xf86-video-xgixp: Changes to 'refs/tags/xf86-video-xgixp-'

Ian Romanick idr at kemper.freedesktop.org
Thu May 1 13:06:37 PDT 2008

Tag 'xf86-video-xgixp-' created by Ian Romanick <idr at us.ibm.com> at 2008-05-01 21:04 -0700

XP10 driver version

Changes since the dawn of time:
Alex Deucher (7):
      Initial version of the xgi driver (xgixp) for xgi xp10 chips
      fix license formatting and remove old cvs tags
      fix the build on AMD64
      remove cfb cruft
      clean up // comments, minor formatting cleanups
      Remove Isa support

Ian Romanick (189):
      Modify XGIGetRec to return a pointer and fully init. structure.
      Add a couple checks to prevent crashes on error paths.
      Eliminate tests for XFree86LOADER.  It's the only way.
      Eliminate unused variable.
      Remove the unused variable (FuncLevel) from the header too.
      Additional code clean ups.
      Uncomment some initialization code.
      Refactor abstracted interface between xg47_accel.c and xg47_cmdlist.c.
      Fix memory initialization sequence
      Clean up XGIUnmapMem and friends.
      Fix build on LP64 systems.
      Eliminate one version of the port IO / MMIO macros
      Trivial clean up in XGIMapMMIO.
      Trivial clean ups in XGIMapFB.
      Trivial clean ups in XGIPreInitMemory.
      Eliminate unused structure field overrideMemClock and associated cruft.
      Move xgiG2_(Pat|)ALUConv to the .c file that uses them.
      Eliminate 'xgi.h:229:1: warning: "/*" within comment'
      Eliminate more comment-with-comment warnings.
      Fix typo in debug print statement.
      Use proper XAA function interface to get ROP values.
      Trivial clean up in SetColorDepth.
      Minor clean ups in testRWPCIE.
      Major clean up of XGIPcieMemAllocate / XGIPcieMemFree
      Clean up reserveData.
      Clean up some suspicious pointer arithmetic.
      Trivial clean up in dumpCommandBuffer.
      Clean up preventOverwriteCmdbuf.
      Use kernel interface info from drm/xgi_drm.h instead of xgi_driver.h.
      Fix build problem on 32-bit systems.
      Clean up some debug log messages.
      Eliminate unused function XGIShareAreaInfo.
      Clean up some debug log messages in submit2DBatch.
      First bits of migration towards DRM based kernel module.
      Driver now uses DRM based kernel module.
      Track command buffer and scratch pad buffer in a consistent manner.
      Refactor common code from xg47_SendGECommand and sendRemainder2DCommand
      Track current and previous batches in a consistent manner.
      Major clean up of waitCmdListAddrAvailable
      Delete commented out code and extraneous debug messages.
      Clean up commented out bits in waitfor2D
      Update to use new ioctl interface for DRM_XGI_SUBMIT_CMDLIST.
      Clean up dumpCommandBuffer
      Eliminate linkToLastBatch and triggerHWCommand.  That is the kernel's job.
      Eliminate unused function getCurBatchBeginPort
      Refactor advancement of data_count into emit_bunch.
      Eliminate several unused functions.
      Fix some bad pointer math in waitCmdListAddrAvailable
      Eliminate unnecessary hardware idle waiting.
      Clean up addScratchBatch.
      Remove useless "inline" keywords.
      Comments for xg47_BeginCmdList
      Hate on CARD32 in xg47_cmdlist.[ch].
      Fix a s/CARD32/uint32_t/ change missed on the previous commit.
      Require the matching DRM version.
      Mask off the naughty upper bits of the register address.
      Default accleration options to TRUE.
      Update to XP10 DRM version 0.10.0 protocol.
      Fix typo in invocation of IN3X5B.
      Call XGIDRICloseScreen directly from XGICloseScreen.
      Remove call to XGIDumpRegisterValue from XGICloseScreen.
      Misc clean ups, remove unnecessary "pXGI->chipset == XG47" tests.
      Eliminate unnecessary structure field discardCmd and associated cruft.
      Move XG47EngineInit into the kernel where it belongs.
      XG47(En|Dis)ableGE are redundant with existing kernel code.  Eliminate them.
      Remove useless / incorrect comments.
      Eliminate useless function XGIAccelInit.
      Correctly pass ScrnInfoPtr instead of ScreenPtr to xg47_Cleanup.
      Use new memory allocation ioctls.  Require xgi_drm 0.11.x.
      Remove useless XGI(En|Dis)ableMMIO wrappers.
      Only enable / disable MMIO writes when not using kernel module.
      Eliminate use of DRM_XGI_TEST_RWINKERNEL, bump to new DRM version.
      Use DRM fences to protect the command buffer.
      Wait on fences before destroying them.
      Set tighter bounds on command sizes.
      Use command.ptr as previous.end sentinel instead of NULL.
      Port to libpciaccess and related interfaces.
      Fix libpciaccess autodetection.
      Require XGI DRM version 1.0.0 or later.  Bump version to 1.8.0 pre-release.
      Move struct XGIDRIPrivate to new file xgi_dri.h
      Remove numerous unused BIOS related functions.
      Remove various unused BIOS, mode, and TV related code.
      Clean up the interface to XG47BiosSpecialFeature and related functions.
      Clean up in XG47GetValidMode
      Refactor XGIGetRefreshSupport.
      Remove unused bits of XGIGetSetChipSupportDevice.  Clean up its interface.
      Clean up XGIBiosModeInit
      Remove XG47ConvertRefIndexToValue, clean up XG47ConvertRefValueToIndex
