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Peter Hutterer whot at
Wed May 28 16:51:58 PDT 2008

Tag 'inputproto-' created by Peter Hutterer <peter at> at 2008-05-29 00:51 -0700


Changes since inputproto-1.4.3:
Adam Jackson (2):
      C sucks: define XEventClass in terms of unsigned int, not CARD32.
      Typo fix.

Paulo Ricardo Zanoni (1):
      Change some calls to use XID* instead of char* for device id lists.

Peter Hutterer (47):
      add QueryDevicePointer request + reply
      add ChangeDeviceCursor request
      add deviceEnterNotify event, DeviceEnterNotify, DeviceLeaveNotify support
      add ChangePointerKeyboardPairing request
      add flags field to deviceEnterNotify struct
      Merge branch 'master'
      add missing XWarpDevicePointer declaration
      add xRegisterPairingClient request and reply
      add access control requests.
      add SetClientPointer request.
      add GetClientPointer request and reply.
      Change XSetClientPointer API to use an XDevice instead of deviceid.
      Merge branch 'master' into mpx
      Merge branch 'master' into mpx
      Add XGE support and event types for RawDeviceEvent and PairingChanged event.
      Providing a device id for a RawDeviceEvent may not be a bad idea.
      Add xFakeDeviceDataReq
      Add ExtendedGrabRequest and the matching reply.
      Add event_type to RawDeviceEvent to store matching core event type.
      Move deviceid around in deviceEnterNotify, make room for detail field.
      xDeviceInfo: add "attached" field (replace previous padding).
      Add XI version 2 defines.
      Create new XAttachInfo class for attachment info (slave devices).
      Add XChangeDeviceHierarchy and its components.
      Add DeviceHierarchyChangedEvent.
      Add DeviceClassesChangedEvent.
      Remove RegisterPairingClient, deprecated with the device hierarchy now.
      Move deviceid in XDeviceCrossingEvent up to follow window.
      Add a device id to XiSelectEvent.
      Remove "shared" field from QueryDevicePointer.
      Remove pairingChangedNotify event.
      Remove RawDeviceEvent - for now anyway.
      Remove GrabAccessControl and FakeDeviceData.
      Whitespace fixing and sz_RegisterPairedClient removal.
      Make XAnyDeviceHierarchyChangeInfo a union of the possible types.
      Change XChangeDeviceHieararchy API.
      Add WindowAccessAllowAll constant.
      Remove "ungrab" from ExtendedGrabDevice request, remove XUngrabExtDevice().
      Remove GetPairedPointer, paired device can be found through ListInputDevices.
      Squash opcode range for MPX XI requests.
      Add deviceid to QueryDevicePointer reply.
      Add #define IREQUESTS 45. Specifies the number of requests in XI.
      Remove XInput.h. This file is now part of libXi.
      Add major/minor version as supported by client to GetExtensionVersionReq.
      Merge branch 'master' into mpx
      Remove a leftover typedef, the code that requires it has since been removed.
      Bump to

---  |    1 
 XI.h         |   71 +++
 XInput.h     | 1200 -----------------------------------------------------------
 XIproto.h    |  399 +++++++++++++++++++ |    2 
 5 files changed, 458 insertions(+), 1215 deletions(-)

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