[RFC] xserver: use LRMI for real-mode calls (v2)

Tiago Vignatti tiago.vignatti at nokia.com
Fri Nov 27 11:54:26 PST 2009


Here's take 2:

    git://people.freedesktop.org/~vignatti/xserver libx86-take2

Changes on xserver since version 1 (libx86 stills the same):

* all xorg vm86 code removed
* autoconf int10 backend setup removed from the server (now is controlled by
* lot of clean up on all int10 code
* basically all int10 code now resides in one single file (xf86int10.c)

There are some issues that I'm not so comfortable with and I need feedback to

1. vm86 code on libx86 is slightly different from the one we current have on
  the server.

  I found several implementations on the web (some old kdrive, our current
  Xorg, coreboot, libx86, etc) and I'm not sure which is more desireble for
  us. For instance, libx86's has support for {Free, Net, Open}BSD and Xorg's
  not. On the other hand, we could simply forget forever vm86 backend, given
  x86emu encompass it - ajax has hard arguments to simply remove vm86 either.

2. right now lrmi doesn't let us to pass different functions to the x86

  If you need specialised functions to handle access to different types of
  memory, then you would need to pass them. That's a feature that we had on
  the internal int10 code but no driver was using. Given I'm lazy to change
  lrmi, so I vote to not bother with this now.

3. non x86 archictecures have different path for initialize and use int10
  methods. With this RFC, we'll be using a basic set of them (ajax's new
  libpciaccess I/O port functions should improve it).

4. vbe needs to be tested given this work impacts in lot of changes there

Oh well - Comments are very much appreciated!


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