[PATCH] [alpha] Remove unused code, _dense_* functions, iobase stuff

Matt Turner mattst88 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 13:15:47 PST 2009

On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 4:04 PM, Mark Kettenis <mark.kettenis at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> From: Matt Turner <mattst88 at gmail.com>
>> Date: Sun,  1 Nov 2009 15:05:08 -0500
>> This code has been unused since the switch to libpciaccess. It
>> really should have been killed by fba700f1f6a8976.
> Uh, what makes you think so?  As far as I can tell, libpciaccess only
> handles mmio.  One could argue that libpciaccess should also handle
> "legacy" io, but until that is implemented, and the drivers have been
> adjusted, I think at least some of this code is still necessary.

The only user of _alpha_iobase_query (defined lnx_axp.c:171) was
hw/xfree86/os-support/bus/axpPci.c, through _iobase (defined

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