Changing default path to install fonts?

Julien Cristau jcristau at
Tue Oct 6 14:43:47 PDT 2009

On Tue, Oct  6, 2009 at 13:55:56 -0700, Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> I'm testing a fontutil.m4 update that will change the XORG_FONTDIR macro to use:
> # Offer a --with-fontdir flag to control directory for font installation
> # Default is the specified subdir of the font parent directory.
> # Font parent directory is the first found from:
> #	--with-fontparentdir
> #	pkg-config --variable=fontdir fontutil
> #	${datadir}/fonts/X11
> (while "fontparentdir" is awkward, it's also less disruptive to current users
>  & distros than redefining --with-fontdir to specify the parent and adding
>  some other --with option if they want to specify the full path).
I guess we'll have to use DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS to force distcheck
to use ${datadir}/fonts/X11 over fontutil's fontdir variable.  Sounds
good to me otherwise.


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