[PATCH] Move the logic for matching devices out of probe routine.

Mario Limonciello mario_limonciello at dell.com
Tue Nov 10 13:45:41 PST 2009

Hi Aaaron:

Aaron Plattner wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 12:49:45PM -0700, Mario Limonciello wrote:
> Hi Mario,
> Sorry for the very slow response.  We've been swamped with other work and
> this slipped through the cracks.
> Given that this is a distribution bug due to
>   a) the fact that they're using PCI ID match tables in the first place
>      instead of letting the X server choose a driver and
>   b) the fact that their PCI ID table generation scripts don't generate a
>      complete table,
> it seems better to just fix the distribution packages to generate more
> comprehensive tables until they can fix (a).  I don't think distributions
> should be afraid to implement distro-specific fixes for distro-specific
> problems like this one.
> This shouldn't happen, it should fall back to the vesa driver.  Does the
> vesa driver not work for some reason?  That seems like an unrelated and
> bigger problem.  If you have more details (e.g. failure logs), feel free to
> file a bug and I'll try to take a look at it.
The VESA driver does work properly.  It's because of the timing of the
NVIDIA driver failing that this doesn't work out.  For Ubuntu 9.10 we
implemented that table generation that I had proposed and hoped to see
land upstream in the interim, and that caused the NVIDIA driver to not
be tried on unsupported hardware, with all of this fallback logic
working properly.

Other than myself on a Studio XPS 1340, I've seen that fix a variety of
ion platforms too.

I'll look forward to your solution that gets determined at XDC to allow
for a more graceful fallback later after the X server has tried to
initialize a driver.

Mario Limonciello
*Dell | Linux Engineering*
mario_limonciello at dell.com

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