside doc
      dmx/doc: remove dead code in the makefile
      config: group document related XORG_ macros together
      Add generalized unit test support using util-macros.
      test: git ignore the list test executable
      doc: use common makefile for developers documentation
      dmx/doc: use common makefile for developers documentation
      dmx: split DocBook/XML and Doxygen makefile targets
      dmx: modernize doxygen generation.
      dmx: fix warning for doxygen explicit links
      man: relocate manual pages in the man subdir outside doc
      doc: add external doc references support to Xserver-DTrace
      doc: relocate xserver.ent in the package root directory
      doc: use devbook.am for developers documentation

Jamey Sharp (1):
      dix: split implicit grab activation into a separate function.

Jeremy Huddleston (63):
      XQuartz: RandR: Capture the display when switching modes with RandR
      XQuartz: RandR: Provide an alert box when entering a RandR mode for the first time.
      XQuartz: RandR: Add RandR modes for the primary display in multi-monitor configs
      Revert "rootless: Remove ROOTLESS_WORKAROUND"
      XQuartz: Don't use deprecated CoreGraphics API on SL and Lion
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Protect against possible collision between Cocoa and X11 Cursor types
      GLX: Support TLS with better portability
      XQuartz: Properly comment extra tokens (-Wextra-tokens) after endif
      XQuartz: Put ifdef guards around have_depth label (-Wunused-label)
      XQuartz: applewm: Don't check if requested window level is < 0 because it is unsigned (-Wtautological-compare)
      Send events that were missing from RRSelectInput
      XQuartz: Make the DarwinProcessFDAdditionQueue_thread wait 3 seconds to allow xinitrc to catch up
      XQuartz: Fix prototypes for thread functions
      configure.ac: Add check for libdispatch when building for darwin
      XQuartz: Use dispatch_async to handoff the FD
      XQuartz: Send tablet proximity events with tilt and pressure
      XQuartz: Do translation and handoff of NSEvent to X11 in a separate serial queue
      os: Add missing _X_ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF to va_list variants
      fb: Silence warnings when building with clang
      Xext: Silence warnings when building with clang
      os: Silence warnings when building with clang
      render: Silence warnings when building with clang
      glx: Silence warnings when building with clang
      rootless: Dead code removal
      rootless: Fix a typo in RootlessGlyphs which resulted in a garbage value
      XQuartz: Bump bundle version to 2.7.0
      XQuartz: Fix compilation warnings with XPLUGIN_VERSION >= 4
      XQuartz: Use xorg_backtrace() instead of spewCallStack()
      XQuartz: Remove the threadSafety dead-ish code
      XQuartz: Use a lighter spinlock instead of a pthread_mutex_t in QuartzScreenSaver
      XQuartz: xpr: Initialize window_hash in xprInit
      XQuartz: xpr: Use a serial queue rather than pthread mutexes for window_hash
      XQuartz: Silence warnings about deprecated functionality where it is an intended fallback
      XQuartz: xpr: Dead code removal
      XQuartz: Silence clang static analyzer
      XQuartz: Dead code removal
      XQuartz: Rename launchd-id-prefix to bundle-id-prefix
      XQuartz: Enable logging to a file for better debugging
      XQuartz: stub: Dead code removal
      XQuartz: Use ErrorF rather than fprintf to log errors
      XQuartz: BuildFix to build correctly with XPLUGIN_VERSION < 4
      XQuartz: Use a rwlock instead of a mutex to protect window_hash in the pthread case
      XQuartz: Fix incorrect typedefs with XPLUGIN_VERSION < 4
      XQuartz: Ensure that {CF,NS}_RETURNS{,_NOT}_RETAINED are defined
      XQuartz: prefs_copy_url and prefs_get_copy return retained objects
      XQuartz: Make a copy of args for our crash reporter vsnprintf
      XQuartz: Don't call into CoreFoundation after fork() and before exec()
      configure.ac: XQuartz: Fix support for the deprecated --with-launchd-id-prefix
      Fix a typo: laucnd instead of launchd
      XQuartz: stub: Log directly to ASL rather than stdout/stderr
      XQuartz: Add a LOGGING section to our man page
      XQuartz: Redirect stdout/stderr to asl
      XQuartz: Don't circumvent NDEBUG
      XQuartz: Fix an array-index-out-of-bounds crasher
      XQuartz: Don't call mieqEnqueue during server shutdown
      XQuartz: RandR: Avoid over-releasing if we are unable to determine the current display mode.
      XQuartz: Update DEBUG_LOG to report to ASL
      XQuartz: Silence clang warnings about shadow declarations
      XQuartz: Mark functions _X_NORETURN
      XQuartz: RandR: Don't crash if X11 is launched while there are no attached displays
      XQuartz: Don't crash if CG increases our display resolution
      input: Fix format string for verify_internal_event
      input: Don't implicitly define verify_internal_event

