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Eric Anholt anholt at
Fri May 2 20:08:45 PDT 2008

Tag 'XORG-7_3' created by Eric Anholt <eric at> at 2008-05-03 04:08 -0700

modules included in xorg 7.3

Changes since the dawn of time:
Adam Jackson (66):
      Add Xfont.
      Bug #3381: Remove bashisms for POSIX compliance (Matthieu Herrb)
      Most of the server, excluding the xfree86 DDX and some cygwin/darwin/xprint
      A good chunk of the xfree86 ddx.
      xf86 input drivers.
      Add video drivers. Normalize module names to ddx-class-device.
      Sync with twini's SiS updates
      add notes on dependency order.
      if ${ACLOCAL} is already set, use its old value while redefining it, so you
      set $QUIET to hush the configure scroll set $CACHE to get a global
      driver manpages are foo.4, not
      Symlinkery for DRI protocol.
      add DRI proto to demo build script
      GL module sources into dixmods
      another DRI header
      Move dri from GL/ to hw/xfree86/ since it's DDX-specific. Also symlink
      Don't link dbemodule.c into the DIX
      Move various extensions out from Xext into their owning DDX
      typo fix
      xvmod also to the xf86 ddx
      add ftmodule.c to dixmods
      start of symlink script for mesa
      if autogen or any make step fail, then just abort mission
      Bootstrap fix: Xfixes before Xcomposite
      start building the server by default
      don't link GLcoremodule.c twice, leave it in the DDX
      Updated link script to get enough stuff defined to link
      Add the apps to the build process
      Build functions for input and video, and hook input up to the default build
      don't define the glapi symlink function twice, especially not when the
      Also need dispatch.h from glapi
      Add drivers to the build set
      Pull in driverfuncs.h too
      Add glapi stuff, some indirect request size fixes, and (i think) all the
      A few more shader pieces
      Unbreak the symlink script to match the move of the GLX client lib in
      Dead file, real version lives in xserver/xorg/GL now
      add SparcMulDiv.S to hw/xfree86/loader
      i128 exa support
      Don't link glu.h or glx.h into proto/GL.
      symlinks for v4l
      Ignore GLw and remaining expat bits, get them from upstream instead.
      symlinkery for AppleWM and WindowsWM libs
      Symlink the source for the Xxf86rush lib
      Additional symlinkery for various man pages
      fix windowswm src_dir exclude fc-* programs, they come from fontconfig
      Symlinks for various README-type files. Exclude wacom(4), deprecated.
      Few more doc symlinks. Mesa supplies include/GL.
      Fix symlink-fu for darwin ddx
      AppleWM and WindowsWM manpages in section 3, not 4
      Update the magic scripts to have the bugzilla URL as the contact address
      protocol symlinks for applewm and windowswm
      Symlink more sgml source documents. Add some cfb assembly source, exclude
      Numerous exclusions:
      cosmetic cleanup to the *.elist exclusion
      Remove the old and broken sample(4) input driver from the symlink and build
      dri_interface.h into driproto
      Move xf86XTrapModule.c to dixmods
      Add applewm and windowswm extension libs.
      Symlink libdrm sources from the copy in extras, not from os-support, since
      Add gccmakedep (Joshua Baergen)
      Remove pclcomp from the build, non-free
      Remove pclcomp from symlinkery, non-free and about to be cvs rm'd
      Stub COPYING files
      Bug #6337: eval the configure line to preserve quoting. (J. Scott Berg)

