[ANNOUNCE] xf86-input-evdev

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Apr 28 17:32:14 PDT 2014

I't time for an evdev snapshot for what will be evdev 2.9. The biggest
changes are the switch to libevdev and support for server-managed fds. The
latter needs server support, so don't expect it to work on anything but git

Hans de Goede (1):
      evdev: Add support for server managed fds

Peter De Wachter (3):
      Map REL_DIAL to vertical scrolling
      Add configuration options for smooth scrolling.
      Export smooth scroll settings as an XInput property.

Peter Hutterer (13):
      Write a SYN_REPORT after the last LED
      Don't use mtdev for protocol B devices
      Remove a comment
      Drop ABS_MT_SLOT minimum - the kernel guarantees a minimum of 0
      Use helper function for counting slots
      Use libevdev as backend
      bump to 2.8.99
      Use num_slots where appropriate
      Fix wheel emulation for absolute device (#68415)
      Map REL_DIAL to horizontal scrolling (#73105)
      Revert "Map REL_DIAL to horizontal scrolling (#73105)"
      Map REL_DIAL to horizontal scrolling (#73105)

git tag: xf86-input-evdev-

MD5:  dd2768e7723dbe64e5bba5d02dc63c97  xf86-input-evdev-
SHA1: 8200ddf0fdce47f4d0ef763f01461b40d3c10986  xf86-input-evdev-
SHA256: aa2fab5c9c2ef00b86e278935727f2c1fd4d519a2a31cc236e4ca5204e89e065  xf86-input-evdev-

MD5:  dbae9a06259add9cbd2a365b59da46e2  xf86-input-evdev-
SHA1: bf39bdd903cd6b6af2da304bbfb58f33567e3992  xf86-input-evdev-
SHA256: 6963e2c1b342e24e03953fd81ba9489d91db18a6efaec0250fa0b91678c45dbd  xf86-input-evdev-

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