[Bug 1559] Display detection regression on Radeon Mobile

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Fri Oct 8 16:07:09 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From hyu at ati.com  2004-10-08 09:07 -------
It is caused my patch. Basically in the old code, the driver doesn't trust the 
DDC mapping info collected from BIOS, the DDC detection code made some default 
assumptions: DDC_DVI for first head and DDC_CRT for second head, both heads will
fallback to DDC_CRT2 if not detected on the default line. This scheme works for
most of existing cards, but has problem with new cards. Also this scheme causes 
longer delay in X startup because of redundant DDC detection. 

With the new code, driver trusts whatever collected from BIOS and just tries
DDC pin indicated by BIOS. But this doesn't seem to work correctly always, 
especially for some laptops. I was hoping there won't be too many of these 
cases, in which you can overwrite the autodetection with MonitorLayout option.
I'll look into this, see if I can find a better solution.
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