Alan Coopersmith (72):
      Initial attempt at autotooling/modular conversion of makedepend
      Initial modularization of libXevie
      Convert man page names to full, long filename versions
      Add app/xhost
      Add man pages for DPMS Extension calls in lib/Xext
      Make compatible with "classic" bourne shell (such as Solaris /bin/sh) (Use
      Rename os-support/sunos to os-support/solaris, since that's what the
      Additional files needed for xserver/xorg/hw/xfree86/os-support/solaris
      Add PM protocol headers
      Build PM proto module
      Remove XKB *.dir files that are built, not found in CVS
      Remove dead DPS apps makepsres & texteroids from list of apps to build
      Generate's that work with more than just GNU make
      Build data/bitmaps before apps, the rest of data after apps (since cursors
      Some drivers can only be built on some OS'es, so don't even try on others
      xf86-video-sisusb only builds on Linux
      Don't build sunffb on Solaris
      Add to app/sessreg module
      Update list of xkbcomp symbols/pc files to match recent changes committed
      Add i830_shadow.c to driver/xf86-video-i810
      Install xdm config files & man page Convert many more Imakefile checks into
      More updates for Panoramix -> Xinerama rename
      Allow passing extra flags to scripts via $CONFFLAGS
      Add files for xorgcfg, xorgconfig, & scanpci programs to xserver/xorg
      Symlink doc files from xc/programs/Xserver to various places in modular
      More docs added
      Remove lib/Xmu/README since a better README is already in modular tree Add
      Take care of more files from monolith's Xserver/hw/xfree86/etc dir:
      Remove Makefile for mga driver from linked files (doesn't exist in
      Add kbd_mode & constype
      Add empty Xprint stub directories to exclude list
      Add Xcms.txt to lib/X11
      xserver/xorg doc file updates Move OS/2 script for xorgconfig to exclude
      Link in more docs for developers in the server tree Exclude empty kdrive
      Remove incomplete prototype of
      Add files from programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/reconfig & util/misc to exclude
      Add hw/xfree86/getconfig
      Add ldblarrow & rdblarrow bitmaps to xditview
      Add Chooser app-defaults file to app/xdm
      Add developer documentation of xmag's Scale widget class to app/xmag
      Add xkbevd sample configuration file to app/xkbevd
      Add sessreg, xfindproxy, xrx to build_apps
      Fix "changlogs" typo
      Add gtf to xserver/xorg/hw/xfree86/utils
      Fix file names of beforelight, x11perfcomp, and xlsclients man pages
      Allow using DESTDIR for temporary install location during builds
      Strip .sh from filenames of scripts to match the way they are installed by
      cpp processing for Xvfb man page
      Use sed to put version number in man page Add shadow man pages for man
      Use sed to put version number in man page Add shadow man pages for man
      [lib/Xxf86vm manpage cleanup]
      [lib/XScrnSaver manpage cleanup]
      Use sed to fill in variables in man pages
      Fix app-default files to install under the same names as in the monolith
      Link driver man pages as *.man instead of *.4
      Change Xsession to Xsession.cpp to match monolith change from bug #3180
      Restore more man pages to .man suffix instead of assuming specific man
      Use $(LIB_MAN_SUFFIX) instead of forcing man pages into section 3. Use sed
      Add makeg script & man page to imake package
      Add xf86-video-ast
      - Allow setting $MAKE to specify using something other than "make"
      Use `` instead of $() for compatibility with classic /bin/sh
      Update for xcb git repository split/module renaming
      Add *~ to .gitignore to ignore emacs droppings
      Stop trying to build xkbdata
      Comment out mkcfm now that it's no longer part of X.Org releases
      Specify path to find command for compatibility with traditional Unix find

Alexander Gottwald (4):
      rename lib/EvIE section to symlink_lib_evie again. Was changed to
      link files for lib/Xevie
      link .y and .l files instead of generated .c and .h
      symlink miext/rootless/safeAlpha symlink more files for XWin DDX

Andres Salomon (1):
      get rid of mistaken character

Chris Lee (1):
      EXA support in the modular build.

Daniel Stone (16):
      Move ImUtil.h from src/ to include/X11/. Additionally, copy Cmap.h as a
      Getting towards a skeleton server.
      Move misc.h and os.h from proto/X11 to xserver/xorg/include.
      Add xcursorgen build system.
      Add base cursors from xcursorgen.
      Remove files which don't actually exist.
      Move Xvlib.h and XvMClib.h to the libraries.
      Add support for a sudo-like command.
      Add COPYING files, fix manpage locations.
      Add includex11dir as a path to the includes, sans X11/.
      Add build system for sessreg, broken out from xdm.
      Add xmkmf to
      Add radeon_commonfuncs.c.
      Generate locale.alias and compose.dir exactly like we do in the monolith,
      Move xf86XTrapMod.c from dixmods/extmod to dixmods.
      add my release script

Dave Airlie (2):
      add i810/via xvmc client libs to symlink
      add missing radeon exa functions

Dodji Seketeli (2):
      added pixman, libpciaccess and avivo to xorg.modules
      set checkoutdir for libpciaccess and pixman

