[Mesa3d-dev] glX TLS disabled by default?

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Tue Nov 10 15:52:59 PST 2009

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Adam Jackson wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-11-07 at 16:29 -0800, Ian Romanick wrote:
>> tom fogal wrote:
>>> Is there any reason TLS for glX is disabled by default?  Most systems
>>> support TLS these days, do they not?  Further, I'm not sure if this is
>>> shared but my opinion is that the default configurations should cater
>>> to the common case.
>> I vaguely recall there being some interaction with the X server.  If
>> Mesa is built for TLS, then the X server must also be built for TLS.  If
>> a non-TLS X server loads a TLS Mesa driver, it will fail with unresolved
>> symbols.
> There's no intrinsic reason that the GLX loader couldn't support both, I
> suppose, but it would be kind of lame.  There's still an interaction
> between TLS and selinux that prevents me from shipping it, but I'm sure
> that's fixable.
> Mesa does attempt to be buildable for more systems than the X server
> though.  I don't know if (for example) OpenVMS has sensible TLS support.

A TLS loader does support both.  A non-TLS loader only supports non-TLS
drivers.  A TLS driver can only be loaded by a TLS loader.
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