Slow minimizing/unminimizing using compiz

Daniel Genis daniel.genis at
Wed Oct 7 17:07:34 PDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I hope someone here can help myself and other users who would like to
use X org together with compiz on an ATI card.

The problem is a delay which occurs when enabling compiz together with
an ATI card. when minimizing and unminimizing. There are some patches
around to help the issue, the problem with these is that the memory
usage of Xorg steadily increases.

Please see bugreport here:

Within the bugreport 2 patches are mentioned (no-backfill & backclear
patch) both having the memory issue as a side effect.

For all I know this issue is already know but I wonder if there is any
proper solution in sight?

I was unable to check/report bug reports since isn't working for me presently.

Kind regards,

Daniel Genis

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