[xorg-bugzilla-noise] [Bug 1505] Xorg server crash in WaitForSomething

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Sat Oct 2 10:42:19 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From fxkuehl at gmx.de  2004-10-02 03:42 -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> Can you try an reproduce with an older DRM? I think we do need those functions
> stubbed out the way we had them as Keith pointed out...

The problem is that this is hard to reproduce. I have got two server crashes in
three days now. In order to be sure I'd have to run the old DRM for several
days. Or would it be enouogh evidence that I didn't have a single server crash
with Xorg CVS before the DRM updates? If someone else reported server crashes
with Jon's latest DRM that would make me much more confident.

Another thing I noticed since a few days ago is that two or three times the
gnome panel or window manager died and were restarted by the gnome session.
Yesterday emacs suddenly disappeared and in the terminal where I had started it
from I got a message like "Connection to Xserver :0.0 lost.". Could this be
related too?
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