[PATCH] evdev: allow mouse wheel emulation to work even with absolute-position devices (like touchscreens)

Dima Kogan dkogan at cds.caltech.edu
Sun Nov 29 19:16:37 PST 2009

Hi. I modified the evdev driver to allow mousewheel emulation to work
on touchscreen devices. Previously this wasn't possible since
touchscreens report absolute, instead of relative positions, and the
wheel emulation code hooked into the relative position reporting code.

The bulk is in the first patch; the second patch is not strictly
necessary. I have tested the code on the one touchscreen device I have
(openmoko freerunner) and it seems to work. If I get the thumbs up, I
will modify the non-evdev versions of this code (the "mouse" driver is
the only one, right?) Thanks.

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