[ANNOUNCE] xfs 1.1.2

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Feb 28 23:11:41 PST 2012

xfs is the X Font Server, allowing remote X servers such as X Terminals to
access fonts for rendering via X11 core protocol requests.

This minor maintenance release contains a number of fixes for issues
found by static analysis and compiler warnings, code & doc cleanups,
and build configuration improvements.

Alan Coopersmith (15):
      Make config.cpp rule compatible with Solaris make
      resync font-path checking with xserver's configure.ac
      Remove dependency on libFS, the client-side library
      Fix gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings for initialization with string literals
      Add _X_ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF to error reporting functions
      Fix warnings about mismatched printf arg types
      Add _X_NORETURN to declarations of functions that exit
      Don't pass a static string to TRANS(GetReopenInfo)
      Constify string argument to MakeAtom
      Make CONFIG_ERR_* values be strings instead of indexes in ConfigErrors array
      Fix printf format errors found by gcc now that it can check
      Move os/config.h into os/config.c
      Use config.h for autoconf output now that there's no conflict
      Call malloc, not xalloc
      xfs 1.1.2

Gaetan Nadon (6):
      config: HTML file generation: use the installed copy of xorg.css
      doc: use common makefile for developers documentation
      config: fix distcheck for config.cpp
      devbook.am: maintenance update from docbook.am
      docs: use the &fullrelvers; entity to set X11 release information
      xfs-design: add missing legal text for Copyright holder

Martin Jansa (1):
      config: look for fontpath.d only if --with-default-font-path wasn't specified #31290

git tag: xfs-1.1.2

MD5:  39e507a7a1b656885c4828a915e5805b
SHA1: d4a64e12f8a773bd0120977191586ca12baf1ace
SHA256: 0dea61cce3897b4d9d844bbd2c7850cd4e80e12c12b38158b4f92574b027e39d

MD5:  567348f7d6a21c1931dd67704c852aa1
SHA1: 9bc359be84236464250777c0d01b47b55a7f8c36
SHA256: 79d01efb4e75f886e82677df8363e2721b04f743ef07ae48dcfcfddbc21d2824

	-Alan Coopersmith-              alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
	 Oracle Solaris Engineering - http://blogs.oracle.com/alanc
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