error loading pixmap from HD

Sotirios Karavarsamis s.karavarsamis at
Sun Nov 1 13:26:29 PST 2009


I am currently trying to load an image from disk and splash it on
screen using XCopyArea(), and in the
following snippet to perform the loading step:

    res = XReadBitmapFile(display, win, BMP_TILE_BLOCKS, &w, &h,
&game->platform->bmpTiles, &x_hot, &y_hot);

    switch (res)
    case BitmapOpenFailed:
	printf("bitmap open failed\n");
    case BitmapFileInvalid:
	printf("bitmap invalid file\n");
    case BitmapNoMemory:
	printf("bitmap no memory!\n");
    case BitmapSuccess:
	printf("bitmap success\n");
	printf("other error status\n");

I am constantly getting a "bitmap invalid file" error (case #2 in the
above switch control). In the snippet above, the constant
BMP_TILE_BLOCKS is a string representing the path to a PBM/XPM/BMP
file on disk. However, neither image format works. How should I
correctly load the image file from disk? Or I am I scrueing something
in the snippet itself? Also, which image formats work correctly with
this particular function?

I am looking forward to your reply.

A many thank you in advance,
Sotiris Karavarsamis
Computer Science Department, UOI

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