Finishing the X11R7.5 katamari

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) yselkowitz at
Sun Oct 18 19:17:47 PDT 2009

On 02/10/2009 20:39, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> (There's a bunch of non-katamari modules that also need releases for
 > compatibility with the new katamari that aren't listed here, but
 > aren't being forgotten.)

That's good, because from the distro packager perspective, there should 
really be updates for *all* the Xaw apps together with 7.5.

The problem is that since libXaw-1.0.5, xaw.m4 is no longer shipped. 
While the Xaw apps were updated in git to match, the latest tarball 
releases for many of them still date back to before that time and still 
require those macros.  Consequently, the latest releases of those apps 
cannot be built with any stock release of libXaw since last November.

I've been working around this by shipping a stripped-down version of the 
macro in our libXaw[1], but with everything else being updated for 7.5, 
I'd like to drop this at last.  Will that be possible?



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