[Bug 718] Cannot run at 16bpp with 1024x480 (as with XFree86)

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Thu Oct 14 00:32:34 PDT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From gustav-w-s at online.de  2004-10-14 00:32 -------
I have the same problem with my Sony Vaio C1VE. What I found out is that  all
resolutions work well on an external Monitor (Option "crt_screen"). Even unusual
ones like 1024x480 24bpp.

there is an identical bug report on redhat.com:

lspci says: ATI Rage Mobility P/M (rev 6)
Kernel 2.6.4, gcc-3.4.1, xorg cvs from 2004-10-13, drm cvs from 2004-10-13, Mesa
cvs from 2004-10-13. I'm using the mach64 branch (http://www.retinalburn.net/linux)

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