[Bug 1683] nv driver corrupts VESA video modes

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Sun Oct 24 00:34:10 PDT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From hugh at mimosa.com  2004-10-24 00:34 -------
I too observe this problem with my HP Pavilion zv5000z (HP produces similar
machines with several different names and model numbers).

If I do a "modprobe rivafb" before starting X, the problem is eliminated.  In
fact, the modprobe can recover from the problem after it has happened.

I just did:
1) startx; text consoles are now scrambled
2) shut down X
3) modprobe rivafb; text console becomes unscrambled
4) startx
5) shut down x

The differences between the two /var/log/Xorg.0.log files:
-(II) PCI: stages = 0x03, oldVal1 = 0x80010004, mode1Res1 = 0x80000000
+(II) PCI: stages = 0x03, oldVal1 = 0x800000fc, mode1Res1 = 0x80000000

+(WW) Open APM failed (/dev/apm_bios) (No such file or directory)
+(II) Mouse0: ps2EnableDataReporting: succeeded

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