[Bug 1712] Add DragonFly to the supported operating systems

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Tue Oct 26 23:04:41 PDT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From asmodai at tendra.org  2004-10-26 23:04 -------
It is not 100% correct Andy, it leaves out the GCC 2.95.x optimization bug
workaround.  It has the Teeny version defined, DragonFly doesn't use that.
BuildThreadStubLibrary is not present any more in lib/Imakefile.  Alpha is not
supported anymore.

The FreeType, PNG, Expat stuff is something we should wrap like FreeBSD.cf does,
since a user might build from source or from ports (and whatever we wind up with
in the future).

The SharedX11Reqs and SharedXtReqs might be necessary, right now SharedXtReqs is
set correctly in bsdlib.cf, but misses the -lXThrStub addition.  I am not 100%
sure it is supported still, since FreeBSD.cf and OpenBSD.cf removed all this
from their configuration.        
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