      Fix mistake in comment header for XG47ConvertRefValueToIndex.
      Remove several more unused functions.
      Refactor common code from XG47ValidMode and XG47ModeInit to fill_ask_mode
      Formatting and cosmetic clean ups.
      Refactor some repeated code from XG47GetValidMode to massage_refresh_rate
      Clean up XGICheckModeSupported and its interface.
      White-space / formatting clean up in XG47GetValidMode
      Add new function XG47GetModeFromRes
      New function XG47GetFramebufferSize to probe installed memory size
      Version bump for recent changes.
      Remove unnecessary chipID and chipRev structure fields.
      Clean up some of the VBE / int10 initialization insanity.
      Don't explicitly xf86FreeInt10 if it was allocated by VBEInit
      Clean up VBE usage in XGIProbeDDC
      Use VBEDPMSSet instead of the open coded version called XG47DPMSSet
      Trivial change to the interface to fill_ask_mode
      Remove some dead code.
      Eliminate g_pScreen
      Clean up some extraneous debug messages.
      Remove some unused structure members from XGIRec.
      Eliminate pVbeModes.
      Clean up DDC and I2C initialization.
      Fix typo in error message.
      Dead code removal, trival warning clean ups.
      Clock value calculated by XGIBiosCalculateClock was too high.
      Indentation, dead code removal, trivial clean-ups.
      Use vAcquireRegIOProtect instead of explicit writes to 3C5.11.
      Fix mono cursor on big-endian systems (e.g., PowerPC).
      Clean up cursor related structures and structure fields.
      Clean up the ARGB_CURSOR #ifdef maddness.
      Clean up CURSOR_DEBUG messages.
      Minor clean-ups.
      Move prototypes from xg47_cursor.h to xg47_cursor.c, make them static.
      Disable cursor debugging.  This shouldn't have been committed in the first place.
      Clean up cursor position setting routines.
      Only need one position function for CRTC1
      Refactor setMonoCursorColor and setMonoCursorColorOfSecondView into a single function
      Refactor setAlphaCursorPattern and setMonoCursorPattern into a single function
      Refactor cursor size setting code
      Major clean up.
      Eliminate unnecessary wrapper function XGIDDCRead
      Fix error case return value of XGIProbeDDC
      Make sure DRI and DRM symbols are available before calling XGIDRIScreenInit
      Color byte ordering fixes for big-endian
      Clean up int10 / VBE / DDC initialization.
      Use vAcquireRegIOProtect instead of explicit writes to 3C5.11.
      Revert part of dd894764fce3084d8b0726a0597748c7dfb6566c
      Fix weird typo in vgahwSymbols list.
      Return more useful values when a mode is rejected
      Correctly check return status of biosValidMode
      Code clean up, extra error messages.
      Check DDC before validating display modes
      Include fbdevhw.h to silence a warning
      Trivial color map / color weight cleaning
      Eliminate unused global variable g_ModeOfFirstView.
      Eliminiate unused variable in XG47DisableMMIO
      If VBE is not available, set DPMS registers directly.
      Fix typo in get_configured_monitor
      Remove some dead code in XGIRestore
      Clean up log messages around DPMS init.
      Eliminate "value" as a global variable.  Minor clean ups.
      Current native mode setting code.  Not yet used by driver.
      Log video RAM size in decimal rather than hex.  D'oh!
      Fix comment in XG47GetFramebufferSize to reference correct page in docs.
      Fix command list submission on big-endian.
      Eliminate kooky color byte-order swapping.
      Trivial clean-ups in XG47SetCRTCViewStride
      Rework command list tracking
      Log error message if too much data is written to command list.
      ifdef out more code when NATIVE_MODE_SETTING is defined
      Replace xg47_BeginCmdList with xg47_BeginCmdListType
      ifdef out code when NATIVE_MODE_SETTING is defined
      Add missing header files
      Use table for VCLK values and fix bug in horiz param overflow register setting
      Add fields to XGIRegRec needed by native mode setting code
      ifdefs around native mode setting code
      Enable native mode setting via configure option --with-native-mode-setting
      Update to match changes in DRM fence API
      Add correct I2C support for the CRT I2C bus on XG47
      Eliminate useless isNeedCleanBuf flag.
      Eliminiate useless currentLayout field.
      Eliminate XGIFBLayout structure
      Use fbdevHW*Weak functions
      Load required modules and symbols from XGISetup
      Trivial code clean-ups
      Rework mode setting
      Remove anything related to BIOS mode setting
      Remove prototypes for functions removed in previous commits
      Use fbdevHWLoadPaletteWeak, directly use XG47{SetOverscan,LoadPalette}
      Remove xf1bpp.h and xf4bpp.h
      randr: Initial attempt at (non-working) RANDR support
      Include xgi_regs.h to make it compile.
      Always select the programmable clock in alt clock select
      Remove several pieces of '#if 0' code
      Hack to make acceleration work again
      Fix font restore problem on server exit
      Merge branch 'randr-1.2'
      Remove dead --with-native-mode-setting configure option
      Correct version number.

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