Eric Anholt (28):
      If there's an error, actually return an error. is a link created by the xman Imakefile in the monolithic tree, so
      Use /usr/bin/env to get the path to bash, as /usr/bin/env almost always
      Add some missing symlink bits for the rendition driver.
      Automate a little more for FreeBSD.
      Start fixing up jhbuild moduleset for git transition.
      Remove old RC modulesets.
      Spell x11proto right.
      xmkmf is gone, moved to imake.
      Don't put the util modules under xorg/
      Nuke pclcomp, and xmkmf for real this time.
      Remove checkoutdir and just let it be the module dir.
      xf86-video-glide is no more.
      Replace xf86-video-i810 with xf86-video-intel.
      Revert "Remove checkoutdir and just let it be the module dir."
      Fix up the checkoutdir as intended by prepending xorg/
      Add XCB build bits, and make libX11 depend on them.
      Add pthread-stubs module as a dependency of libxcb.
      Put the xserver in xorg/xserver instead of next to xorg/
      Remove dead xkbdata module.
      Add module for xkeyboard-config.
      Add libXrandr as a dep of xrandr.
      Add a module for xcompmgr.
      Add a module for rendercheck.
      Add a "libGL" module which covers libGL, DRI drivers, and such.
      Add libGL as a dep for the xserver.
      Add modules for the docs.
      Add the script to generate katamari module links and the list of 7.3 modules.

Felix Kuehling (1):
      Added option '-r <module>/<component>' that allows resuming the build at a

Guillem Jover (3):
      Generalize release script
      More release script cleanup
      More release script fixes

Ian Romanick (8):
      When building xserver, build goes down one directory level but tries to go
      Only set HOST_OS and HOST_CPU once.
      Only build i740, intel, and via drivers on x86 or x86-64 platforms.
      Allow library directory to be externally settable.
      Skip building nonexistent modules.
      Xserver now needs libpciaccess and pixman.
      Update comment missed on previous commit.
      Add xgi and xgixp drivers to the build list.

Jeremy C. Reed (1):
      Use "=" instead of "==" for shell string test for new -r (RESUME) option.

Jim Gettys (12):
      Make the xserver package depend on the proto metapackage. Add all the
      missing fonts.
      xset and xrx depend on extensions.
      Many drivers were missing. There is still stuff that needs doing, including
      Fontconfig is now in git.  This exposes a build problem with fontconfig, however.
      xserver depends on libdmx, of course.
      add amd driver (maintained by Jordan Crouse)
      macros need to get installed or's autotooling will have trouble
      to build encodings, we need a mkfontscale
      unmaintained drivers that don't build shouldn't get built by default.
      better fix from Andres Salomon.
      The wsfb driver is BSD specific, so, since last I knew, jhbuild had little

Josh Triplett (3):
      Move includes in Xau and Xdmcp into include/X11 subdirectories so that the
      Link ScrnSaver files to proto/ScrnSaver, not proto/SS.
      Reference X11/fonts header files using X11/fonts/ prefix.

Kean Johnston (1):
      Only compile sparc-specific video drivers on sparc architectures.

Keith Packard (8):
      Move files around in lib/X11 to suit module build scheme
      Remove ks_tables.h. Build Xcomposite library
      Move xlib i18n module sources around
      Move lib/X11/src/lcUniConv to lib/X11/src/xlibi18n/lcUniConv
      Disable build of xf86-input-ur98 as it doesn't work for many people and
      Explicitly push only the new tag, don't use --tags
      Oops, dropped the 'git push origin' command.
      Handle new module releases by using the tag "initial"

