Patch for xserver-xorg-input-synaptics to add a variable Orientation

Eric Piel E.A.B.Piel at
Mon Nov 30 23:56:09 PST 2009

Op 30-11-09 21:05, Qfeng Chen schreef:
> I am sorry I can't try the patch. Because I have different version
> xorg-server in my system, and I do not understand your patch.
The patch's goal is very similar to your patch: provide additional 
properties to the input devices to select the rotation.

> I am not sure whether it is enough to just exchange the map between
> the axis of the controller and the screen.
> As I know, the map between controller and screen is not so simple,
> direction should also be considered, and different device might have
> different definition.
> I still think it is a good idea to make the driver have such a
> function to set the orientation, because it is not always the case we
> need to rotate the touchpad when the screen is rotated.
> for example we just rotate the screen instead of the notepad. In this
> case we do not need to rotate touchpad.

Yes, I completely agree. It's not possible to link directly the output 
rotation with the pointer device rotation, because there is no absolute 
rule for this. That's the job of a "userspace" application. With the 
input properties provided by the patch, to rotate "left" a specific 
input you have to:
  * swap the axes: "Axis Mapping" = "1 0"
  * inverse the Y axis: "Axis Inversion" = "0 1"

That said, now that I look closely, the latest patches associated to the 
bug report do not have the "Axis Inversion" property... so it's not yet 
gonna fly!


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