Alps touchpad driver for X-input (synaptics alternative)

Yotam Medini yotam.medini at
Fri Oct 16 08:50:20 PDT 2009

Hello Alps-TouchPad users  and  X11-input drivers gurus

As a user of an ancient UMAX-ActionBook 530T,
I found that the synaptics touchpad driver is probably more suitable
for other hardware types.

For 'Alps' type touchpad as I happen to have, I wrote a simpler driver.
Its code is much inspired by that of the synaptics.
A tarball of its source is available via a link from

Should XOrg/FreeDesktop wish to put it in its (git)-repository,
I will be happy to keep maintaining it.

Please feel free to try and send comments.

regards -- yotam

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