[PATCH, pixman] Eliminate fast path flags

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Wed Nov 11 16:25:29 PST 2009


The branch here:


eliminates the three fast path flags NEED_SOLID_MASK,
NEED_COMPONENT_ALPHA, and NEED_PIXBUF. The first one was only really
useful for preventing the solid mask paths from running when the mask
had component alpha enabled; the other two could be replaced by new
fake formats PIXMAN_{ax}8r8g8b8_ca and PIXMAN_[r]pixbuf, similar to
the existing fake formats PIXMAN_null and PIXMAN_solid.

Reviews appreciated. I'd also appreciate if people can test that it
still compiles and works on ARM as I had to make some changes blindly

This the second part of merging the flags branch (the first being the
'direct-destination' patch I sent earlier today).


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