Jon TURNEY (12):
      When XDMCP -from is specified, only register the requested address
      Fix XWin compilation after commit 769531b9
      configure: Let configure --enable/disable-aiglx control building of AIGLX for all DDXs
      Cygwin/X: Internal WM workaround for Java AWT bug
      Cygwin/X: Fix a GDI bitmap resource leak of window icons
      Cygwin/X: Don't make InputOnly windows visible
      Cygwin/X: Decorate function pointers retrieved via GetProcAddress with WINAPI
      Cygwin/X: Cosmetic fixes to logging of result from X*TextPropertyToTextList()
      Cygwin/X: Make winOverrrideStyle() thread-safe
      Cygwin/X: Handle failure during winScreenInit()
      configure: Look for Khronos OpenGL spec files using pkg-config
      hw/xwin: wglext.h should be provided by w32api, rather than downloaded

Julien Cristau (2):
      configure.ac: bump version for 1.11 development
      Xi: fix length checks for swapped clients

Keith Packard (3):
      loader: Don't distribute sdksyms.c and make it depend on the config
      Revert "dix: Remove usage_hint from pixmaps, store it in ->drawable.class"
      Version bumped to (1.11 RC1)

Matthieu Herrb (5):
      Don't clobber input device options from xorg.conf
      Xi: take XI2 requests into account also for the swapping case.
      Xi: add XI_Focus{In,Out} to swapped events.
      Xext: fix test on extension number for the swapped case.
      Xi: fix querydevice request swapping

Michel Dänzer (1):
      EXA: Use dixGetPrivate(Addr) instead of dixLookupPrivate.

Nicolas Kaiser (11):
      Xi: remove duplicated includes
      dix: remove duplicated includes
      hw/xfree86/ddc: remove duplicated include
      hw/xfree86/dri: remove duplicated includes
      hw/xfree86/fbdevhw: remove duplicated include
      hw/xfree86/modes: remove duplicated include
      hw/xnest: remove duplicated include
      hw/xquartz: remove duplicated includes
      hw/xwin: remove duplicated includes
      test/xi2: remove duplicated include
      xkb: remove duplicated include

Oleh Nykyforchyn (1):
      xfree86: Allow "MatchLayout" statements in config files

