evtouch driver lockups

Alexander Sabourenkov screwdriver at lxnt.info
Tue Nov 3 05:50:01 PST 2009

Adam Jackson wrote:
> Don't call TimerFree from DoBtnAction, clearly.  Use TimerCancel to
> disable the middle-button emulation timer instead.  You need not even
> free the timer until device close; the next call to TimerSet in
> EVTouchLBRBEvent will just reuse the existing allocation.
> Of course it should be noted that that TimerSet is _also_ broken, since
> it mallocs and it's called from ReadInput, which (as shown in the
> backtrace) is called from the signal handler.  So you'll also want to do
> something like evdev does:
> http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-input-evdev/commit/?id=ddc126637404cb3d9356b7698779dcd8849f8718
> All of which just underlines "use evdev already" I suppose.

Thank you.

Meanwhile I have found a workaround of disabling emulate3.



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