New development model check-in.

Keith Packard keithp at
Wed Nov 18 09:31:29 PST 2009

On Thu, 19 Nov 2009 00:30:53 +1100, Daniel Stone <daniel at> wrote:

> I don't think that's necessarily true in areas that aren't EXA;
> certainly, no-one else has complained, and the patch flow from both
> regular and one-off contributors seems to be very similar to what it was
> before the change.

Right, the EXA changes are difficult for me to review as I don't use
this code myself. I'm not comfortable taking most of the technical
patches into the server without having some additional review, but the
review results I've been seeing are often of the form 'if you change
this, then it looks good to me'. I'll try to respond to patches that I
want to see more review for instead of just hoping that someone will
figure it out.

What I'd love to see is patches that have at least one Reviewed-by: line
*in the patch already*; that give me warm fuzzy feelings.

Alternatively, Michel would be welcome to take over as a sub-system
maintainer for EXA and start feeding me 'Signed-off-by:' patches
directly, or through pull requests from another tree.

I suggest that EXA can help us figure out how the process of server
development will work once we integrate video drivers into the code
base; anyone pushing out an X server tree will presumably not be testing
all of them extensively and will have to trust an external review

> I can't speak for Keith, but I would've assumed that as a major
> subsystem responsible for some inordinately large percentage of commits
> these days, that EXA would have (at least) one tree where one could pull
> from to obtain the latest reviewed and mergeable EXA commits.

Would be great to see; for this to work, we'd clearly need to provide
reliable storage for the trees on fd.o somewhere. At this point, only a
few months after wiping out /home on annarchy, it's up to 11GB of
'stuff' though (all of /srv on kemper is only 16GB, by
comparison). Should we just start backing up /home? Or should we create
a new /srv directory on annarchy and give 'subsystem maintainers' each a
place there to dump public trees?

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