[Bug 1559] Display detection regression on Radeon Mobile

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Tue Oct 19 01:58:42 PDT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From jacquetc.mozilla at free.fr  2004-10-19 01:58 -------
With the original version, I couldn't ovverride the detected outputs with
"MonitorLayout". However, it works when I apply the patch, but only when using
"MonitorLayout". If I don't use this option, I can't use dual head.

Also, I had a look at radeon_bios.c, around line 240 (section modified by the
patch): if I get it right, it assumes that if only one connector is found, it
has index 0, and copies it to index 1. I tried to add a debugging output, and it
turns out that my only connector originally found by the driver has index 1 and
not 0 ! (when incrementing connector_found at line 230 or so, tmp1 is equal to 1
on my system...) Of course I tried to comment out the memcpy on line 242 or so,
but the additionnal entry I get still doesn't hold a valid monitor description
so I don't get any further.        
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