Peter Hutterer (82):
      mi: remove static GenerateEvent variable.
      mi: Add a few comments explaining various cursor move functions.
      mi: remove if 0 code.
      mi: simplify a "check for keyboard" condition
      dix: replace direct master access with GetMaster and temp. device.
      Fix two incorrect checks for master devices.
      dix: Simplify retrieving the master device.
      dix: Add IsFloating(device) wrapper.
      xfree86: replace two inputInfo.pointer uses with device loops.
      Switch to use IsFloating()
      dix: add MASTER_ATTACHED as allowed type for GetMaster().
      Xi: replace a direct master access with GetMaster()
      dix: fix up a master check in ChangeKeyboardMapping handling.
      dix: fix a master device access in change_modmap.
      xfree86:  update GetMaster check for the VCP.
      mi: update macro to search for MASTER_POINTER
      mi: check for MASTER_POINTER instead of manual checks.
      xkb: Fix a check for MASTER_KEYBOARD
      input: Change a bunch of direct dev->u.master accesses to use GetMaster()
      Move master/lastSlave out of the union into separate fields.
      include: document list interface.
      dix: release all buttons and keys before reattaching a device (#34182)
      xfree86: block signals between EnableDevice and first CheckMotion()
      Xi: fix XI2 passive grab reply length calculation
      test: add some tests for basic list manipulation.
      Add mode field to pointer movement hooks.
      man: list the drivers that are ignored when hotplugging (#35209)
      xkb: Document XkbWriteCountedString.
      xfree86: print out which driver is about to be used.
      test: when unit tests are enabled, build them during "make"
      Xext: use EXT_MASK macro instead of manual & 0x7f
      Xi: fix valuator alignment in DeepCopyDeviceClasses (#36119)
      Xi: silence valgrind warning. (#36120)
      configure: actually require macros 1.13
      Xi: return the bad device ID if a passive grab fails with BadDevice.
      Xi: fix reply swapping function check for XIPassiveGrabDevice
      Xi: exit with error value if CheckGrabValues failed.
      Xi: don't swap the status byte in the XIPassiveGrab replies
      test: add some XIPassiveGrab protocol testing.
      input: remove GetKeyboardValuatorEvents, this is now unnecessary.
      test: remove glib dependency
      dix: silence compiler warning
      xfree86: removed unused "event" variable in xf86PostMotionEventM
      dix: fix typo in direction calculation
      dix: only use a single return where only one is needed.
      dix: improve readbility of DoGetDirection.
      dix: improve comment, directions flagged are 45° each
      dix: document DoGetDirection's maths
      dix: document GetDirection
      dix: use single return value in GetDirection
      dix: use single return statement in DoGetDirection
      dix: CalcTracker only uses the tracker, thus only pass the tracker.
      dix: don't pass the index for a tracker around, pass the tracker
      dix: add some more documentation to ptraccel code
      dix: change ProcessVelocityData2D to BOOL.
      dix: rename "res" to "result" for improved readability
      dix: Don't use short as bool
      dix: rename od, d to prev_delta, delta
      dix: use single return statement in ApplySimpleSoftening
      dix: split softening and constant deceleration into two functions
      dix: reduce the work done by ApplySoftening
      dix: reduce scope of tmp and mult.
      dix: rename a bunch of variables to be more self-explanatory
      dix: improve control flow in QueryTrackers
      input: Only release SD buttons for explicit floating/reattachment (#36146)
      input: change CHECKEVENT macro to verify_internal_event function
      xfree86: print the device ID to the log when adding a device.
      input: Provide Queue{Button|Keyboard|Proximity}Event helpers
      input: replace EventListPtr with InternalEvent array
      input: remove DDX event list handling
      dix: replace unneded goto with break.
      dix: split out window owner event delivery from DeliverEventsToWindow
      dix: split out client delivery from DeliverEventsToWindow
      dix: move the grab activation condition into a if block.
      dix: return deliveries from DeliverGrabbedEvent
      Xi: split DeviceStateNotify delivery into a separate function
      dix: use a tmp variable instead of multiple rClient(other).
      include: add version_compare helper function
      dix: replace CORE_EVENT and XI2_EVENT macros with inline functions.
      xfree86: bump to video ABI 11
      Xi: add device node property to known properties.
      Add a property for device/product ID.

Rami Ylimäki (11):
      Revert "os: Prevent backtrace from being stopped in noreturn functions."
      config: Fix linking order of Xnest libraries.
      os: Add facilities for client ID tracking.
      Xext: Use general OS functions to determine client command string in SELinux.
      xkb: Ensure that XKB device private won't leak on device disconnect.
      dix: Release input device config info when the device disconnects.
      config: Ensure that stolen option list elements are released.
      xkb: Release XKB component names when compiling keymap.
      xkb: Initialize pad bytes sent in replies of geometry requests.
      xkb: Introduce helper function to handle similar reallocations.
      xkb: Prevent leaking of XKB geometry information on copy.

