KDrive hardware acceleration with KAA

vrushali shinde vrushali1201 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 02:03:05 PST 2009


We have implemented hardware acceleration with KAA module. However,
the hardware function registered for Solid and Copy is not called
always, instead software fillrect function is called. This is because
kaaPixmapIsOffscreen returns false. As mentioned below, since KAA
manages offscreen memory as a linear area is it necessary to check if
pixmap is in offscreen memory before calling Kaa registered hardware

I understand that driver hardware acceleration functions cannot be
called on pixmaps in system memory. How about trying following::
We call driver level functions for pixmap creation and destruction
(driver managed memory) instead of kaaCreatePixmap/kaaDestroyPixmap
and call hardware acceleration functions on these pixmaps without
checking if pixmap is in offscreen memory or not. Is that okay? Will
this call the registered hardware level function all the time?

As mentioned at
XAA manages offscreen memory by treating it as a large 2D area at a
set number of bits per pixel (bpp) while KAA manages offscreen memory
as a linear area.

XAA implements a small subset of Render operations. It handles only
cases where the destination picture is located in offscreen memory and
the source picture is not. Because XAA's 2D offscreen memory layout
prevents the offscreen storage of pixmaps with a bpp different from
the screen, many source images will be located in system memory

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