Kevin E Martin (83):
      Initial symlink script. This script is used to link source files from the
      Update script for font module components
      Initial build script -- please update as new components are added
      Add comments explaining aclocal and pkg-config env vars
      Add dependency notes for fonts
      Build XprintUtil before XprintAppUtil
      Add build system for bdftopcf, mkfontdir and mkfontscale
      Add build system for arabic24 and ClearlyU fonts
      Add support for building Xdmx and Xvfb
      Add build system for font.alias files
      Add the font alias component to the build list
      Add support for Xnest
      Move drm up to os-support since the files are shared by multiple platforms.
      Only link module source files in DDX layer
      Remove apps from build script that are not yet autotooled (xdriinfo,
      Modify modular libs to use Xregion.h instead of region.h
      Add data module to build script
      Enable building video drivers
      Disable glide and wsfb drivers in build script until they are autotooled.
      Add Xft to build script Set FONTPATH for server when no default is
      Add build system for xmodmap Add xmodmap to build script
      Create log file directory used by server
      Various changes preparing packages for RC0:
      Partial clean up of script Remove dup protocol files in
      Update the script with simple command-line options for the common
      Add "Imakefile*" to excludes list Remove "//" in full path names Remove
      Symlink dmx docs
      Add and update dmx links
      Exclude generated fonts
      Add Ethiopic, Meltho and Speedo fonts and their build systems
      Fix typos
      Exclude dmx/doc/Makefile.linux
      Additional files to exclude
      Add additional darwin files
      Fix typo
      Some versions of find don't support -maxdepth
      Exclude perl version of ucs2any since it is not needed
      Symlink additional files for xwin and Xprint Exclude old monolith SDK and
      Add *.icon files to appropriate apps Add historic CHANGELOGS for XFree86
      Make sure that lib/Xmu/README is symlinked
      Add missing dst_dir
      Fix typo
      Fix typo input/fpit -> input-fpit
      Fix typo video/nv -> video-nv
      Add missing files for various drivers Remove trailing / on src_dir that
      Add missing font dirs to
      Exclude lisp.rules file since it's only used by the local Imakefiles
      Build xdriinfo
      Build v4l driver on Linux
      Add AppleWM and WindowsWM proto components to build
      Build util module components makedepend and xmkmf
      Fix typo input-v4l -> video-v4l
      Move files that are not needed by the doctools to doc/old/sgml
      Only include once
      Move Xaw/Template.c since it is installed as a header
      Add util/cf to
      Add mkcfm to build script
      Reminder to autotool imake
      Build xorg-sgml-doctools
      testing xorg-commit
      Update and for imake
      Remove reference to os-support/linux/agpgart.h since it was removed from
      Ignore all stamp-h* files
      Exclude more os-support dirs that are not currently maintained.
      Link xedit man page as .man so that it can be processed
      Script to determine which module components have changed since they were
      Add jhbuild module set for 7.0RC1 release.
      Enable building ur98 driver on Linux
      Add newly checked in files to symlink script
      Script to build RC's from a downloaded set of tarballs
      jhbuild module set for 7.0RC2 release
      Fix usage of XFree86LOADER/XFree86Module/IN_MODULE and update loadable
      Automatically generate FUNCPROTO and NARROWPROTO defines in Xfuncproto.h.
      jhbuild module set for 7.0RC3 release
      Update build and symlink scripts for docs.
      Add gccmakedep to build scripts.
      Add dist and clean options to build scripts
      Add lndir to symlink and build scripts.
      Symlink imake config utilities. Move xmkmf to imake package. Add
      Remove xmkmf from build since it has been integrated into the imake
      Remove pclcomp from build script since it is no longer in CVS
      jhbuild module set for 7.0RC4 release
      jhbuild module set for X11R7.0 release

Kristian Høgsberg (14):
      Fix to work when SUDO is set; use sudo for creating
      Fix xkbdata symlinks and re-enable.
      Don't symlink texteroids, it's not in the modular release.
      Don't symlink xfindproxy, it's not in the modular release.
      Add symlinks for xfindproxy back now the build system is in place.
      Add sketchy script to compare contents of a dist tarball to a working copy.
      Don't symlink unsused XFree86 xpm logos for xdm.
      Clean up xdm symlinks a bit more and update exclude file list.
      Add jhbuild module set.
      Don't symlink os2funcs.c
      Trim extra space in xml comment.
      Convert fonts modules to use cvs.
      Exclude unsupported os-support subdirs.
      Add more missing dependencies.

Lars Knoll (2):
      add x86emu.
      add rendercheck to the build script.

Matthias Hopf (1):
      Update to reflect git migration.

