xf86-video-nv: 5 commits - compat/.gitignore configure.ac .gitignore Makefile.am man/.gitignore

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 19 19:53:57 PST 2009

Aaron Plattner wrote:
>> It is true that ChangeLog, INSTALL NEWS, AUTHORS and some other files
>> cannot be deleted. This is a designed behaviour by autoconf/automake. I
>> have seen on the net not everyone agrees with that.
> If they're checked into the git repository, that sounds right.  If they're
> generated though, like ChangeLog is, then at least maintainer-clean (and
> probably also clean or even mostlyclean) ought to clean it.  The automake
> documentation describes the clean rules this way:

clean should not, since there's no way for a tarball user to get it back.
maintainer-clean should, which is what was previously done, since that
will only be active for people building from git, especially now that
autogen.sh is not included in the tarballs.

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