License Change for rman in Xorg 6.9 ?

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Fri Jul 1 14:44:54 PDT 2005

[I've bcc'ed release-wranglers & xorg-arch to catch the attention of anyone
  who only watches those lists, but figured the main xorg list is the best
  place for the discussion to take place.]

The current Xorg 6.8 includes in xc/extras/rman the PolygotMan 3.0
(formerly known as RosettaMan) package used for translating man
pages from nroff to html.   It's mainly used as part of the build,
which is probably good considering the license it's currently under
(a "profit is prohibited" license - see the end of

Upstream however has released 3.2 with the portions covered by that
license removed, and the entire package covered by the Artistic License
of Perl fame instead - which can be seen at:

Does anyone object to replacing the xc/extras/rman directory with the
new version under the new license for the Xorg 6.9 release?

(7.0 will presumably just tell people to download it directly from if/when we get man->html support
in the automake files.)

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