Matthieu Herrb (1):
      Add missing xedit lisp files

Peter Hutterer (1):
      build pthread-stubs before libxcb

Søren Sandmann Pedersen (115):
      Use the error() function in various places to make sure the script exists
      Make handle relative paths, also make it delete any existing
      Add the ability to create destination directories Add lib/Xfixes and
      Make xtrans install in $(includedir)/X11/Xtrans. Remove all references to
      Add incomplete functions to symlink X11 and Xext Add a simple
      - For now put xtrans in X11/Xtrans/X11, since libX11 is looking for it in
      Add build system for Xfixes. Make check that the file exists
      Add Xdamage build system
      - Conditionally include config.h in the ICE source.
      - Conditionally include config.h in xc/lib/SM
      - Add Xt files to
      - Remove generated Xt files from
      - conditionally include config.h in xc/lib/Xt sources
      - Link Xext to /lib/Xext/src rather than /lib/Xext
      - Add Xmu to
      - Add Xp files to
      - Add build system for lib/Xpm
      - Conditionally include config.h in xc/lib/Xrender/*.c
      Actually call the symlink_lib_render() function
      Conditionally include config.h in xc/lib/Xaw/*.c
      - Add FSlib to
      - Use XTRANS_CONNECTION_FLAGS macro in lib/FS/
      - Move XRes.h from proto/Resource to
      Add Xrandr to
      Add Xcursor
      - Don't search for non-autoconf'ed X libs in Xrandr Symlink XTrap files
      - Add first attempt at a script that generates auto* files Fix copyright, add support for include/, add usage
      util/modular/ use rm -f instead of rm in one place
      Apply patch from Jeff Smith (whydoubt at
      - Add Xtst to
      - Add Xv to
      - Add Xv man pages
      - Add dmx build system
      Add xkbfile to, conditionally include "config.h" in Symlink oldX files
      - Remvoe some nonexisting files
      Add Type1 subdirectory to lib/Xfonts, update build system accordingly.
      Add Speedo directory to Xfont
      Add lbxutil to Add back accidentally removed include in Type1
      Add xkbui to Don't include XKBFileInt.h in xc/lib/xkbui. Instead
      - Make Xt install its internal files in /usr/include/X11, both in the
      Fix some includes in xc/lib/XvMC
      Add fontenc to
      - Add script that adds app files to
      - Add script that can generate the build system for applications
      Add .ad files to for many apps
      Remove a few DPS apps
      Add script that will generate most of the build system for an app
      - Remove fontenc from Xfont
      - Add os.h and misc.h to proto/X11
      Use $foreach for app-default files
      Add fonts/encodings to; also fix a typo, and don't try to link initialize LAST to "" Add bitmaps for oclock,
      Add build system for rgb Link pmconfig.cpp, link various text
      Add x11perf build system Add some x11perf shell script to Add some bitmaps for xbiff and xclock s/Xfixes/XTrap/ s/Xt/Xi/ Xv/src/ remove add xplsprinters.sgml xprehashprinterlist.sgml xdpr.script
      Add build systems for xlogo, xlsatoms, xlsclients, xmag, xman, xmessage,
      - Xaw/xaw.m4: Change help string to say "enable xprint" instead of "disable
      Remove some leftover comments
      Add xdm to
      Add xprop, xwd, and xwininfo to
      Add links for xphelloworld and lbxproxy
      Add xedit to
      - lib/lbxutil/ link to lbxutil, not Xfixes
      Add first attempt at a video driver modularization script
      Some fixes to -- Add i2c drivers to
      - Add build system for xf86-video-ati
      Remove duplicate definition of symlink_lib_xvmc
      Support DRI + various fixes
      Move XvMCWrapper.c to the right directory - pointed out by Stefan Dirsch
      Add xkbcomp data to Some fixes to xkbcomp/ add binding.h from mga/HALlib add nsc/gfx add nsc/panel
      Add viabios.h to
      Reenable symlinking of data/cursors
      Add via_drmclient.h, pointed out by Donnie Berkholz Add Xft to
      Link config.cpp in app/xfs Temporarily disable xkbdata, add type1mod.c
      Add list-missing feature to
      New 'exclude_directory' feature. Exclude directories with GL man pages,
      Symlink *.xcf files for redglass and whiteglass
      exclude lib/dpstk plus the build systems for the newer extension libraries.
      Add xrx to symlink script don't symlink httptran.c in xrx, don't list all monolithic
      Generate the list of monolithic files from the CVS/Entries files. Delete
      Symlink XpConfig files across
      Fix up some dst_dir's that were actually names of files
      Fix problem with wrong dst_dir name
      Link various documentation files from the driver directory (and ignore some
      Add NM-reg.txt to neomagic driver
      Change my mind about the nsc/gfx files: Do distribute them with the nsc
      Add a few more data files for the rendition driver
      Add some more documentation files for s3virge driver
      Add some more documentation files for siliconmotion driver
      Add and dist some Sparc assembly language files for the sunffb driver
      Add some additional files to - and add TODO to voodoo driver
      - Exclude via_drm.h from missing files
      Exclude a few doc files
      Move via_drm.h back where it belongs
      - For all drivers that have a <driver>.sgml file, add code in their build
      Exclude copies of freetype source files
      Link nvidida readme file into nvidia driver, Exclude duplicated neomagic
      Link compose file for el_GR.UTF-8; exclude Berklib.c; exclude zh_CN compose
      Remove slashes
      - Symlink some documentation about DRI
      Link and exlude some more documentation
      Exclude duplicated copy of i740 README
      Symlink mkcfm Exclude hw/xfree86/etc Fix typo "driver vs. drivers"
      Add --user option for when the local username is different from the one on

philipl (2):
      Add xf86-input-vmmouse.
      Create xorg-x86-drivers meta-module for the vmmouse driver to live in.

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