Simon Thum (13):
      fix percent options parsing
      xfree86: allow to check for options without warnings in the log
      dix: refactor scheme init
      dix: avoid FP promotion during pointer acceleration
      dix: refactor predictable scheme initialization
      dix: update pointer acceleration code to use ValuatorMask
      dix: change all timestamps in pointer acceleration to CARD32
      xquartz: simplify ChangeDeviceControl
      kdrive: don't pretent to support DEVICE_ABS_* in ChangeDeviceControl
      xf86: don't pretend to support DEVICE_ABS_* in ChangeDeviceControl
      simplify ChangeDeviceControl in stubs
      xserver: remove AbsoluteClassRec keeping the ABI
      xserver: remove AbsoluteClass, breaking the A(P|B)I

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (17):
      Require pixman 0.21.6
      Move miTrapezoids() into fb as fbTrapezoids()
      Move miTriangles to fb as fbTriangles()
      Implement fbAddTriangles() in terms of pixman_add_triangles()
      Delete RegionClipSpans()
      Remove geometry arguments from miSourceValidate()
      Absorb miTriFan() into CompositeTriFan()
      Absorb miTriStrip() into CompositeTriStrip()
      Remove TriStrip and TriFan from the picture screen
      Track damage for fbTrapezoids() and fbTriangles().
      Add RegionInitBoxes(), and fix some buggy callers of RegionInit().
      render: Delete PictureGradientColor()
      render: Remove unused fields in the source picture structs
      render: Remove unused TriStrip and TriFan typedefs
      fb: Call miCompositeSourceValidate() on the source in fbShapes()
      Fix trapezoid and triangle rendering to windows
      Don't call pixman_disable_out_of_bounds_workaround() anymore

Tiago Vignatti (29):
      xfree86: loader: fix memory leaks in LoaderListDirs
      dix: remove unused debug code
      dix: remove unused macro
      xorg: remove unused pointer values all over the server
      xfree86: dri2: fix memory leak and free resources properly
      mi: fix memory leak in miInitVisuals
      xi: fix memory leak in ProcXIQueryDevice
      mi: fix memory leak in miFillUniqueSpanGroup
      dix: fix memory leak in SetDefaultFontPath
      Xi: fix memory leak in ProcXGetSelectedExtensionEvents
      fb: fix memory leak in fbOverlayFinishScreenInit
      xfree86: fix memory leak in xf86ConfigFbEntity
      xfree86: fix memory leaks in configLayout
      xfree86: fix bad free configInputDevices
      xfree86: fix memory leak in xf86LoadModules
      os: use DebugF for debugging
      os: fix memory and fd leaks in Popen
      dix: fix memory leak in AllocPseudo
      dix: fix memory leak in AllocShared
      xi: fix memory leak in AddExtensionClient
      mi: fix memory leak in miZeroLine
      dix: fix memory leak in ProcListExtensions
      xkb: fix fd leak in XkbDDXListComponent
      render: fix memory leaks in ProcRenderCompositeGlyphs
      xfree86: loader: use one exit code only for readability
      xfree86: xv: fix double free in xf86XVFreeAdaptor
      xfree86: xv: set pointers to NULL in xf86XVFreeAdaptor
      os: fix use after free in EstablishNewConnections
      dix: don't free stranger pointers inside AllocARGBCursor

Tomas Frydrych (2):
      Xephyr: added dummy ephyrDeviceCursorCleanup() to avoid crashing
      Xephyr: fix pointer coordinate translation when screen is rotated

Ville Syrjälä (9):
      dri2: Handle calloc() failure
      dri2: Pass out_count by value to update_dri2_drawable_buffers()
      composite: Call ValidateGC after ChangeGC
      composite: Initialize borderClip with current values
      composite: Get rid of the internal UnmapWindow+MapWindow cycle
      composite: Copy the window contents back from the pixmap
      composite: Fix pWin->redirectDraw when changing between manual and automatic redirection
      composite: Recompute clipping when changing between manual and automatic redirection
      dri2: Don't send so many needless invalidate events

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  3bb1a707b51b914f88a84b8d4af19943  xorg-server-
SHA1: 106b6806b64ae368f1f8d52568ca272f88d0c567  xorg-server-

MD5:  087af40c8b2e247824192eee35739812  xorg-server-
SHA1: a7e35c038551466063b9ebf567612fc95b22253a  xorg-server-

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